5 Delicious Snowskin Mooncakes in Singapore You Must Try

Indulge in these visually-appealing snowskin mooncakes that promise to delight
Asian-inspired Snowskin Mooncakes • Crystal Jade Jian Nan Regent Singapore Summer Pavilion – The Ritz-Carlton
Healthy Snowskin Mooncakes • Kele Simple Indulgence Patisserie

Snowskin mooncakes in Singapore are arguably more popular than their traditional baked counterparts. They have an irresistibly soft and mochi-like exterior, and consistently surprise diners with their innovative flavours. It’s no wonder they make such cherished gifts during Mid-Autumn! Here are 5 snowskin mooncakes recommendations to get you started.

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1. Crystal Jade Jiang Nan

Crystal Jade Jiang Nan’s Assorted Fruity Blossom Petite Snowskin Mooncake box ($44.95)

If you love snowskin mooncakes and Asian flavours, look no further than Crystal Jade Jiang Nan’s Assorted Fruity Blossom Petite Snowskin Mooncake box ($44.95 for 4 pieces).

Start with the Pandan Coconut, which combines freshly grated coconut with silky snowskin for an interesting mix of textures. If you love orh-nee, the Fragrant Taro with Gingko is sure to charm you with its smooth yam interior.

Other flavours include the Fruity Honey Chrysanthemum with Orange Peel, which combines sweet chrysanthemum floral notes with a zesty scent of finely-chopped orange peel. Wrapped in a pastel pink skin, the Roselle with Blueberry is a well-balanced combo that’s pleasantly tangy and not too sweet.

2. Kele

Kele’s The Avocado ($72)

Known for their artisanal Japanese roll cakes and unique flavours, Kele has classified their 9 snowskin mooncake flavours into three categories, Tropical, Booze and Durian.

The overwhelming fan-favourite of the Tropical category ($72 for 8 pieces) is undoubtedly the Avocado Macadamia snowskin mooncake. The fusion of creamy mashed avocados with crunchy macadamia hits just the spot. Other flavours include Pink Guava Ume, Sudachi Caramel , and Mango.

Do also check out the Booze series ($76 for 8 pieces) which features mooncakes swathed in a stellar blend of fruity notes, enlivened with refreshing boozy alcoholic flavours. Or another local favourite, Durian series ($92 for 8 pieces), where each piece is filled with 100% pure luscious Mao Shan Wang Durian, encased in velvety Snowskin and topped with a dash of edible gold glitter.

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3. Regent Singapore

Regent’s Snowskin Collection ($56)

A new introduction to Oddle Eat’s Virtual Mooncake Festival fair this year, Regent Singapore’s mooncake collection for 2022 features flavours from each of its dining outlets.

The Roselle and Wolfberry flavour ($53 for 4 pieces), which represents Michelin-starred Summer Palace, is a light, refreshing piece encapsulating the best essence of floral roselle and sweet goji berries. Delight your palate with an alcohol-infused option, Stellar ($53 for 4 pieces) inspired by a cocktail developed by Manhattan.

Of course, familiar favourites such as the White Lotus Paste with Yolk and Melon Seeds ($52 for 4 pieces) and Signature Black Sesame Paste ($52 for 4 pieces) will still be available for ordering.

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4. Summer Pavilion – The Ritz-Carlton

Summer Pavilion’s Mini Snowskin Lycheetini Mooncake ($88)

We can’t talk about Summer Pavilion’s mooncakes without talking about their signature Mini Snowskin Lycheetini ($88 for 8 pieces) and Snowskin ‘Mao Shan Wang’ Durian ($102 for 4 pieces) mooncakes. The former comprises a mix of real lychee bits with the same fruit liqueur in a velvety snowskin, while the latter comes in a creamy and bittersweet tone.

Also making waves this year are the boxes in which their mooncakes come in. Designed to function as vanity cases, they come in 2 options: white embossed leather covered in floral motifs, or burgundy with crocodile print.

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5. Simple Indulgence Patisserie

Simple Indulgence Patisserie’s The Collection Snowskin Mooncake ($72.80)

Looking for vegan or gluten-free snowskin mooncake options? Simple Indulgence Patisserie’s selection offers vegan flavours such as the Passionfruit Healthy Dates & Nuts ($70.80 for 6 pieces), made with plant-based ingredients, no-sugar premium Madina dates, crunchy pistachios, and more. This 100% handmade creation is also infused with fruity passionfruit!

Another vegan-friendly option would be Matcha Azuki Black Mulberry ($70.80 for 6 pieces) which combines sweet and earthy premium Kyoto Uji-matcha infused snowskin, together with an aromatic blend of azuki paste, fresh black mulberries and crunchy sunflower seeds.

While there’s still time, take your pick from these quality mooncake offerings at fantastic promotional prices. Browse through Oddle Eats’ Mooncake Guide 2022 for more delectable mooncake selections in Singapore!