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Chinese New Year 2021: Food, Fun Facts & FAQs

Getting Prepped for Chinese New Year 2021

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Q. What’s with the pre-CNY spring cleaning and decor?

A. What we call “spring cleaning” is in fact, in Chinese custom, “winter cleaning”. It starts before the Spring season, on the 23rd day of the 12th lunar month, or a week before the first day of Chinese New Year—meaning, 4 February 2021.

The custom is meant to sweep out any bad luck ahead of the new year; it is also believed that we should not sweep our house during the first few days of Chinese New Year so as not to sweep out the good luck.

For many of us, being roped in by our mothers for this annual decluttering and spruce-up has its upside: We may finally find that lost pen, stapler or charging cable, and laugh together over old photographs unearthed.

Chinese New Year decorations are put up right after spring cleaning is done—red and gold ornaments and banners or auspicious couplets are usual. Too garish for your taste? Chic, contemporary takes on CNY decor and modern iterations of traditional symbols of good luck are also increasingly available! Take a cue from Instagrammers, and get creative in how you display your CNY goodies and ornaments!

Q. Where to buy the best Chinese New Year goodies and CNY paraphernalia?

A. Shopping for Chinese New Year is usually a lively affair in Singapore, with bustling night markets popping up where home cooks stock up on abalone, fish maw, scallops, expensive mushrooms, Chinese fungus and such. For starters, malls and supermarkets roll out a plethora of decorations, lucky plants like bamboo, pussywillow and tangerine, plastic peonies, Chinese New Year hampers, and red-capped bottles of CNY cookies, while exuberant Chinese New Year jingles fill the air.

The iconic Chinatown CNY bazaar, however, has been cancelled in 2021. Singapore’s Covid taskforce also hinted at tightened safeguards during the upcoming CNY period—so it’s best to plan modest get-togethers.

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