Pair of hands holding a pen cai clay pot filled with abalone and pig trotters braised in premium oyster sauce for four hours before layering ingredients including dace fishballs, dried oysters, dried scallops, prawns, sea cucumbers, Chinese mushrooms, fish maw, soy sauce chicken, roasted duck, and black moss on a bed of cabbage, with yusheng at the side

6 Chefs & restaurateurs share the Chinese New Year dishes that warm their hearts

Sally Chan, General Manager, Yan Ting, The St. Regis Singapore

CNY food inspiration: Exquisite Pun Choy by Yan Ting

Yan Ting‘s general manager, Singaporean Sally Chan, recalls indulging in pen cai as one of her fondest memories of Chinese New Year festivities with her family. Yan Ting’s Exquisite Pun Choy ($523) is a reminder of those moments of feasting with its meticulously assembled combination of 13 ingredients. Abalone and pig trotters are first braised in premium oyster sauce for four hours. Then, a smorgasbord of premium items such as dried oysters, dried scallops, prawns, sea cucumber and fish maw are added. Chan says, “The entire pot is slowly simmered to allow the natural goodness of every ingredient to seep into the flavoursome broth.”