Top Gourmet Burger Deliveries in Singapore that still taste as good as dining in!

Meaty goodness: • Carne Burgers
A unique twist: • Wildfire BurgersThe Market Grill The Black Hole
Vegan delight: • VeganBurg

Let’s reminisce back to the first burger we had when we were young. Do you remember the mouthwatering, salivating delight of holding a thick, juicy burger in your hands and sinking your teeth into its succulent beef patty? Since then, the type and quality of burgers have continued to evolve further and further. With a huge array of burger places emerging and offering burger deliveries in Singapore, beat the queue and enjoy a gourmet burger experience right in your very own homes!

Whether you like your patty medium or well done, we have curated a list of top gourmet burger deliveries in Singapore that tastes just as good as dining in! Begin your gourmet burger experience with Oddle Eats now!

1. Carne Burgers

First on the list, we have Carne Burgers. Carne Burgers is an establishment owned by the renowned Chef Mauro Colagreco, an Italian-Argentine chef who also runs Mirazur in France, ranked 1st in the World 50 Best Restaurants 2019. Dedicating his life’s work to experimenting and researching new flavourful ingredients, Carne Burgers only offers premium quality burgers and are bound to satisfy your tastebuds!

Winning the hearts of many, their signature Beef and chimichurri burger ($22.50) is a definite must-try! It is made with 160g natural grass-fed beef, signature chimichurri, smoked scamorza cheese, pickled jalapeno, onion, tomato salsa and local arugula. Following a special Argentinian recipe created by Chef Mauro and his team, the combination of the chimichurri and tomato salsa complements the beef patty and gives the burger its thick and juicy flavour.

Another timeless burger is its Classic Burger ($18.80). Packed with 160g natural grass-fed beef, local oak lettuce and other premium fresh ingredients, the Classic burger is also a popular crowd’s favourite among many! Reminisce about the first time you sank your teeth into a warm, thick and juicy burger with the Classic Burger. Furthermore, share this joy together with your friend at an attractive price with their Buddy Deal – 2 Classic Burgers ($30) on Oddle Eats!

2. Wildfire Burgers

Wildfire Burgers strikes back again with their top-tier burgers in town! Introducing their beloved Truffle Mushroom burger ($16), made with USDA certified Black Angus Beef Patty, accompanied by Truffled Mayo, Sauteed Mushroom, American Cheese, Caramelised Onion, and a special Master Sauce. The strong, truffle aroma and taste are bound to leave you begging for more!

If you are not in the mood for some mushrooms, why not try out The Eggstarter ($12)? With a dollop of Butter Folded Eggs, combined together with the mouthwatering American Cheese and Chipotle Mayo, this is a burger oozing with absolute perfection! The buttery softness of the eggs simply goes with the savoury taste of the American cheese in the burger. Who says eggs are only good as breakfast food?

3. The Black Hole

Black Sheep, delivered islandwide in Singapore, powered by Oddle
Black Sheep Burger ($23.60)

You know it’s brother Tipo, who is famous for their delectable homemade pasta. Now, it’s time for The Black Hole to shine. Being a halal establishment, The Black Hole serves up a huge assortment of quality burgers catered to everyone’s unique tastes. 

Starting with their unique Black Sheep Burger ($19), it consists of their fresh home-ground lamb patty encrusted in a rich, black charcoal bun together with a mix of arugula, coriander, sun-dried tomato, pickled red onions and a slab of labnah. The creamy texture of the labnah adds a layer of richness to the lamb patty, making it a heavenly combination. There is also the option to add on Beef bacon, Chicken Gyro or Beef Gyro.  Alternatively, you can try out their other burgers such as the Baconator ($17) or Lemon Chicken Gyro Burger ($19.90) for a unique twist!

That’s not all! We have an exclusive deal made for you. Take an additional 20% off your order when you spend a minimum amount of $35 at The Black Hole on Oddle Eats! Start spreading the love with your friends and families now!

4. The Market Grill

Signature Cheese Burger ($20)

Well-known for the burgers and steaks that it serves, The Market Grill is a classic place inspired by a blend of traditional old-style butcheries and diners. Located in the hustle and bustle of Telok Ayer, this is one restaurant you definitely should not miss!

Get your hands on their Bleu Cheese Burger ($28), a simple, homely beef burger made with Salty Bleu Cheese, Sweet Burnt Onion Marmalade, Smoky Bacon and Crisp Lettuce. Topped off with a special house sauce in a walnut & raisin bun, this adds a little bit of sweetness and crunch that rivals the soft, saltiness of the Bleu cheese, making it a ravishing combination. Not a fan of beef? Do try out their Signature Cheese Burger ($26), Chicken Burger ($25) or the Portobello burger ($21)

And of course, you’ll be happy to know that the Market Grill does offer islandwide delivery and free delivery for orders above $200. So head over to Oddle Eats to start ordering yourselves some burgers now!

5. VeganBurg

Chili Krab Burg, delivered islandwide in Singapore, powered by Oddle
Chili Krab Burg ($11.90)

Calling all vegan food lovers! VeganBurg, the ever so popular vegan spot for both locals and foreigners is back with their award-winning burgers! Being the world’s first 100% plant-based burger joint, VeganBurg serves up an array of distinctively flavoured burgers, each containing only organic ingredients. 

Try their highly recommended, special Chili Krab Burg ($13.90),  a unique twist to the local favourite dish “Chilli Crab”. This burger features a crispy-outside-and-fluffy-inside vegan shredded konjac “crab” meat patty, farm-fresh romaine lettuce, and homemade chilli crab sauce sandwiched between an artisan fibre-fueled wholemeal bun. Trust me when I say this bundle of goodness is sure to satisfy your fickle taste buds!

If you are looking for something a little less saucy, why not try their Avocado Beetroot Burger ($13.90)? This best-selling burger consists of a crispy GMO-free plant-protein patty loaded with fresh avocado, beetroot, and lettuce all packed between a soft artisan bun. The smooth texture of the avocado mixed together with the crunchiness of the lettuce and beetroot makes for a delicious treat. Want a piece of this burger? Avoca-Yes-I-Do!