Our Guide To The Best Unique Fusion Restaurants

For the ones who can never seem to decide on what to eat for their next meal.
Familiar Asian Flavours Hadouken The Masses Botanico Bonding Kitchen
Halal Option The White Label
Sustainable Urban Concept Open Farm Community

Some things are just better when they’re together. Given Singapore’s melting pot of cultures, it is no wonder that our garden city is home to an extensive array of fusion food options. Here are six fusion restaurants worth checking out if you’re in the mood for something experimental! 

1. Bonding Kitchen

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Following a successful private dining service for Peranakan cuisine in Malaysia, Chef Danny Chew is now showcasing his unique fusion take on this time-honoured cuisine at Bonding Kitchen. Here, you’ll find several familiar comfort foods with twists that blend traditional cooking with modern techniques. 

Highlights include the Wagyu Beef Rendang ($38.50) which features Westholme Wagyu beef from Australia. Stewed with coconut milk and 15 local herbs and spices, it is beautifully caramelised around its fork-tender interior. For a taste of homemade goodness, try the Hokkien Lor Ark ($24.20). It is a slow-cooked duck in assorted local spices and soya sauce which is made using Chef Chew’s mother-in-law’s recipe. Finish off with a Chendol ($7.70), the quintessential Peranakan dessert.

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2. Botanico

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European cuisine meets Asian flavours. Botanico is known for its gorgeously plated, botanically-inspired dishes. A popular spot for weddings since its opening in 2017, Botanico is the ultimate choice for indulgence and special date nights. 

The Abacus & Artichokes ($27) is a vegetarian-friendly starter that recreates Hakka cuisine’s most beloved “Abacus Seeds” dish. It is an elevated version paired with Jerusalem artichoke and pickled eryngii mushrooms. You can also opt for the vegan-friendly version without the spiced soy sauce. Another crowd favourite fusion dish is the “Assam Pedas” Snapper ($32). It reimagines the classic family favourite using snapper fillet, served with saffron risotto, okra, and assam pedas foam.

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3. Hadouken

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Founded by Tipsy Collective in the thick of the pandemic, Hadouken survived the worst of COVID-19 in a way befitting the hardy Street Fighter expression it was named after. 

At Hadouken, diners can choose from a variety of Japanese and Western-inspired fusion offerings. Take beer nights to the next level with recreated popular bar snacks like Rojak Fish Skin ($12) and Mala Karaage ($12)!

Hadouken’s fusion noodle dishes are also worth a mention. The Qi Si (Cheese) Hokkien Mee ($25) adds a punch to hawker-style Hokkien mee with a Cheddar topping. The Dry Laksa ($25) features laksa-infused thick beehoon with otah bits. For something truly indulgent, go for the Moonlight Truffle Horfun ($25). It is an elevated rendition of the Singaporean classic with your choice of Wagyu striploin or grilled chicken with a 63-degree poached egg. 

Sample these interesting treats and more with the Street Fighter’s Code Family Bundle ($128) from this fusion restaurant only on Oddle!

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4. Open Farm Community

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Have you heard of Singapore’s first sustainable urban farm and fusion restaurant concept? Located in Dempsey’s backyard is Open Farm Community, known for its aesthetic creations that marry European and Asian culinary elements. 

Even if you have always actively avoided eggplant dishes at the caifan stall, you’ll be a convert once you get a taste of Open Farm Community’s signature dish, the Braised Local Eggplant ($35). The braised eggplant takes centerstage, filled with green jackfruit, savoury fermented black bean, wild pepper, and local greens. The Thrice Cooked Potato with Chai Poh ($16) is also worth checking out. It features Indonesian baby potatoes topped with chai poh, pickled shallots, and green onion. 

With locally and regionally-sourced ingredients from organic growers, you can be sure of supporting a good cause by ordering from Open Farm Community. 

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5. The Masses

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No list of fusion restaurants in Singapore can be complete without The Masses, where classic French dishes take on a distinct Asian flair.

The Franco-Asian restaurant’s claim to fame is the C&C&C&C Pasta ($27.40). Feast on a mouthwatering combination of angel hair pasta with crabmeat, chorizo crumble, confit lemon, and lobster sauce. Served cold, this refreshing dish is perfect for combating the sweltering afternoon heat. 

Another dish worth mentioning is the Hamachi Yu Seng ($24.10). This Asian fusion dish stars hamachi, a popular Japanese fish tossed in yuzu dashi vinaigrette, lettuce, fried shallot, trio sesame, and rojak flowers for that extra zest. Who wants a family-sized version for the next Lunar New Year? 

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6. The White Label

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French-Malayan cuisine has never looked, or tasted this good. Nestled in the heart of Kampong Glam, The White Label is a fusion restaurant that enchants diners with its beautifully plated fusion dishes.

The High Tea Di Malayan ($78) is perfect for two and boasts over 10 different savoury and sweet bites, like Rendang Aioli with Chilli Crab, Tart Au Nasi Lemak, and Ondeh Ondeh Macarons. 

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