Food King NOC chef Shen Aiken and Ryan review Chinese foods

What Chinese food delivery gets Food King’s vote? What will get yours?

“Lockdown” has been declared word of the year by Collins Dictionary, and it only follows that we proclaim ‘food delivery’ buzzwords of the year!

From ordering in everyday nosh and the occasional “self care” midweek treats that brightened those lonnnng circuit breaker days, to home-delivered communal spreads and fine dining fare (missing ingredient: the extended bunch of makan kakis), Singapore’s F&B estabs have really ploughed through these tough #StayHome months to keep us well fed and gratified.

The Oddle Eats Awards round up the year’s most popular restaurants and outlets—over 100 of them, across 12 categories—that deliver right to you.

ICYMI, check out Food King’s review of the best Chinese food delivery restaurants. No, there’s no Duck Brain category, but the hosts did get a head start on on their Best Chinese Casual Dining and Best Chinese Fine Eats favourites, even as hosts Aiken and Ryan have a showdown over which gets their vote for Best Roast Duck.

Discover the best of Singapore’s F&B scene in the other nine Oddle Eats Awards categories:

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