“My Grandmother Called Me…” Paul Liew, Keng Eng Kee Restaurant

With the cessation of dine-in during Circuit Breaker, many F&B businesses lost most of their revenue overnight. Coupled with high rentals and staff costs, it was undoubtedly a difficult time for many within the F&B industry, even for veterans like Keng Eng Kee Restaurant.

A local Chinese eatery that had been wok-king out fiery dishes for 3 generations, Keng Eng Kee started as a small hawker stall in 1970s at Old Havelock Road. Currently ran by third-generation owner Paul Liew, the restaurant was started by his grandmother over 50 years ago. 

While many other restaurants’ first anxieties were about cost, revenue and sales, Keng Eng Kee remained people-first even in crisis.

“When the circuit breaker was first announced, my grandma called me to ask, “are all your staff still with you?””, says Paul. It might have been a simple question, but it is an exact testament to Keng Eng Kee’s philosophy. They believe that their people are the essence of their business, and the ones they should protect first and foremost. 

She reminded me that we started Keng Eng Kee to support a family, and 50 years later, families of employees depend on it. Our business isn’t just about profit and loss, it is a family business that grows with everyone involved.” 

In tough times like these, stories of humanity and support keep us going, and we thank the Keng Eng Kee team for leaving us inspired.

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