Traditional Indian food that will SPICE UP your Deepavali Celebrations

Gear up for a spice-tastic Deepavali
Side Bites: • Paratha from Zaffron KitchenIdli from Raj Restaurant BiopolisSamosa from Shahi MaharaniNaan from Samy’s Curry
Hearty dishes: • Briyani from Rang Mahal

A celebration with rich history and significance behind it, Deepavali (or Diwali), signifies the triumph of good over evil, and light over darkness. Also coined as The Festival of Lights, this day is celebrated in varying ways across different regions of India. Interestingly, while the North Indians take this time to welcome the new year, South Indians celebrate the end of evil and the start of good. However, one thing both regions have in common when it comes to celebrating Deepavali is the food!

Read on to find out more about the delicious Indian cuisines Oddle Eats has in store for you this Deepavali!

1. Paratha from Zaffron Kitchen

Originating from Peshawar, Paratha is a flatbread made of whole-wheat and pan-fried in cooking oil. As one of the go-to choices for a wholesome breakfast in India, it isn’t uncommon to find this unleavened flatbread stuffed with a variety of flavourful fillings. Ready to get some of your own?

Paratha from Zaffron Kitchen for your Deepavali food feast. Delivered islandwide in Singapore, powered by Oddle.
Pair your Parathas with a variety of other hearty dishes from Zaffron Kitchen

A MICHELIN Gourmand Bib recipient, Zaffron Kitchen is one of the best Indian Restaurants in Singapore. Boasting a plethora of delicious, and richly flavoured Indian food, their Paratha is a must-have for your Deepavali feasts. If you prefer your Parathas unstuffed, their Lacha Paratha ($5.20) is the one for you.

Don’t miss out on their Aloo Paratha ($6.30)! It is packed with spiced potatoes, which will definitely give you the kick of spice you need. Alternatively, opt for an all-time favourite Tandoori Butter Roti ($5.20) stuffed with tender tandoori baked to perfection.

2. Idli from Raj Restaurant Biopolis

An authentic South Indian dish, Idli is a well-loved breakfast in Tamil households. Made from steaming a batter of fermented lentils and rice, this soft and fluffy steamed cake is known for being a healthy, protein-packed dish. To best enjoy this traditional delight, have it with a side of lentil soup and chutney!

Idli from Raj Restaurant Biopolis for your Deepavali food feast. Delivered  islandwide in Singapore, powered by Oddle.
Feast on Raj Restaurant Biopolis’s myriad of authentic Indian food dishes this Deepavali.

Not many restaurants or eateries offer this healthy traditional Deepavali food dish in Singapore, fret not, as we have one for you. Raj Restaurant Biopolis prides itself as an authentic vegetarian Indian restaurant and boasts a wide selection of dishes. What’s more, you can opt to get your Deepavali food delivered or book your table through Oddle Eats! Get their Plain Idli ($4) or enjoy their Sambar Idli ($4.60) or Milaga Podi Idli ($4.30) for some extra flavour.

Here’s another tip, when we’re talking about Idli, mutton curry comes hand in hand. You might find the taste of Idli bland on its own, but pair it with this amazingly delicious dish, and you’re in for a flavour-filled experience. Get it from any of our Indian restaurants on Oddle Eats!

3. Samosa from Shahi Maharani

Samosa is a popular snack enjoyed by many especially during festive occasions like Deepavali. While many indulge in this delight as a local street-side snack, one might be surprised to know that it did not actually originate from India. In fact, Samosas were brought all the way from the Central Middle East by Chefs who had migrated over. Nonetheless, this savoury treat is still popular amongst many. With a crispy outer layer encapsulating the deliciously soft fillings, every bite is a perfect balance of texture and taste.

Keema Samosas from Shahi Maharani for your Deepavali food feast. Delivered islandwide in Singapore, powered by Oddle.
Keema Samosas ($12)

Shahi Maharani prides itself as an authentic North Indian Restaurant serving up an enticing array of Indian dishes. Add on to your plethora of food with their Keema Samosas ($12) stuffed with spiced minced mutton. Alternatively, you can choose their Vegetable Samosas ($11) for a vegan option.

With a whole selection of other traditional North Indian food, you’re in for a real treat this Deepavali. Ready to dig into the goodness of these crispy, golden pyramids? Head over to Oddle Eats now!

4. Biryani from Rang Mahal

If you’re a fan of Indian cuisine, you know there’s nothing quite like a good plate of Biryani. Despite being known for being one the hardest dishes to cook, it is also one of the most delicious to tuck into. However, to date, this traditional dish still stands proudly as a must-have to Indian cuisine. As quoted from celebrity chef, Ajay Chopra, “Obviously, experience helps you to get it right, but it is a nail-biting finish. But it’s such a joy when the lid is opened and the rice is fragrantly separate and well-cooked”.

One place that’s definitely got their Biryani right is MICHELIN Plated, Rang Mahal. Famed for its aromatic, lip-smacking Briyani, their Saffron Murg Dhaba Biryani ($32) is the perfect savoury dish. Infusing succulent dum chicken with fragrant basmati rice, it’s an ideal add-on to your Deepavali food platter.

Prefer your Biryani with Lamb meat? The Kashmiri Dum Ghosht Biryani ($34) is packed with intense flavour that will definitely satisfy your cravings. Additionally, till 5 November, they are offering a Diwali Celebration Set Menu ($55)! Bringing you only the best Biryani, order in from Oddle Eats today!

5. Naan from Samy’s Curry

A leavened, oven-baked creation, naan is synonymous with Indian cuisine. Due to its kneading techniques and yeast used, did you know that in the past, naan was only available to the richer segments of society? Thankfully for us, this delicacy can now be enjoyed by many. And when it comes to a festive occasion, naan is definitely a must-have!

Naan from Samy's Curry for your Deepavali food feast. Delivered islandwide in Singapore, powered by Oddle.
Basket Naan ($16 for 5 pcs)

You may know Samy’s Curry Restaurant for their delicious curry dishes. However, their naan definitely doesn’t lose out. Offering a delicious variety of naan, feast on their Basket Naan ($16 for 5 pcs). Be spoilt for choice with their selection of different types such as Cheese Naan ($4 per piece) and Kashmiri Naan($4 per piece)!

Don’t forget to order their Signature Samy’s Fish Head Curry ($22) to complement your Plain Naan ($2.80 per piece)! Looking for more? Their extensive menu will have all the food you need for a wholesome feast this Deepavali. What are you waiting for?

Head over to Oddle Eats and start prepping for your Deepavali food feasts!