15 Cafes that Deliver the Best Breakfast & Brunch in Singapore

Get that Insta-worthy shot at home with Singapore’s best brunch delivery!
Hearty Breakfast: • Tolido’s Espresso NookCraftsmen Specialty CoffeeSymmetryPIPES by HattendoMerci MarcelThe Alkaff MansionMicro BakeryTwo Men Bagel HouseLola’s Cafedal.komm COFFEE
Sweet tooth: • BaristartMerci MarcelPIPES by HattendoThe Marmalade Pantry
Coffee Addicts: • Tanamera CoffeeWorkspace Espresso BarHuggs Coffee

Brunch has become synonymous with creamy eggs benedict, slightly overpriced avo toast and to-die-for Flat White. It’s an experience that is completely different from the quick, on-the-go breakfasts you grab before work (think kaya toast and soft-boiled eggs at the ever-trusty Toast Box). Not to mention, those couple of extra hours in bed are just splendid, especially with so many options when it comes to cafe food and brunch delivery in Singapore.

However, this portmanteau of words is more than just a late breakfast—brunch is a state of being. It is the christening for the fabulous weekend ahead or the valiant last hurrah before we have to trudge back to the drudgery of work come Monday. Either way, brunch serves a reminder that nothing can’t be solved by a batch of perfectly poached eggs.

So, if you’re looking to cosy up on your sofa come the weekend, here are 15 of Singapore’s Brunch Delivery Options from Cafes and Coffee Joints that deliver right to your doorstep.

1. Tolido’s Espresso Nook: Inspired by Melbourne’s brunch scene

Brunch delivery from Tolido's Espresso Nook, delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle. For Breakfast delivery and Brunch delivery Singapore.
A spread of irresistible brunch must-haves from Tolido’s Espresso Nook!

If there is anyone that knows brunch best, it’s the folks from Melbourne. Inspired by the burgeoning brunch scene from down under, Tolido’s Espresso Nook is where you’ll find classic brunch plates to properly usher in the weekend. I’d say go all out with THE ULTIMATE COMBO ($18) where you get all the full works.

This plate comes fully stacked with fluffy pancakes, pork bacon, cheesy sausage & sunny eggs. If that doesn’t say welcome to the weekend, I don’t know what will.

2. Baristart: Brunch delivery with a Japanese flair

If the Aussie vibes don’t get you in the mood, then the calming Japanese aesthetic of Baristart will melt the chaos of the week away.

Baristart is famous for using the smoothest and creamiest Hokkaido milk in many of their dishes, including the Hokkaido Carbonara ($22) which is the best reward to yourself for making it to the end of the workweek.

And if it’s one those treat yo’self kind of weekend, then you have to go for the Cream Puff Bundle ($36), which comes with six of Baristart’s signature cream puffs.

Whether they’re for sharing, that’s entirely up to you.

3. Craftsmen Specialty Coffee: Cold brew, croissants, and egg benedicts galore

Sometimes the perfect brunch doesn’t have to be anything fancy, in fact, just a killer cold brew is enough for you to recharge and refresh.

There is no one that knows their beans better than Craftsmen Specialty Coffee. Their White Cold Brew ($20 for two) is sure to revitalise with a balanced citrus and cocoa sweetness that will make the weekend so much sweeter. If you’re hit with the munchies, or if you love your Delifrance bakes, the freshly baked Butter Croissants ($4.50 per pc) are sure to satisfy.

4. Symmetry

It seems like we can’t enough of those laid back brunch vibes of Australia. Thankfully, when it comes to brunch delivery in Singapore, Symmetry is what we all have been looking for.

The thing with brunch is that simplicity is key. That’s why their Big Breakfast ($29), which comes with chicken harissa sausage, zucchini & corn fritters, honey yuzu yogurt, mashed butternut squash and more, is certain to make your Saturday morning spin class worth it. Feeling indulgent? Have the Lamb Shakshouka ($31) or Dirty Steak Sandwich ($38) for a perfect Sunday at home with Symmetry’s vast brunch menu, now delivering islandwide in Singapore.

5. Tanamera Coffee: Stock up on your caffeine repository

Here is another one for those who have coffee running through their veins. Tanamera Coffee knows their coffee and hardcore coffee zealots won’t be disappointed.

Cold White Caramel from Tanamera Coffee, delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle. For Breakfast delivery and Brunch delivery Singapore.
Cold White Caramel ($6.80)

Expect high-quality Arabica Indonesian coffee beans that create tantalising drinks such the Cold White Caramel ($6.80), packed with just the right jolt of caramel and coffee to perk you up.

6. Workspace Espresso Bar (closed)

As a refuge for the hardworking millennial, Workspace Espresso Bar is where you’ll want to be. The good people here, just like Tanamera Coffee, are well versed with the magical coffee bean.

If you’re going for their lovely Cold Brew ($38), pair it with their healthy Middle Eastern-inspired grain bowls such as the Robust Punch ($14) or the Summer Shine ($12.50). Grain bowls and stellar cold brew—that’s a winner’s breakfast.

7. Merci Marcel: Brunch in style with French essentials

You would think the Aussies or the Japanese do brunch well but wait till you see how the French kill the game at Merci Marcel.

Family Brunch for 4

Croque Marcel

Pain Au Chocolat

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Picture yourself along the River Seine with your Cold Cuts, Cheese and Wine for 2 ($98) that come with a mix of artisanal cheeses and high-end cold cuts that might just make you want to bust out your berets and put Emily in Paris on Netflix.

If not, the classic Pain au Chocolat ($3.74) or Croque Marcel ($24.61) gets a resounding oui oui from us.

8. PIPES by Hattendo: Yōshoku fare for brunch with a twist

PIPES Burger from PIPES by Hattendo, delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle. For Breakfast delivery and Brunch delivery Singapore.
PIPES Burger ($21.90)

I know we can’t get enough of the Japanese food scene, even when it comes to Singapore’s brunch delivery scene, and PIPES by Hattendo plays right into that. Besides their dreamy Cream Puffs that comes in the quintessential flavours from Custard ($2.70) to Matcha ($2.70) and Chocolate ($2.70).

The PIPES Burger ($21.90) has to be on your wishlist. This decadent hamburger comes with a chunky slice of foie gras, homemade burger patty and tamagoyaki. We’d say this is Japanese sensibilities in the classic American style.

9. The Alkaff Mansion: Spanish-style breakfast and brunch delivery

UNA Bundle A from The Alkaff Mansion, delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle. For Breakfast delivery and Brunch delivery Singapore.
UNA Bundle A ($150)

Fancy takes on a whole new meaning at The Alkaff Mansion. Live your best life with the swanky UNA Restaurant with one of their bundle sets.

Get the UNA Bundle A ($150) where you get an almost palatial spread of tapas, squid ink paella, complete with Angus Beef Cheek Braised in Red Wine, finished off with the original Basque Burnt Cheesecake to name a few.

10. Micro Bakery: Prep your own brunch with their trusty sourdough

If coffee is not your thing but a good crusty sourdough is—you’re in the right place. Micro Bakery is exactly as their namesake suggests—it is a small batch bakery specialising in sourdough with a couple of goodies thrown in.

Choose from Country ($10) loaves or go wild with the Baker’s Choice from either Serene Centre or Red House because there’s no better way to build that perfect avo toast with killer sourdough.

11. Two Men Bagel House: Nothing better than bagels for brunch

You haven’t really lived if you never had a bagelwich from Two Men Bagel House, with a cult following and queues on Sunday morning that’ll put any kiasu Singaporean to shame.

Flatlay of a variety of bagels from Two Men Bagel House, delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle. For Breakfast delivery and Brunch delivery Singapore.
Indulge in good ol’ bagel goodness from Two Men Bagel House!

A bite of one of their morning gems such as the Mademoiselle Chantal ($15) is all it takes. This bagelwich comes stuffed with corned beef, honey baked ham, swiss cheese and bechamel before being slathered with Carolina mustard.

If you’re still feeling all the glitter from the night before from dancing in your head, get your hands on the Hangover Helper ($12) for the perfect Sunday pick-me-up.

12. The Marmalade Pantry: Great for the sweet-toothed brunch lovers

The Marmalade Pantry is akin to a household name and should definitely make more appearances in your home as well. There is nothing that this bistro cannot do and at a click of a button, your dream brunch awaits.

Afternoon Tea Set from The Marmalade Pantry, delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle. For Breakfast delivery and Brunch delivery Singapore.
Afternoon Tea Set ($38)

Be the daintiest of them all with the Afternoon Tea Set ($38) that comes with an assortment of plain and buttermilk scones and equally small sandwiches you have to pick up with your pinky in the air. Yes, teatime snacks for brunch certainly does work—especially if you love a sweet start to your day.

13. dal.komm COFFEE: K-style coffee and brunch delivery in Singapore

Ah, the cafe that was heavily featured in the Korean drama series ‘Descendants Of The Sun’ and ‘Goblin’. Quite frankly, if you’ve watched any of these shows, how can you possibly resist dal.komm COFFEE?

Sink into one of dal.komm COFFEE’s Shitake Mushroom & Egg Cruffin ($10.90) while you take your pick from dal.komm COFFEE’s extensive selection of drinks.

14. Lola’s Cafe: The brunch gem of the Northeast, now with islandwide delivery

Now, if you’re not fussed and want to do away with the bells and whistles, Lola’s Cafe will do the trick.

Crab Cake Benedict from Lola's Cafe, delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle. For Breakfast delivery and Brunch delivery Singapore.
Crab Cake Benedict ($19)

There is no need to overthink with Lola’s Cafe, with simple brunch fare with a modern twist is what going to keep you back for more. The Crab Cake Benedict ($19) is a crustacean-y twist on the tried-and-true eggs benedict.

15. Huggs Coffee: Light bites and pick-me-up treats, with good coffee to boot

Huggs Coffee is the go-to spot for a simple cuppa and light bites. There are the usual suspects such as M White ($6.30) which refers to the iconic Melbourne Flat White with a couple lashings of sea salt for a hint of smokiness.

Wrap, Muffin and Sumatra Coffee Bundle for 2, delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle. For Breakfast delivery and Brunch delivery Singapore.
Wrap, Muffin & Sumatra Coffee Bundle For 2 ($28)

For those with a sweet tooth, have your cuppa with a liberal amount of caramelised gula melaka paired with your double espresso from the Latte Gula ($6.50). Make sure to get either a wrap or muffin to go along with your coffee and that’s your afternoon made.

Well, it’s clear that we love our brunch and brunch loves us. While naysayers might argue it’s just overpriced toast on a weekend, we know it’s much more than that. It’s a way of life.

So say yes to breakfast and brunch delivery in Singapore, and catch extra hours of sleep while you’re at it!