Kream & Kensho's Chubby Cookie Bundle, delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle. For cookies delivery Singapore.

Cookies Delivery in Singapore? Here Are 6 Picks That Are Worth Every Crumb

Only the best cookies delivery Singapore has to offer
Classic chocolate cookies: • Kith Cafe
Soft, gooey bakes: • Kream & Kensho
Local heritage flavours • Old Seng Choong
Great for gifting: • Tart BlancThe Cookie Museum
Halal-certified creations: • The White Label

When it comes to teatime, a go-to childhood snack has always been the classic Oreo dunked in a glass of milk. Not forgetting familiar names like Famous Amos, and the ever-trendy Ben Cookies and Nasty Cookies! The truth is that with so many cookie delivery options, including Halal cookie delivery, they are unlikely to be a thing of the past. Now, if you’re here for recommendations for cookies delivery or gift ideas for a special person, Oddle Eats has got you covered with the 6 Best Cookies Delivery Options in Singapore.

You can count on these tidbits to make your day (and your recipients’, if you’re sending these as gifts), now delivering anywhere and everywhere. Read on for our recommendations!

1. Kith Cafe: Guilt-free indulgence for your tea breaks

Delicious, yet hardly sinful—that’s one way to describe Kith Cafe‘s gluten-free Mini Magical Sea Salt Chocolate Cookies ($4.90). While we often shake our heads at the thought of healthy cookies, this one’s an exception. The appeal lies in the seamless blend of savoury and sweet within these biscuits. Sea salt and chocolate? I dare say it’s a magical combination!

Good news: if you loved the tasting pack, it’s also available as the Mini Magical Sea Salt Chocolate Cookie Plastic Jar ($20.90 for 32 pcs), which contains all the chocolate-y goodness you might ever need. Yes, chocolate addicts might find it hard to resist stealing these cookies. So if you’re looking for something that’s different from the usual Chocolate Chip Cookie, you know what to do!

Kream & Kensho's Chubby Cookie Bundle, delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle. Comes in a set of 3. For cookies delivery Singapore.
These Chubby Cookies ($18.90 for 3) are befitting of its name!

Remember that trend a while back about gooey and jumbo Levain-style bakes? Here’s another to add to your bookmarks, especially if you love crumbly cookies with a warm, soft center. Featuring Kream & Kensho and Haengbok Cakeyo’s Chubby Cookie Bundle ($18.90 for 3). The Pandan Gula Melaka Chubby Cookie will fill you with joy with its sweet ooze of palm sugar, along with a light pandan aroma. The bundle’s 2 other cookie flavours, the Red Velvet and Classic Chocolate Chip, are also sure to bring out your inner glutton.

As jumbo-sized as they are, we can’t deny that these beauties are a feast for the eyes. Time to fish out your phone and capture these delights whilst they are still oozing from the center! The best of cookies delivery Singapore has to offer? It can’t get better than this.

3. Old Seng Choong: Local heritage flavours in every bite

Let’s put it simply: Old Seng Choong is a tough cookie to beat, particularly since it’s helmed by the famous pastry chef, Daniel Tay. Old Seng Choong was named in memory of Daniel’s father, who ran Seng Choong Confectionery, a bakery with over 30 years in its history book, and a brand that many Singaporeans hold close to their hearts.

If you’re feeling especially nostalgic and craving some old-school flavours, especially now that National Day is just around the corner, you should keep a lookout for Old Seng Choong’s cookies delivery. All made after after our favourite street and hawker delights, these cookie names explain it all—Bak Kut Teh Cookies ($19.80 for 180g), Cereal Prawn Cookies ($19.80 for 180g), Satay Cookies ($19.80 for 180g) and Laksa Cookies ($19.80 for 180g). Aside from that, their unique packaging also makes these tidbits an ideal souvenir and gift.

4. Tart Blanc: Made with passion and baked with love

Let all your weekday blues crumble away with a bite of Tart Blanc‘s avant-garde cookies, imaginative not just in terms of the pretty packaging, but the flavours. If you fancy the artisanal likes of Famous Amos, you might fall head over heels for Tart Blanc’s melt-in-your-mouth Vanilla Spritz Cookies (from $6.80 for 100g), Maple Cinnamon Cookies (from $6.80 for 100g), the eggless Dark Cocoa Sables (from $7.50 for 100g) and more.

Know a relative with an incurable sweet tooth? Surprise them with these decadent bites within the stunning floral packaging, all with an order of one of Singapore’s best cookies delivery. They will surely thank you for it!

The Cookie Museum, delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle. For cookies delivery Singapore.
Be careful not to finish these cookies from The Cookie Museum in one sitting!

Every cookie tells its tale—that’s the ethos behind The Cookie Museum with a 17-year legacy. A testament to that? Every cookie is perfected down to the details, like their Hae Bee Hiam Cookies ($48 per tin) and Champagne Lychee Cookies ($28 per tin). Who knows, the guests visiting your home might just be impressed with your taste in snacks and aesthetics, too.

As for presents, you can’t go wrong with the Christine’s Cookies Bundle ($50 for 2 tins). The bundle comes with Moo Moo Cookies with white chocolate and macadamia nuts, or the liqueur-infused Sake Peach Cookies. If you’re out to try them all, opt for a tin of each flavour.

It’s downright difficult to not adore these delicious gourmet artefacts, which are just as yummy and as pleasing as its vintage-themed packaging!

6. The White Label: Halal artisanal cookies

While The White Label is most known for its unique, Halal-certified French-Malayan cuisine, did you know that they are a cookie powerhouse, too? For starters, the Sablés au Curry ($18), or Curry Butter Cookies, is a traditional shortbread cookie that has been baked with peanuts and infused with their housemade curry powder.

More delights include their Madeleines au Litchi Rose ($18), or Lychee Rose Madeleines for delicious tea time snacks. With flavours close to the heart, the Biscuits au Pandan et Sel De Mer ($18) is a classic French bake infused with pandan and coconut, and topped with sea salt for an alluring mix of sweet and savoury. If you love ondeh ondeh cookies, but wished that they were less cloying, this is the right one for you.

All flavours required a preorder of 2 days, so mark your calendars. There’s no better place to get your Halal cookie delivery order from!

Got your cookie needs sorted yet? If you’re interested in our selection of desserts beyond the best cookies delivery Singapore has to offer, check out Oddle Eats, the top food discovery platform for quality meals. Otherwise, read our guide to the 10 best dessert delivery options in Singapore!