How to eat & drink like royalty while watching Netflix’s The Crown

Feast fit for a queen
Sweet Serendipity: • Tarte by Cheryl KohPan Pacific SingaporeGokoku Japanese Bakery
Afternoon Delight • Colony BakerySt. Regis
Savoury Surprise: • Amano RistoranteBistro Du Vin

What is it about the House of Mountbatten-Windsor that has us hooked? Is it their strong Germanic roots as Queen Victoria’s descendants? Or the fact that the blue-blooded family has enough scandals to fill a therapy guidebook? We may never know. What we are certain of is that Netflix’s The Crown has been spilling some serious tea about the British royal family, and the Season 4 is no different. Dramatised, yes. But truth is stranger than fiction.

If you, like us, planning to binge (re)watch all four seasons, we suggest some quintessentially British treats on the side. We’ve rounded up a list of the royals’ favourite foods, according to interviews given by former Buckingham Palace Head Chef Darren McGrady, and other fine English fare that can be served to your residence.

Chocolate – The Royal Indulgence

Tarte By Cheryl Koh serves up a decadent dark chocolate tart with a buttery crust and luscious dark chocolate filling || Snacks to binge on while watching The crown netflix

Ah royals, they only human too. Turns out, Queen Elizabeth, Prince William and Prince Henry have a weakness for chocolate—particularly this thing called chocolate biscuit cake…?

No, never heard of it either.

But the chocolate tart makes a good heir apparent. Tarte By Cheryl Koh serves up a decadent dark chocolate tart with a buttery crust and luscious dark chocolate filling. It comes in three sizes, with the largest one ($70, 24cm) good enough for up to 10 (supposedly). Marry that with a French-sounding cousin, the Pear Bourdaloue (from $11), or make a palatable alliance with the Korean Shine Muscat tart (from $13). It’ll be grand royal tea party for sure.

Just remember to Oddle them a day in advance to avoid disappointment!

Bread & Butter Pudding – Princess Diana’s favourite

  • Bread & Butter Pudding (S$44) from Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore
  • Eleven Strands - Orange Bread Pudding

The late Princess Diana once told the UK Daily Mail that McGrady’s version of the bread and butter pudding—complete with raisins sprinkled on top—was her favourite. We scoured Singapore and found two options for you to choose from. The first is from Pan Pacific Singapore. They serve a 1kg Bread and Butter Pudding ($44) which boasts a rich croissant dough covered in vanilla sauce and sultanas. Simply pop the pudding in the oven or microwave as per the instructions and enjoy the warm English treat as you watch the royals flex some serious stiff upper lip. A spin on the classic can be found at Eleven Strands, whose signature Orange Bread Pudding ($14) is made of brioche, mandarin orange and almonds.

Afternoon Tea – The Palace Staple

  • Colony Bakery
  • St Regis Hotel - Afternoon Tea Set

It is said that Queen Elizabeth enjoys having tuna sandwiches for afternoon tea. If watching her dainty nibbles in The Crown is giving you a royal case of the munchies, ring for your butler at St. Regis Hotel or Colony Bakery.

St.Regis’ Afternoon Tea Set ($48, orders from 3-5pm only) makes a nice midday interlude to all your working from home. It includes a regal array of pastries and savoury snacks such as Raspberry and Pistachio Financiers and Vanilla Rose Tartlet, and—how very English—tea from TWG to sip on. Or, you might want to have your cake and eat it at a more leisurely pace on the weekend.

Colony Bakery offers an Afternoon Tea Set for 2 ($77.05) that includes toasted brioche, foie gras, duck rillette as well as mango cheesecake.

Earl Grey Scones – An English Treat

Ah the English scones! We’re sure that scones have made an appearance on the menu at Buckingham Palace over the course of the last 70 years, possibly accompanied by the Queen’s favourite Earl Grey tea. Gokoku Japanese Bakery married the two with their Koucha Scone ($2) suffused with the perfume of Earl Grey tea.

Also scrumptious are their Shio Vanilla Kurumi Scone ($2). It is filled with walnuts and vanilla beans, and Cranberry Chocolate Scone ($2.10) baked with couverture chocolate and cranberries. Can’t decide on which one you’d want to try? Then why not indulge in the six piece set of Assorted Scones ($12.20) as you watch Her Majesty face off with Margaret Thatcher.

Mushroom Risotto & Salmon En croute – Princely Favourites

  • Mushroom Risotto (S$20) from Amano Ristorante
  • Salmon En Croute (S$65) from Amano Ristorante
  • Roasted Boneless Lamb Leg (S$78) from Amano Ristorante

If you’re looking for something heavier than finger food, why not try one of Prince Charles’ favourite dishes: Mushroom Risotto. Over on this part of the Commonwealth, we can rely on Amano Ristorante for their take on the classic Mushroom Risotto ($20) that uses wild mushrooms and truffle, topped with shaved parmesan. Fancy! Salmon En croute ($65), said to be the go-to dish of choice for Prince Phillip, is a healthful option of salmon steak and vegetables wrapped in puff pastry. Queen E seemed pretty game for a hunt. The Roasted Boneless Lamb leg ($78, 1.3kg) that comes with rosemary sauce, roasted vegetables and potatoes just might hit the target for her.

Bistro Du Vin – Royal Haute Cuisine

  • Saumon d’Ecosse à l’oseille from Bistro Du Vin
  • Coq Au Vin from Bistro Du Vin

The royals’ retreat in the Scottish Highlands features heavily in Season 4 and salmon, said to be a favourite of Prince Andrew, makes an unexpected guest appearance in Episode 4.

Unwittingly, these two plot elements have been brought together is Bistro Du Vin‘s delicious Saumon d’Ecosse à l’oseille ($42). Made from sustainably raised organic Scottish Salmon, the dish is served with a sorrel sauce for that hint of tartness. It’s completed with steamed potatoes. Joining the delicate salmon is another royal favourite, Coq Au Vin ($32). Said to be a dish also favoured by the future heir of the throne, the classic chicken stew is a star in the menu of Bistro Du Vin.