6 Best Chirashi Dons You Can Find In Singapore

Affordable go-to Chirashi Dons: • Ninja Chirashi Omoté
Premium Chirashi Dons: • AkashiBinchoRAPPUTeppei Restaurant and Hanahana Japanese Restaurant

Chirashi dons have always been one of my go-to dishes whenever I patronize a Japanese restaurant I haven’t been to before, because I get to try many types of fresh sashimi all at once. “Chirashi” means scattered in Japanese, representing the way the fresh fish decorates the bowl. Cheer up during this pandemic with chirashi dons that all will love. If you can’t travel, Oddle Eats will bring a taste of Japanese cuisine to your home instead. DON’T miss out on the 6 best chirashi dons in Singapore!

1. Akashi

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Frequented by celebrities and diplomats, Akashi labels itself as an epicurean exclusive concept, distinct from other Japanese restaurants. Sashimi lovers will have their fill with the Omakase Chirashi ($238), featuring a combination of 100g of toro (fatty tuna), 100g of bafun uni (sea urchin) and 500g of seafood on sushi rice and seaweed sheets. Max out your enjoyment by eating a spoonful of this lux creation with a sheet of seaweed – the perfect way to share this chirashi with some friends. The Omakase Chirashi (half-size) ($138) is also available, as well as the Chirashi Don ($52.20). Get your hands on these chirashi dons from Akashi, with Oddle’s islandwide delivery!

2. Bincho

Kaisen Bara Chirashi Don Set delivered islandwide in Singapore, powered by Oddle.
You won’t be disappointed by the Kaisen Bara Chirashi Don Set.

Inspired by flavours from Osaka and the Hyōgo prefecture of Japan, Bincho promises quality and authenticity in every bite. A must-have for all sashimi lovers is their Kaisen Bara Chirashi Don Set ($50), boasting fresh chunks of salmon, tuna, hotate and generous ikura pearls, with sides of salad, sashimi and chicken soup. If you’re feeling indulgent, dig into their premium Lavender Set ($120), which comes with a chicken skin salad, an assorted sashimi platter (5 pieces), Australian wagyu beef & mentaiko pasta and chicken soup. What are you waiting for? Order them on Oddle now.

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3. Ninja Chirashi

Ninja Lord delivered islandwide in Singapore, powered by Oddle.
The Ninja Lord – a heavenly combination of fresh sashimi, cucumber and tamago atop white Japanese rice.

If you’re craving affordable, high-quality chirashi dons, you’ve come to the right place. Ninja Chirashi‘s Ninja Chirashi Don ($10.90) serves up thick raw salmon and tuna chunks tossed in their house sauce, topped with Japanese cucumber, tamago (Japanese egg) and ebiko (fish roe). For something a lil’ extra, dive into their Ninja Lord ($21.90), an upgraded version of their chirashi don with scallops, amaebi (sweet shrimp), ikura and ebiko. Other favourites include the Truffle Chirashi Don ($13.10) and the Aburi Salmon Don ($12). Slice your way to Oddle and get a move on these chirashi dons.

4. Omoté

Spicy Lobster Triple Chirashi delivered islandwide in Singapore, powered by Oddle.
Don’t miss out on Omote’s one-of-a-kind Spicy Lobster Triple Chirashi.

At this point, Omoté has become synonymous with “quality chirashi dons”. Their unique combination of local and international flavours will have you salivating, debuting fusion dishes like the Tom Yum Goong Chirashi ($25.80) and Spicy Lobster Triple Chirashi ($31). A must-try is their second-generation Umami Soy Chirashi ($25.50), and other creations like the Truffle Roasted Garlic Chirashi ($31) and the Tamago-Mentai Chirashi ($25.80). If fresh sashimi, savoury marinades, and glistening mountains of ikura are up your alley, order Omoté’s chirashi dons from Oddle ASAP.


RAPPU's High Roller Set delivered islandwide in Singapore, powered by Oddle.
RAPPU’s High Roller Set gives you the best of all worlds.

Run by The Feather Blade, RAPPU is a dedicated handroll bar delivering quality seafood and rice atop Japanese seaweed. Their signature is the RAPPU 6 + RAPPU Sake 50ml ($49.50), which consists of hotate (scallop), kanpachi (amberjack fish), salmon, toro (fatty tuna), crab and engawa (flounder fluke fin), and this set even includes Japanese sake to pair well with your meal. Spoil yourself with the High Roller + RAPPU Sake 50ml ($94.50), serving up Hokkaido Grade A Uni, F1 Wagyu, engawa (flounder fluke fin), toro (Fatty Tuna), ikura, hotate (scallop) and caviar. You can even create a DIY Chirashi Kit ($12), perfect for yourself or sending food to a friend. Just order these chirashi bowls from Oddle and spoon them out onto seaweed sheets to share with everyone!

6. Teppei Restaurant and Hanahana Japanese Restaurant

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Founded by the same owner, Teppei Restaurant and Hanahana Japanese Restaurant provides authentic and delicious bara chirashi dons across Singapore. Bite into their Kaisen Don ($17.10), featuring hotate (scallop), salmon, tuna and yellowtail tossed in their unique marinade. Other signature dons include the Unagi Bara ($25.45), Negitoro Kaisen Don ($19.80) and Aburi Chutoro Kaisen Don ($24.80). Satiate those chirashi don cravings with Oddle’s islandwide delivery today.