Pair of hands holding a pen cai clay pot filled with abalone and pig trotters braised in premium oyster sauce for four hours before layering ingredients including dace fishballs, dried oysters, dried scallops, prawns, sea cucumbers, Chinese mushrooms, fish maw, soy sauce chicken, roasted duck, and black moss on a bed of cabbage, with yusheng at the side

6 Chefs & restaurateurs share the Chinese New Year dishes that warm their hearts

Executive Chef Sam Chong, White Restaurant

Intriguing curry flavours in Singapore

“In my younger days, I’d always experiment with dishes that incorporated curry. I was intrigued by this traditional yet flavourful recipe. It goes well with so many types of dishes, keeps one warm and satisfied, and makes you feel at home.”

CNY food inspiration: Curry Prawn Yam Ring by White Restaurant

Instead of the traditional yam ring, Chef Sam Chong incorporated his own curry recipe into White Restaurant‘s Conpoy And Curry Prawn Yam Ring. Diners will be able to taste a hint of spiciness from the curry sauce from every bite of White Restaurant’s Yam Ring as it soaks in the flavour and spices from the curry. Chef Chong says, “The dish was inspired by Singaporeans’ love for spicy food. I wanted to create this dish with a sauce that truly complements the crispy deep-fried yam ring with a homely touch. It’s something different from the usual yam rings served at Chinese New Year feasts.” Try the yam ring (pictured above) now in the Prosperity 8 Pax set ($690.80), which also includes indulgent selections such as Abalone & Foie Gras Wonton Collagen Soup and Truffle White Bee Hoon.