11 Zichar Delivery Options For Your At-Home Parties

Updated for 2022. Get a taste of wok hei goodness
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Noodle: • Keng Eng Kee White RestaurantKok Sen
Fish Head: • Yu Cun Curry Fish Head Sum Kee Food Famous Kitchen

Mention supper and most Singaporeans will think of zichar—it’s in our wok-hei-loving blood. And now, you know how Wok Hey got its name! On top of being one of the last shops still open at the heartland kopitiam, its relatively affordable prices and variety of Chinese-style sharing dishes make it a great choice for a family feast. Now, what about zichar delivery?

While most famous zi char restaurants are located deep in neighbourhoods all across Singapore, this list features 11 top zi char joints that deliver straight to your doorstep. You’ll never have to travel to the far-flung heartland zi char restaurants again when you can get it delivered to you by the hour. Lazy supper folk, rejoice! 

1. Keng Eng Kee Seafood

By now, if you haven’t heard of Keng Eng Kee – where have you been?

Their decadent Coffee Pork Ribs ($20) is a signature dish so popular that it has travelled to Denmark, New York, and Spain for gourmet events that landed it a noteworthy mention in the 2016 MICHELIN Guide Singapore. Other drool-worthy mentions are the Signature Moonlight Horfun ($9), smoky wok-fried seafood noodles topped with a “moon-like” raw egg, and Golden Pearl Roll ($16), crispy fried tau pok stuffed with salted egg yolk, prawns, ham, and mushrooms. 

What seals the deal is that you can enjoy island-wide delivery from anywhere and everywhere.  

2. White Restaurant 

Original White Beehoon ($7.70)

Ahh, white bee hoon. A soul-satisfying homely zichar staple for gravy lovers, White Restaurants signature, The Original White Beehoon (from $7.75), is the best comfort food to look forward to after a long day. Tossed with juicy prawns, sotong and vegetables, the thick, eggy gravy coats the bee hoon strands, forming a slick mass that would be sure to produce the most satisfying slurp.

Featuring set meals catering for 2 to 6 pax as well as Value Bento Sets (from $11.13) pairing their signature mains with seafood bites, you’ll be able to try a bit of everything — almost as if you were sharing a feast with friends. 

3. Sum Kee Food

A uniquely Singaporean zichar staple, the Curry Fish Head ($38) from Sum Kee is not to be missed. The humble family-owned zichar restaurant prides itself on serving up the best curry fish head and salted egg yolk dishes in town.

Their menu also features quirky specials like Ultraman Chicken ($16). Snack on the highly addictive popcorn chicken bites coated in buttery salted egg yolk sauce. Definitely check out Sum Kee’s offerings if you’re feeling up for surprises. They also have bundles and sets ranging from $38.80 for 2 pax to S$128.80 for 6 pax for easy ordering.  Zichar delivery to the rescue!

4. Orchid Live Seafood

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Think of porridge and immediately, a comforting, homely taste comes to mind. Orchid Live Seafood takes a luxurious spin on this simple dish with its Lobster Porridge ($70 for 2 pax). It adds big, juicy lobsters to elevate the taste to the next level. The Teochew-style seafood restaurant uses live lobsters from its tanks, preserving its plump freshness even after it soaks in the rich 4 hour-brewed broth. If you like pao fan, you will absolutely love this sesame-seasoned Teochew-style one. 

On top of being Singapore’s first original Lobster Porridge, the restaurant is also well known for its interesting spins on regular dishes, such as Steven Chicken ($14). Find chicken pieces meant to resemble pork ribs marinated in a marmite and honey sauce.  

5. Yu Cun Curry Fish Head

Yu Cun || Zichar Delivery
Claypot Curry Fish Head ($34.72)

Yet another fish head curry specialist, Yu Cun’s Claypot Curry Fish Head ($37.20) is not to be missed if you’re looking for zichar delivery. Using quality “Ang Goli” white snapper fish, the tender fish is stewed in a thick, creamy curry sauce that comes in three customisable spice levels. Opt for rice or fried mantous to soak in the robust, delectable gravy. Peranakan food enthusiasts would appreciate their Claypot Nyonya Fish Head ($39.60) for its characteristic sour, tangy taste. And boy does it survive the zichar delivery ride well!

6. Wok Master

Crabs ($55 for 3, $70 for 3)

Wok Master prides itself on three things: Salted egg, Crab and Claypot. Zichar regulars would appreciate the more affordable price range that the restaurant offers. Go crazy with their irresistible deals such as $55 for 2 Crabs (available in Curry, Chili, Black Pepper, Creamy Salted Egg, or Best Seller Crab Beehoon) and $70 for 3. With so many available flavours and finishes, you’ll be spoilt for choice. The salted egg yolk flavour comes highly recommended. Made with real salted egg, aromatically seasoned with curry leaves and a rich, grainy texture – umami goodness!

Their Set Meal for 2 is also affordably priced at $49.90 for their specialty Curry Fish Head, along with 3 side dishes like Crispy Tofu Chye Poh, French Beans and Egg Fried Rice.  

7. Forture Seafood Restaurant

Chilli Crab ($99)

Seafood seems to take centre stage in most zi char stalls. For Forture Seafood Restaurant, they balance our their variety and bring up the heat in the meat genre too. On top of being popular for their specialty seafood like Chilli Crab ($86) and Cereal Prawns ($17.30), the irresistibly fragrant bittersweet Coffee Pork Ribs ($17.30) is a crowd-favourite. Expect a heavy dose of coffee sweetened up by the sticky black sauce that will leave you smacking your lips. 

8. Famous Kitchen

The aptly-named Famous Kitchen cleary had an agenda when they brainstormed their name. This popular zichar restaurant was featured in the recent 2019 MICHELIN Guide Singapore. The Nanyang-style restaurant features an extensive range of ingredients in their soups and dishes, with flavours inspired by the founder’s travels around China. 

Traditional Fish Head Curry ($31)

Expect sharks’ fin in their herbal soups, bullfrog, lobsters as well as stir fried Chinese dishes. Don’t skip on the signature Traditional Fish Head Curry ($31) and decadent Singapore Chili Crab ($110)! A self-proclaimed family-style restaurant, the folks at The Famous Kitchen believe in wholesome, nourishing food centered around high-quality ingredients. 

In the mood for something fancy or simply some zi char delivery? Try the atas Braised Lobster with Rice Vermicelli in Superior Broth ($168 for 800g). 

9. Kok Sen

Big Prawns Hor Fun (from $23.35)

Indulge in a feast of Cantonese dishes from Michelin Bib awardee Kok Sen. The third-gen owners of Kok Sen continues their family legacy with signatures like Big Prawns Hor Fun (from $23.35) and Black Bean Sauce with Fish Head (from $17.60).

With a menu serving up Zi-char classics from soups to seafood to meat dishes, Kok Sen is suitable for all ages and a must-try if you’re looking for delicious Zichar for your next gathering!

10. Sin Hoi Sai Seafood

Chilli Crab (from $66.80)

Clinching the Michelin Plate in 2019, Sin Hoi Sai Seafood is the go-to for all things seafood. With over 30 years of history, this seafood restaurant offers the freshest and highest quality ocean catches each day.

For the crab lovers, be sure to have a taste of their Signature Chilli Crab (from $66.80). Stir-fried in sweet, savoury, and spicy tomato-based sauce, this dish is an impeccable blend and burst of flavours in your mouth. Other that the Chilli Crab, you can choose to have it cooked in other flavours – Black Pepper Crab, Salted Egg Crab and more!

11. Kian Seng Seafood

Charcoal Roasted Suckling Pig ($248)

Started with humble beginnings, the founder of Kian Seng Seafood began working as a teenager to help his family as a coffee boy and worked his way to become a chef. With almost 50 years since opening, Kian Seng Seafood has consistently served up finger-licking dishes without fail.

Their signature dishes include Charcoal Roasted Suckling Pig ($248), a whole pig roasted over charcoal which gives it their golden finish. Another must-try is their Golden Cereal Prawn (from $25.30)! The freshness of the prawns brings out the sweetness in its flesh in every bite.