Healthy Christmas feasting is not just broccoli salad and carrot sticks, delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle

How to show love to your #fitspo friends this Christmas (no raw salads involved)

Healthy Christmas treats

Gifting goodies: • Kara by Sogurt‘s gut-friendly froyoMicro Bakery Kitchen healthful goodiesThe Providore Christmas hampers
Bring to a party: • Gluten-free, low GI chocolate log cake from Simple Indulgence
Hosting must-haves: • Yummy turkey (aka lean protein) from Pan Pacific SingaporeWoke eating, Christmas mornin’ by The Social Space

Ah, 2020… Many of us spent much of this year either in our loungewear or activewear 24/7. Built-up pandemic anxiety drove many to adopting a healthier lifestyle. And we all know that someone who has become a fitness junkie in the last seven months, or a wellness advocate who’s all about self-care for body, mind and soul. Or I could well be describing you!

Well, well, literally be well. For those sticking to their health goals even in this season of indulgence, we’ve rounded up some healthy Christmas party food options to order now and guilt-free Christmas goodies for gifting.

1. Kara by Sogurt: Healthy froyo snack pack gift options

Kara by Sogurt - Probiotic Froyo
Kara by Sogurt’s Froyo Ice-Cream in Berry Drizzle, Chocolate, Strawberry Yuzu, Lychee and more.

If you can think of at least one fit friend concerned about their gut health, then Kara by Sogurt is the right choice. Ditch the kombucha brewery in your home and bring instant joy to your family and friends with a Festive Box ($45).  Made with high-grade virgin coconut oil and rich in probiotics, Kara’s signature Froyo Ice Cream is low in sugar and perfect for your health-conscious best friend. If that is not enough, upgrade your festive box to a Perk Me Up Gift Set ($72), which also includes a premium pint and a taste of their special seasonal flavour.

2. Micro Bakery Kitchen: Fulfilling health resolution kneads

Micro Bakery Kitchen - Xmas Hamper
Xmas Box ($50)

Priding themselves on small-batch artisanal loaves of love, Micro Bakery Kitchen‘s signature organic sourdough is a slice of the good life in sandwiches with healthful fillings like roasted tomatoes with sage pesto and burrata. For those with a sweet tooth, even the cakes come in guilt-reducing ingredients—Chocolate Zucchini Cake ($13.50, small loaf) being a case in point.

Get all the specialties in one with the Xmas Box ($50), filled to the brim with nut butter (for your fitspo friend’s overnight oats or protein shake), a tin of assorted teas, wholewheat Cherry Scones and so much more. Micro Bakery uses organic white, whole wheat and rye culture for their Sourdough Loaves (from $10). A perfect mixture for those trying to limit their carbohydrate intake amidst the celebratory feasting.

3. Pan Pacific Singapore: Lean protein choices for Christmas feasts

Lifestyle Christmas Bundle ($428)

As any host with the most knows, the festive table is not complete without a good roast. Pan Pacific Singapore’s delectable selection, thankfully, helps out those in search of healthy Christmas party food ideas. The Lifestyle Christmas Bundle ($428) is a gut-friendly and sustainable choice complete with lean barramundi and a generous side of seasonal vegetables. A juicy and meaty Christmas Turkey ($175) should also do the trick for those fitspo friends aiming to get their macros in.

4. Simple Indulgence: Low GI cakes for a chocolate high

Simple Indulgence - Low GI Cakes || Healthy Christmas Party Food
Low GI Flourless Valrhona Dark Chocolate Christmas Log (from $84)

What is Christmas without log cake? Make your festive feasting fuss-free and guilt-free with a delicious cake from Simple IndulgenceTreat your taste buds with a Low GI Flourless Valrhona Dark Chocolate Christmas Log (from $84) with organic low GI sugar and a rich chocolate sponge characteristic of a traditional log cake. Savour each bite and chocolate flake with no worries.

5. The Providore: Feel-good, taste-good deli hampers

The Providore - Xmas Hamper
Premium Hamper ($588)

As The Providore says, “the bigger the hamper, the better”. And they sure do not disappoint. Send your friends a gift hamper from afar (from $85) filled with a variety of The Providore’s enticing deli goods. Instead of cracking your brain on what to get that picky eater gym-crazy friend, order a hearty and wholesome Breakfast Hamper ($88.50). It’s complete with muesli, jams, tea and a pot of ethical honey to add to their overnight protein oats. If you are living up to the season of giving, a Premium Hamper ($588) has the kind of luxury you would not want them to miss out on.

6. The Social Space: Conscious consumption for woke folks

The Social Space - Toasts || Healthy Christmas Party Food
With The Social Space’s array of healthy smoothie bowls, you’ll be lost for choice.

There is no better time to be socially and environmentally conscious than now. The Social Space is changing up the game by promising to offer high-quality, fair-trade, eco and socially-conscious products. Incite the change in your friends by feeding them good-for-you goodness. The very colourful Berry Berry Good ($16.80) smoothie bowl is sure to put a smile on their face when they wake up on Christmas morning. Nourish your friend with a wholesome start to their day by gifting them a Single Toast + Smoothie Bowl + Iced Lemonade ($26.40) set.

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