8 Must-Try Cooked and Fresh Seafood Delivery Restaurants

Fresh, juicy and luscious seafood awaits you
Affordable: • Seafood Paradise
Mid Range: • TungLok SeafoodMajestic Bay RestaurantDancing CrabFamous Treasure
Atas: • Jumbo SeafoodGreenwood Fish MarketJoyden Seafood

Cravings for seafood are hard to ignore. It’s fresh, its unique flavour profile exudes the ocean’s distinct textures and tastes, and it is also a well-loved ingredient used in a variety of cuisines. Thankfully, fresh seafood in Singapore isn’t hard to come by. Whether you prefer your fresh fish and seafood au natural (think sashimi or lightly steamed, Chinese-style) or with a punch of funky flavours, this foolproof list of seafood delivery restaurants will have you peeling prawns, de-shelling crab and feeding your seafood-loving soul to your heart’s content in the comfort of your own home. And yes, that means islandwide chilli crab and seafood platter deliveries!

1. JUMBO Seafood

Think of a characteristically Singaporean seafood restaurant and most likely, award-winning JUMBO Seafood will come to mind. This heartland favourite started out at the humble East Coast Seafood Centre decades back. Now, it’s become “the big name in seafood” with six outlets, including specialty ones in ION Orchard and Dempsey Hill.

If you’re hosting a family occasion, try the signature Jumbo’s Signature Black Pepper Crab (starts from $111) or Golden Salted Egg Prawns ($30). Guaranteed to impress with success.

2. Greenwood Fish Market

Just like its name suggests, Greenwood Fish Market is a seafood retailer and a restaurant that prizes the premium quality and variety of its seafood. The enthusiastic team endeavors to deliver fresh seafood to your kitchen, and cooked seafood to your table!

If you’re someone who enjoys cold seafood—almost like you just picked the prawn out of the water—you’ll have to treat yourself to the Cold Seafood Platter ($109). The platter comprises a wide variety of seafood: Steamed 1⁄2 Boston Lobster, Marinated Swordfish Belly, Freshly Shucked Oysters, Salmon Sashimi, New Zealand Littleneck Clams, Cooked Live Tiger Prawns, In-House Applewood Cold Smoked Salmon with Spanish Onions. Basically, a seafood buffet with the freshest seafood in town.

Another drool-inducing option is a Hot Seafood Platter ($119) featuring crispy grilled goodies. Time to have a feast with Greenwood Fish Market’s seafood platter delivery!

3. Seafood Paradise

Seafood Paradise started out as the first humble hawker stall set up by Paradise Group, now a restaurant maestro with many concepts under its established belt. With decades of experience innovating and improving Chinese cuisine to suit Singaporean tastes, the restaurant offers great quality for its price, thankfully staying under the $100 mark for most dishes (we all know how scarily high seafood prices can scale to). 

How good does its signature dish Creamy Butter Crab topped with Coconut Crumbs sound? The luxurious Dungeness crab, is loved for its abundant roes. It’s also accompanied by a thick, creamy butter sauce that accentuates the sweetness of the crab meat and roe. If you’re a fan of tiger prawns, go for the Sauteed Tiger Prawns tossed with Cereal and Egg ($28.84). A must-try for its crumbly-yet-juicy mix of textures.   

4. TungLok Seafood

It would be hard to not recognise the name “TungLok” when the reputable group has a whopping list of 9 concepts under its restaurant lineage. TungLok Seafood is famous for its ingredient freshness and creative spins on local seafood-centric dishes. Crowd favourites include the Crispy Fish Skin with Salted Egg Yolk, a dish that puts two local guilty pleasures together on a plate.

Indulge in their value-for-money Combo Set Promo 1 for 2 to 4 pax ($179), and enjoy a spread of their best-sellers: Tunglok Chili Crab (1kg), Deep-fried Mantou, Crispy Fish Skin with Salted Egg Yolk and Deep Fried Prawn with Crispy Oats. You can almost hear the crunch in this irresistible combo! 

A flat delivery fee applies with a minimum order of $50. 

5. Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant

Known for their innovative creations based off of local Chinese cuisine favourites, seafood veteran Majestic Bay offers a modern take on distinctly Singaporean seafood. Their Stewed Signature Lobster Noodles ($68) is a smooth, silky dream. Featuring a sizeable, succulent lobster atop beehoon soaked in savoury gravy, it’s one to take your cooked seafood delivery order up a few notches.

Peckish eaters will be delighted by their dimsum bites. The Pan Seared Chili Crab Meat Buns ($6.60 for 4), other dim sum options and their too-cute-to-eat yellow rubber ducklings will surely entice.

6. Dancing Crab

What happens when a jolly American seafood diner meets Singaporean’s heartland cuisine? You’ll get the eclectic, funky mix that is Dancing Crab.

Hailing from the well-known lineage of TungLok’s restaurants, this restaurant features bold, fusion flavours combined with live seafood, like their Live Crab Combo with Cajun Sauce ($119.90) and Live Lobster Roll ($60.80). Probably the closest thing you can get to a buttery American hotdog roll made of lobster with a sinful side. Grab a partner or a group of friends and get your hands messy with their finger-lickin’ grub. A flat delivery fee of $5 applies with a minimum order of $50. 

7. Joyden Seafood

The seafood scene may be big on loud and dramatic flavours. But there are also restaurants that keep the focus on the natural freshness of its seafood dishes! Drawing inspiration from Chinese cuisine and simple Singaporean heartland food, Joyden Seafood serves up seafood dishes that never fail to warm up the heart with its home-cooked touch.

Try the Braised Crab Vermicelli with Ginger and Spring Onion ($103.50), a dish that resembles homemade comfort food. Braised with vermicelli, ginger, spring onions, and garlic, the minimal garnish enhances and accents the sweetness of the succulent crab meat. The silky beehoon mops up the gravy like a dream, leaving nothing left behind.

8. Famous Treasure 

Famous Treasure is a heritage-rich seafood restaurant specialising in Hokkien, Teochew and Cantonese cuisine. A definite go-to place to bring your Asian parents and grandparents to during special occasions. Also, it’s a great spot to order from when it comes to cooked seafood delivery!

Their signature dish, Baked Flower Crab with Rock Salt (from $56), is highly raved about as intensely fragrant and sweet in spite of its light and natural seasoning. Other signatures include their Sri Lankan Crabs decked in Black Pepper or Salted Egg Yolk (from $112). 

If you’re in the mood for something lighter, try the Strengthen Your Internals Steamed Cod ($60). The dish is prepared with a vast array of herbs like cordyceps flower, black garlic, tangerine, wolfberry, and shredded ginger. The immunity-boosting dish is the perfect counterbalance to a spread of heavily flavoured dishes. 

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