6 Scrumptious Sandwiches for a delectable on-the-go meal

The best sandwich hunt begins here.
Classic sandwiches: • Tiong Bahru Bakery Diner FunanMaison Kayser
It’s Instagram worthy alright: • KorioTwo Man Bagel HouseEggstop
I’m in for something new: • Sandowichi

Sandwiches are known to be the perfect on-the-go food. A hand-held meal, packed with all things delicious, what’s not to love? Fortunately, Oddle Eats has got your back. Bringing you the 6 best sandwiches in Singapore, from mini sandwiches to hearty options, everything’s made bread-er with islandwide delivery!

1. Tiong Bahru Bakery Diner Funan

Tiong Bahru Bakery is no stranger to the local bakery scene. A home-grown bakery fondly known for having some of the best bakes, it is also dedicated to celebrating neighbourhoods, bringing individuals, good bakes, and cultures together.

Have a go at their Roast Beef Croissant ($12.80) – signature flakey croissant, filled with tender sliced roasted beef, sautéed onions, roasted tomatoes, mustard, and arugula. For a vegetarian option, try out the Brie & Roasted Mushroom Croissant ($11.60), for an amazing burst of umami-ness from their sautéed mushrooms instead.

Their Pulled Pork Bun ($12.40) is another one to look out for. Sandwiched between a molasses bun is a generous filling of pulled pork, red cabbage coleslaw, arugula, and cream spread. Already drooling at the thought of it? Get yours on Oddle Eats now!

2. Korio

Been eyeing their mouth-watering sammies on Instagram? Now, you can get them delivered right to you! Home to some of the best sandwiches in town, Korio definitely not one to miss out on.

Try out their crowd-favourite Breakfast Sammy ($14), the epitome of a hearty hand-held meal. Oozing a medley of crispy spam, sauce gribiche, chives, and American cheese sandwiched between two perfectly toasted brioche slices, every bite will leave you wanting more. Alternatively, bite into the Grilled Cheese ($13) sandwich, another classic favourite, which uses whole-wheat sourdough bread to bring out the flavour profiles of Cheddar, American cheese, and caramelised Onions.

3. Two Men Bagel House Tanjong Pagar

Another famous restaurant in Singapore offering sandwich delivery is none other than the popular Two Men Bagel House. With some of the most aesthetically pleasing bagels, we’re sure you’ve seen them pop up all over your Instagram stories.

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Delight in their delicious bagelwiches like the Personal Best ($16.05), featuring a combination of crunchy peanut butter, spam, sunny egg, and hash brown. If you’re getting into the Thanksgiving mood, dig into the Turr Key To My Heart ($17.10) for a delicious turkey fix. No more salivating over pictures of bagels on Instagram! Get yours delivered right to your doorstep with Oddle Eats today.

4. Eggstop

Turkey Bacon & Cheese sandwich from Eggstop delivered islandwide in  Singapore, powered by Oddle.
Turkey Bacon & Cheese ($5.10)

Can’t find the time to hop onto the VTL flights to Korea? Well, let us bring some of their best street foods to you! Eggstop‘s sandwiches are packed with one of the lightest, fluffiest and moist scrambled eggs you can get your hands on. With these perfectly whisked scrambled eggs as their base ingredient, they have created a full menu of sandwiches with a mix of both classic and unique flavours.

You can’t go wrong with their signature Turkey Bacon & Cheese ($5.10) but if you’re up for some heat, the Mala Chicken ($6.20) is your go-to. Infused with Sichuan Mala spices, get ready to tantalise your taste buds with a whole new experience. Complement your sandwiches with their tasteful tater tots and a juice of your choice in their combo sets such as the Kimchi & Chicken Spam + Juice + Tater Tots ($12.10).

5. Maison Kayser

Next on the list is Maison Kayser, an artisanal French bakery originating all the way from Paris. Also offering islandwide delivery in Singapore with Oddle Eats, this authentic French bakery is a staple for any sandwich platter.

Le Croque Monsieur by Maison Kayser delivered islandwide in Singapore, powered by Oddle.
Le Croque Monsieur ($12)

Claiming to be the champion of all toasties, the Le Croque Monsieur ($12) is topped with a special Bechamel sauce, also known as a “mother sauce” in French cuisine. For those with a smaller appetite, the Mini Sandwiches ($6) is perfect for you. Made with finely textured Viennese bread, take your pick between 6 types of mini sandwiches such as Le Mini Monge, a classic ham and cheese, or Le Mini Poulet Avocat, and add them to your sandwich platter with their Singapore islandwide delivery.

6. Sandowichi

Okinawa-inspired Onigirazu sandwiches from Sandowichi delivered islanwide in Singapore, powered by Oddle.
Okinawa-inspired Onigirazu sandwiches from Sandowichi

Last on our list of best sandwiches in Singapore with islandwide delivery is Sandowichi. Taking on a Japanese-styled twist to your conventional sandwiches, experience a new way of enjoying these hand-held delights. That’s not all. Be spoilt for choice with their wide selection of delicious Okinawa-inspired Onigirazu sandwiches which will leave you saying “Oishii”!

If you love a good sukiyaki hotpot, have a go at the Suki-yaki Onigirazu ($10.90) which presents an all-rounded selection of Yakiniku beef, spring onion, tamago, and cucumber. Alternatively, their Supamu Onigirazu ($10.90), which is intensely flavoured by the popular torched mentai mayo, is a must-try. For those in search of a vegetarian option, the Nasu Onigirazu ($8.90) which features Tempura eggplant instead, will be right up your alley.