7 Romantic dinners sets to order in this Christmas

Delivery options for a Christmas feast for two
Under $100: • Botanico at The GarageZorba
Under $200: • The White RabbitThe SummerhouseThe Plattering Company
Above $300: • Sheraton Tower FestiveMonti

Gatherings with family and friends this festive season aside, make time for a one-on-one celebration with your significant other. Time limits per seating at some restaurants put a fizzle on the sizzle of what should be a romantic meal. Here’s an idea: Recreate the experience of restaurant dining with a Christmas feast for two at home, and take the time to enjoy each other’s company! It could be a romantic Christmas Eve dinner for two, or a languid Christmas brunch at home. Check out these seven fabulous festive dinner delivery menus to kickstart your hot date plans!

1. The Summerhouse Christmas Bundle

Here’s a hearty slate for a romantic Christmas Eve dinner for two: The Summerhouse Christmas Bundle ($110, featured in main picture above), which offers a festive farm-to-table feast in your home. Start with the classic French Onion soup, got holiday signatures such as Roasted Turkey Roulade with Chestnut & Cranberry Stuffing and a hearty Roast Beef Eye Round with root vegetables.

2. The White Rabbit’s Festive Indulgence set

Six small plates of starters to dessert from The White Rabbit's Festive Indulgence Set for Christmas 2020. Includes a colourful salad, lobster bisque, Truffle and Brie Brioche, Beet-cured Salmon, Iberico Pork Collar Ham, glazed madeleines with colourful sprinkles, and a gleaming chocolate tart.

The White Rabbit offers a Festive Indulgence set ($148) which is just perfect for two to share! Spice up your dinner with their Truffle and Brie Brioche, Beet-cured Salmon, Iberico Pork Collar Ham and Lobster Bisque, and end the dinner date with the Glazed Madeleines and Chocolate Tart. Have this classy meal delivered to your doorstep and enjoy it with that special someone on the most magical night of the year!

3. Botanico’s Christmas 2020 2 Pax Menu

A food delivery box package from Botanico at The Garage with a spread of dishes from its Christmas 2020 2 Pax Menu ($98). Boxes and takeout containers hold Rump Cap, Kurobuta Pork Belly's or Turkey Bacon Roulade, and side dishes of "Chicken Rice" Couscous and a colourful burrata  and Palermo dish, as well as Chocolate Merlot Cake for dessert.

Botanico at The Garage‘s Christmas 2020 2 Pax Menu ($98) presents a selection of Wagyu Rump Cap, Kurobuta Pork Belly’s or Turkey Bacon Roulade. Creative sides such as “Chicken Rice” Couscous and Colours of Christmas (Palermo pepper, burrata, anchovies and ginger flower) make perfect accompaniments to the mains. End the meal on a sweet note with Chocolate Merlot Cake, a stunning combi of the foods of love.

4. Sheraton Tower Festive gourmet picnic hamper options

A table set with three Christmas dishes that are part of Sheraton Towers' 2020 gourmet hampers: Sliced roast rib eye with brussel sprouts and tomatoes on the side; smoked ocean trout garnished with roasted pineapple slices; and a round fruit cake topped with white frosting and Christmas figurines. A chocolate Santa is also on the table.

Perfect for a night under the stars, the Lavish Christmas Hamper ($388) and Sumptuous Christmas Hamper ($488) from Sheraton Towers are perfect picnic sets. The Lavish set comes with Classic Oven-Roasted Turkey and a bottle of red wine, while the Sumptuous hamper packs in Roasted Grass-Fed Rib Eye or Lavender infused Honey-Glazed Semi Bone-In Gammon Ham and a bottle of champagne. Both hampers include Smoked Ocean Trout and Fruit Cake, as well as Christmas Cookies and a Chocolate Figurine. The Sumptuous hamper comes with a Christmas Stollen as well.

5. Monti Christmas Bundle — for double dates!

A table set with wooden boards and plates of food in Monti restaurant's Christmas Bundle available for delivery during Christmas 2020. Image depicts slices of roasted ham, thick slices of roulade, pork lasagna, oven baked wagyu with a sprinkling of red pomegranate seeds; and tiramisu in jars.

For those with la passione for Italian, hit on Monti Christmas Bundle ($360) from Monti. It serves up four mains including Roasted Honey Baked Ham with Salsa Verde and the Oven Baked Wagyu & Pork Lasagna. Starters, sides and Tiramisu served in jars round up the bundle. The set serves four—perfect for a delizioso double date! (Or… Christmas dinner for two, and for lunch on Boxing Day?)

6. Grecian getaway with Zorba

A blue and white wooden table evoking Grecian colours. Three plates of food from Greek restaurant's Zorba Christmas Bundle for 2 is shown. There is a choice of Roasted Turkey with Rice or the Grilled Salmon for the mains. Dessert is sweet Baklava pastry. A Christmas drink in a glass mug is shown, surrounded by pine cones.

We may be grounded in Singapore for a while yet, but Zorba brings us a taste of Mediterranean romance this Christmas. The Zorba Christmas Bundle for 2 ($90) offers a choice of healthy Roasted Turkey with Rice or the Grilled Salmon for the mains. Mouthwatering, sweet Baklava wraps up the meal.

7. The Plattering Co. late-night light bites

A cheese platter on a wooden serving board by The Plattering Co. has bunches of large purple grapes, slices of figs, blueberries, dried apricot, mixed nuts and dried fruit, pretzels and chocolate thins. Two wedges of special Christmas cheeses. Garnished with pomegranate seeds and sprigs of rosemary

If your plans this #Christmas heavily involve the use of hashtags and Instagram, then The Plattering Co. has you covered. Wine down your romantic date with the super instagrammable #GourmetCheeseAndFruitPlatter ($105) with your favourite tipple. With two #delish artisanal Christmas cheeses, a variety of seasonal fruits and accompaniments, it tastes just as good as it looks. Your taste buds will be #shook. #Wefies optional. #alliwantforchristmasisfood

All set for your romantic Christmas dinner for two at home? Make sure you’ve got your party feasts sorted too, this #StayHome Christmas. Check out Oddle Eats‘ curation of festive bundles and gourmet gifting goodies and order early to save!