Best steakhouses in Singapore with islandwide delivery for your #stayhome Valentine’s date (and Niu Year too)

Steak out this festive season
Familiar Favourites • Jack’s Place • ASTONS Specialities • Smokin Joe
Get Grillin’: • The Carving Board • Stirling Steaks • MeatSmith • The Market Grill
Luxe & Lavish : • L’EntrecĂ´te The Steak & Fries Bistro • Bedrock Bar and Grill • boCHINche • Les Bouchons

With Valentine’s Day seated perfectly on a Sunday yet awkwardly on the third day of this Chinese New Year, you might be debating how to celebrate the special day. Now now, the flowers and dinner dates still go on! Don’t be the fool waiting an hour in the queue for your favourite steak restaurant (especially if you don’t yet have a reservation).

We’ve put together a list of our juicy steakhouses delivering islandwide. Ranging from atas restaurants to affordable family favourites, we’ve got you sorted for your mag-niu-ficent Valentine’s Day. Order in fanciful steaks with true islandwide delivery. After this, arrange your flowers to be delivered (did you forget?) and voila, you’re in for an incredible #DateNiteAtHome.

ASTONS Specialities

The Japanese A3 Wagyu Steak ($52.80) from Astons Specialities is an affordable and hearty plate.

ASTONS Specialities quickly garnered a loyal following since its opening in 2005. It has now become a household name with its affordable yet quality food, with multiple outlets across Singapore. For avid lovers of Western cuisine, go for the Prime Sirloin ($20.50). Or their Prime Ribeye ($22.50) for that added tenderness. The Porterhouse ($35.90) is one cut above, which will make a pleasant treat for meat lovers. If you’re feeling extra fancy, impress your date with the Japanese A3 Wagyu Steak ($52.80).


Bochinche champions Argentinian meats such as this 300g Grilled Sirloin Steak ($64.80)

boCHINche champions hearty Argentinian dishes, drinks and wines for everyone, to be enjoyed within the comfort of their own homes. The hefty 300g Grilled Sirloin Steak ($64.80) is one of the highlights, alongside the 300g Grilled Ribeye Steak ($70.70) and the 300g Grilled Beef Fillet ($80.10). All three cuts originate from Argentinian farms. Treat yourself with the Wagyu Striploin 500g ($188.30), aged 35 days MBS 5+ from Australia. Embark on a gourmet trail from the comfort of your own home.

Bedrock Bar and Grill

Feast like a king with Bedrock’s Tomahawk Steak Set ($268 for 3-4 pax)

Accorded the title of “Best Steakhouse” by Haute Grandeur Global Excellence Awards 2020, along with other prestigious awards, Bedrock Bar & Grill has built a name for itself amongst steak-lovers since 2008. Premium steak cuts are sourced from quality farms in the USA, Japan and Australia, and wood-grilled to perfection. Indulge in a sumptuous meal of their wildly popular tender-grilled Tomahawk Steak Set ($268 for 3-4 pax). It comes with two sides and four homemade sauces to stack on its value. The Woodfire-grilled Tenderloin ($78) and their Woodfire-grilled Ribeye Steak ($58) are timeless classics to opt for, if you prefer it old-school.

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Jack’s Place

Tender eye fillet from Jack's Place, with a smattering of fresh vegetables and their signature sauce delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle
Jack’s Special Steak ($30.50)

A favourite for family and friends, Jack’s Place is a casual yet memorable restaurant with value-for-money steaks that has been around since 1966. Their signature cut is Jack’s Special Steak ($30.50), a tender eye fillet, with white asparagus and black mushroom sauce. Another speciality is the Bacon-wrapped Filet Mignon with Truffle Butter ($30.50). It is tenderloin bounded with turkey bacon and topped with truffle-infused butter. When in doubt, go for the classics like the N.Z. Tenderloin Steak ($29.90) or the N.Z. Ribeye Steak ($24).

L’EntrecĂ´te The Steak & Fries Bistro

A signature Trimmed Entrecote Steak drizzled with special sauce and paired with a side of golden-brown fries delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle
Impress with the insta-worthy Trimmed EntrecĂ´te Steak ($36.80)

Centered around a dish that was created in Paris in the 1930s, L’EntrecĂ´te The Steak & Fries Bistro is a classic French steakhouse that never disappoints. Their crown jewel is the Trimmed EntrecĂ´te Steak ($36.80), featuring their famous L’EntrecĂ´te steak coated in their legendary secret sauce and paired with golden French fries and a green walnut salad. For a family affair, try their French Bistro Fare Set with XXL Steaks ($248). It comes with 150g of L’EntrecĂ´te Foie Gras, 150 Grams of PâtĂ© de Campagne, two XXL L’EntrecĂ´te Steaks, four Mousse au Chocolat and more!

Les Bouchons

1kg serving of Angus Prime Rib with generous sides of salad and fries delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle
Stay classy with the best of Steak Frites in Singapore.

If you’re a lover of steak frites (steak & fries), you would know about Les Bouchons. The steakhouse is one of the first restaurants in Singapore to introduce French Steak Frites in 2002. An all-time favourite of loyal customers is the Grilled Angus Sirloin Steak with Herbs ($40). As well as the Grilled Black Angus Ribeye Steak with “Vigneron” Butter ($43). You could also go for the “Super Entrecôte” US Black Angus 500g ($54), or even the Angus Prime Rib ($118), a giant “Côte de Bœuf” fit for 2 people. Trimmed Entrecôte Steak ($36.80). And of course, all their dishes come with their signature golden French fries for the ultimate experience.


Wagyu Tenderloin steak with a side of chimichurri and fresh salad delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle
The best of all-American barbecues, chops & grills.

MeatSmith is your one-stop-shop for all things barbecue. Expect juicy meats ranging from classic American smokehouse barbecue with international flavours, to modern Indian barbecue. For more intense marbling and juiciness, the 300g F1 Wagyu Tenderloin ($75) or the 300g F1 Wagyu Hanger Steak ($50) is sure to impress, and live up to the steak delivery journey. If those don’t sound appetizing enough, they also cook a mean 300g Rangers Valley Dry Aged Striploin ($80) and a 1kg Tomahawk Steak ($160).

Smokin’ Joe

200g cube roll served with fries, house salad and brown sauce.

Smokin’ Joe is yet another unassuming eatery in the heart of Yishun Park Hawker Centre. They specialize in premium charcoal-grilled meat at affordable prices. They are part of the rare few eateries which use a Josper Grill Oven to lock in the meat’s natural juices while bringing out the addictive smokiness and char. Their signature steaks feature the Australian Angus Reserved Ribeye Grain Fed ($24), the Australian Angus Reserved Tenderloin Grain Fed ($34), and the Australian Wagyu Ribeye Marbling 4/5 ($46). Dine fine on a dime with the folks over at Smokin’ Joe!

Stirling Steaks

A slab of ribeye steak topped with butter delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle
A classic combo of steak & fries can never go wrong.

Stirling Steaks is another steakhouse that specializes in charcoal-grilled steaks, serving up to 10 types of steak cuts. Fun fact: they are named after Stirling Road in Queenstown, which is where the founder hails from! The SG55 Steak Platter Bundle ($55) gives you the best of both worlds, with 500g of Angus T-Bone and 200g of Angus Hanger, along with a side of grilled vegetables and paprika fries. Choose from their wide range of cuts such as Ribeye ($34.90), Sirloin ($30.90), F1 Wagyu Sirloin ($59.90), or the Hanger Steak ($9.90). Steak delivery to the rescue!

The Carving Board

Australian Grainfed Ribeye Steak chargrilled to perfection, with a side of salad and fries delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle
Meat and chill with a juicy slab of 250g AUS Grainfed Striploin Steak ($23)

Nestled in a humble HDB estate, The Carving Board serves up quality Western fare at pocket-friendly prices. If you’re celebrating the romantic occasion with a few young spawns running around, the bundles over here will accommodate perfectly for all.

One thing’s for sure, they don’t compromise on cuts here. Opt for the fan-favourites like the 250g AUS Grainfed Ribeye Steak ($26), or for something heavier, go for the 400g AUS Grainfed Ribeye Steak for $38. Their 250g AUS Grainfed Striploin Steak ($23) plays it safe, and will definitely be complete with a few delicious sides.

The Market Grill

Best enjoyed with medium doneness

Upholding high standards of freshness and quality, Unlisted Collection’s The Market Grill serves up classic grilled meats and seafood with their specially imported “woodstone” charbroiler. Indulge in their Tender Valley Rump Cap ($40), featuring 200 days grain-fed black angus. The Ranger Valley Black Market Ribeye ($88) is another of their signatures. A 270+ days grain-fed MBS 5+ ribeye steak, along with the Black Angus Chuck Rib ($68). If you’re looking to impress with guaranteed success, this is one you simply have to get.