8 Mouthwatering Hotpot Deliveries For Your Next Family Feast

Fuss-free hotpot feasts at home
Affordable: • Hai Xian LaoLe Le Pot
Mid-tier: • Nature Vegetarian DelightsTsukada Nojo
Treat yourself!: • CocaBeauty in the PotTong Xin Ru Yi Little Sheep Hot Pot

Nothing brings family and friends together like the aroma of soup brewing in the centre of the dining table, pot bubbling with a spread of fresh ingredients. It’s no wonder that hotpots are the unparalleled nom of choice for gatherings. But with Phase 2’s small group dining limitations, securing a table for your family and friends can be tough. Thankfully, you can now order hotpot delivery for the full steamboat experience at home (and even rent a pot and induction cooker!)

Ranging across affordable to premium prices, these 8 hotpot delivery bundles cater to both small and big group gatherings. With a vast variety of ingredients ranging from meat, seafood, exotic ingredients, and even all-vegan options, you’re all set. Get ready and feast away with the best hotpot, Singapore style!

1. Coca

Coca Hotpot for hotpot delivery. Delivering islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle.
Featured soup bases are Hua Diao Phoenix Pot (left) and Tantalising Tom Yum (right)

Originating from Bangkok, Thai-Cantonese restaurant Coca serves up a tangy twist to the typical Chinese steamboat. With sets starting at $78, treat your tastebuds to rich flavours like Double Boiled Treasure, whereby the chicken soup is boiled for six hours and enriched with Chinese herbs like red dates, wolfberries and dang gui. Also try the Tantalising Tom Yum, the perfect spicy soup with a hint of acidity to accompany your spread of seafood.

Pair the broths with Coca’s signature fish paste and suki-style meats for a match made in hotpot heaven. For Set A ($78) that caters to 3-4 pax, you’ll get a generous spread of ingredients such as pork collar, prawns, shrimp wantons, fish balls with roe. Can’t forget the crowd favourite Coca Chilli Sauce, too!

2. Hai Xian Lao

Looking for an alternative to Hai Di Lao? Famous for their wide variety of seafood and luxury meats, Hai Xian Lao is undoubtedly the seafood lovers’ go-to for hotpot.

Hai Xian Lao for hotpot delivery. Delivering islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle.

Their Premium Set ($128, 4-6 pax) boasts a wide selection of fresh ingredients ranging from white sea prawns, clams and sea urchin balls, just to flex a few. Spice lovers will find it hard to choose between their eight decadent broths. Just for reference though, the Signature Prawn Broth and Szechuan Mala are highly raved about.

For the truly authentic hotpot feel, you can also rent a pot and induction cooker, making your stay-home hotpot almost identical to the dine-in experience.

3. Beauty in The Pot

Beauty In The Pot, delivering islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle.

Think of hotpot and Beauty in The Pot will surely come to mind—who hasn’t heard of their famous collagen broth? Have their Back by Popular Demand set ($70.04 for 3-4 pax), featuring an array of sliced chicken thigh, sliced pork collar, black pepper pork meat balls, their famous handpulled La Mian, and more hotpot-must-haves. The set comes with a twin broth combo to dip into too! Choose from their Beauty Collagen Broth to their Herbal Drunken Chicken Broth. Or, opt for the vegetarian Longevity Wild Pine Mushroom Broth and more. If you’re in the mood to feast, add on their luxurious platters. Ranging from high-quality meat and seafood to the restaurant’s raved-about assorted dumplings, they’ll definitely bring your hotpot to the next level.

4. Tong Xin Ru Yi

You may have heard of Tong Xin Ru Yi for its wild broth selection, with soup bases including Golden Chicken, the exotic Golden Frog, and even Spicy Mala Catfish soup. Famed for their slow-cook methods and flavourful broths, the restaurant delivers a pretty exciting menu alongside their hotpot bundles: think Frog Pot ($68) and Spicy Rabbit Pot ($48)! As if having Kurobuta (Japanese black pork) and tiger prawns in a hotpot bundle wasn’t tantalising enough (drools). Brown Sugar Boba ($5) is also on the menu—a treat that us Singaporeans would find hard to pass up.

Tong Xin Ru Yi for hotpot delivery. Delivering islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle.
For even greater convenience, enjoy Tong Xi Ru Yi with their single-use hotpot set.

With six years of hotpot delivery under its belt, the restaurant has one of the sleekest delivery packages on the market. Expect minimal and well-designed packaging, and even an add-on for a single-use hotpot set ($13) as pictured above. Definitely a bang for your buck!

5. Little Sheep Hot Pot

Hailing from Inner Mongolia, Little Sheep Hot Pot boasts strong flavoured broths that showcase Chinese herbs and spices. Great to warm you up from the inside! If you’re looking for a hearty hotpot with medicinal benefits, their signature white soup contains a whopping blend of 36 herbs and spices that aid in blood circulation and digestion, perfect for a wholesome meal with family.

Little Sheep Hot Pot for hotpot delivery. Delivering islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle.
Set Meal D ($350.96 for 8 pax)

If you’re digging in alone, an economical option would be the Pre-cooked Set Meal ($13.80). It comes with one soup base and meat respectively, and 15 other fixed ingredients ranging from mushrooms to luncheon meat. The set even comes with lime juice to quench your thirst. Don’t let the affordable price fool you, though. The choice of meat ranges from luxurious lamb rolls, Kurobuta (Japanese black pork), USA fatty beef and chicken breast.

6. Le Le Pot (closed)

Best known for its affordable single pot set meals starting from $10, Le Le Pot offers a variety of eight soup flavours comprising herbal chicken, vegetarian, and even a unique coconut chrysanthemum soup.

There’s something for everyone, and it’s fuss free—true to its brand as the Singapore-style hotpot. Satisfy your hotpot cravings with the Seafood set ($12) and choose a soup base and main staple (rice, ee mee, glass noodles or instant noodles etc.), or splurge on the US Angus Prime Short Ribs ($25) and treat yourself to luxurious cuts of tender, juicy meat.

7. Nature Vegetarian Delights

Vegans and vegetarians rejoice! Popular local flavours like laksa and curry that usually contain milk and animal products are now made vegan-friendly by Nature Vegetarian Delights, which offers a plant-based alternative to the hotpot experience.

Nature Vegetarian Delights for hotpot delivery. Delivering islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle.
DIY Steamboat Set (from $38.90, 3-4 pax)

For a DIY Steamboat Set (from $38.90, 3-4 pax), you get to construct your perfect pot of soup by choosing your broth, ingredient varieties, and side dishes to add on, including a wide variety of seasonal vegetables, mushrooms, and vegan mock meats and fish. With Nature Vegetarian Delights’ myriad of vegan dishes, you’ll never feel left out of a communal hotpot experience ever again!

8. Tsukada Nojo

The hour-long wait at Tsukada Nojo’s branches says it all: Singaporeans can’t get enough of the Japanese restaurant’s “Bijin Nabe” (Beauty Hotpot). Chock full of creamy collagen, their signature chicken broth is made from stewing rare “Jitokko” chicken bones for over eight hours until the collagen solidifies into a smooth, silky pudding-like texture—similar to tau huay. And if you were introduced to Japanese hotpot with Shabu Sai, I reckon you’ll love Tsukada Nojo too!

Tsukada Nojo for hotpot delivery. Delivering islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle.
Set A ($72.76 for 2 pax)

Skip the queue and deliver this creamy hotpot straight to your doorstep. Set A ($72.76 for 2 pax) comes with 1kg of silky collagen soup, a variety of chicken, chicken meatballs, prawns, vegetables, noodles and chili. Watch the pudding-like collagen melt into broth and slurp it up at home in bliss. You’ll get what the hype is all about!

Spice up your family dinners with hotpot delivery and save yourself the hassle of prepping and cleaning up. With Phase 2’s social distancing here to stay, it’ll probably be a long wait before eating out with the whole fam bam is possible again. Until then, what’s stopping you from bringing the communal experience back home with Oddle Eats’ fuss-free hotpot deliveries?

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