Top 10 places for a healthy, yet satisfying meal

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Wholesome greens: • HeyboThe Pack: Protein & Salad Bar The Providore
Vegetarian/ Vegan: • ElemenLilac OakSauté-san 素特-さんYes Natural Vegetarian Restaurant
A healthier meal: • Pow Sing RestaurantThe Living CaféWicked Greens

If we could have our way, then we would definitely like to have good food every day! Good food doesn’t have to mean feasting 24/7. Instead, you can always indulge in healthier meals to cleanse your palates and fill your bellies!

Here’s a list of 10 places you can order in for a healthy, yet tasty and satisfying meal

1. Heybo

With a variety of whimsical flavours, eating healthy can be exciting with Heybo!

Shape up those muscles with their Muscle Beach ($11.90) bowl! A mixture of tri-colour quinoa, sous-vide chicken breast, avocado with beetroot chipotle dip, and yuzu soy, power through your day with this bowl of superfoods. Or if you are a fan of salmon, then you must try their Shibuya Nights ($14.20). This playful combination of baked salmon, grilled mushrooms, onsen egg, green soba, and avocado edamame dip keeps you energetic and healthy all day. And that’s not all! You can also try other bowls such as  Kampong Table ($10.90) or Mighty Mekong ($10.90).

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2. The Pack: Protein & Salad Bar

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard. With an abundant selection of wholesome bowls, The Pack: Protein & Salad Bar is here to fill you up with tons of vitamins and nutrients!

For a simple, yet filling meal, try having their Grilled Sous Vide Chicken Bowl ($10.90) which contains perfectly seasoned Grilled Chicken, Brown Rice, and fresh greens. Looking for more options? Have a look at their Signature Series, which includes Baked Asian Honey Soy Tofu Bowl ($10.90) or Grilled Lemon Herbed Salmon Bowl ($13.90)

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3.  The Providore

Besides the selection of cheese, gourmet food, and pastries, did you know that The Providore also offers a range of nutritious food?

Add some heat to your meal with their Spiced Pumpkin Salad ($20.87). Spiced pumpkins, ancient grains and pomegranate molasses vinaigrette tossed together in a bowl, this sweet and spicy combination is the perfect meal to start your day. They also offer a refreshing bowl of Organic Muesli ($14.45). An eclectic mix of fresh berries, organic yoghurt and muesli, this is a bowl full of fibre and nutrients. 

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4. Elemen

Taking healthy eating to a whole new level with their Instagrammable dishes, Elemen offers a range of appetizing dishes made from wholesome meatless recipes and natural ingredients.

Try their signature Avocado Roll ($15.80). This delightful dish consists of a beautifully wrapped sushi roll filled with the freshest ingredients such as carrots, cucumber and of course, avocado. Another one that tops the list, dig into their Quinoa Brown Rice ($15.80)! Expect to see a piping hot bowl of brown rice, topped with white quinoa that gives it a nutty flavour. This dish definitely checks all the boxes of a scrumptious and healthy dish. 

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5. Lilac Oak

With vegan cafes increasing in popularity, Lilac Oac is one you should try. With its unique vegan sweets and savouries, Lilac Oac has managed to make vegan food both appetising and healthy. 

Featuring their Simple Tofu Sandwich ($10.90), fuel your day with this simple snack containing turmeric tofu patty, spicy bean curd sauce mixed with other vegetables! Want something more filling? Try their House-special Bibimbap w/ Sweet Potato Rice ($18.90). Top it with their specially made Gochujang paste and there you have it – a satisfying yet wholesome meal all in one. Other unique dishes also include Grilled Teriyaki Eggplant Donburi ($18.90) or Peanut Tempeh Sandwich ($12.90).

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6. Sauté-san 素特-さん

Ramen- Soy Milk Miso Stew Ramen (from $12.90), delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle
Ramen- Soy Milk Miso Stew Ramen (from $12.90)

With food cooked using the freshest ingredients, Sauté-san 素特-さん has made plant-based food highly addictive to customers. If you are craving a steaming bowl of ramen on a cold, rainy day, do try their Ramen- Soy Milk Miso Stew Ramen (from $12.90). Not only does this bowl of ramen taste good, it also comes with multiple health benefits! Brewed with soy milk, miso, and kelp, this dish boosts digestion and relieves stress. Other wholesome dishes also include their Udon – Shoyu Soup ($13.90) or Kimchi Jjigae Cellophane Noodles ($13.90).

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7. Yes Natural Vegetarian Restaurant

Walk on the healthier side of life with Yes Natural Vegetarian Restaurant. Using no MSG or artificial flavourings, less oil, sugar, and salt, this restaurant whips up flavourful vegetarian dishes that will leave you wanting more. 

Have a taste of their Organic Miso Poached Rice ($16.80). With fragrant brown rice steamed with organic miso, this pairing creates a unique flavour profile. Pair it with their Seaweed Tofu Soup (from $7) and there you have it – the perfect comfort food after a long day’s work. Besides these, they do carry other options such as their Vegetarian Sharks Fin soup ($8.50) or Thai Style Bean Curd ($9)

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8. Pow Sing Restaurant

Signature Hainanese Chicken (Organic) (from $19), delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle
Signature Hainanese Chicken (Organic) (from $19)

Who says your favourite plate of chicken rice couldn’t be healthy? Indulge in guilt-free chicken rice with Pow Sing Restaurant

Its main highlight: Signature Hainanese Chicken (Organic) (from $19) contains organically farmed chicken which are fed with Lactobacillus and are farmed without antibiotics. Savour other popular favourites such as Cordyceps Chicken Herbal Soup ($11.80) or Signature Bento Set ($9.80)

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9. The Living Café

Set up in 2011, The Living Café wants to show how everyone can still enjoy natural food without compromising on nutrition or flavour. Using zero dairy, red meat, refined sugars or preservatives, your meals are prepared with the utmost quality and taste!

Starting with their Tempeh Buddha Bowl ($21.20), this bowl consists of a flavourful combination of tempeh, cumin roast sweet potato, avocado, and housemade kimchi. Topped with a creamy tahini dressing, the unique flavours of each ingredient complement each other. If you are looking for something heartier, try their Herbed Salmon Burger ($23.55) or Wild Barramundi Brown Rice Bowl ($23.55)

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10. Wicked Greens

Satisfy your chicken rice cravings the healthy way with Wicked Greens

Presenting their very own Singapore Healthiest Chicken Rice (from $10)! Replacing chicken seasoned rice with fragrant spinach rice, chicken breast, and other greens, this dish is packed full of nutrients for a well-balanced diet. Choose from other protein options such as Tofu Mushroom or Sous-Vide Salmon. If you are not in the mood for chicken rice, why not try their 16hr Slow-cooked Beef Brisket ($11) instead? The tasty beef flavour is definitely a nice complement to the overall dish. 

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