11 Fried Chicken Restaurants That’ll Get You Clucking!

Today’s dish is one that needs little to no introduction. From KFC’s famous “11 herbs and spices” to honey garlic Korean fried chicken made popular by the K-wave, fried chicken is THE food that makes the world go round. 

So grab your napkins and get ready for the drool that comes with reading our list of some must-order Fried Chicken Restaurants.

1. Arnold’s Fried Chicken

Arnold's Fried Chicken - Variety Feast
credit: @hazeldiary_ on IG

With teeth in the game for over 30 years, Arnold’s Fried Chicken has earned its place as one of the pioneering Halal eateries in Singapore that serves up quality grub.

With quality as their top priority, Arnold’s uses fresh chicken instead of frozen meat. From their 10 Piece Chicken Chest (S$33.50) to simple Spring Chicken Meal (S$15.80), there are many ways for you to dig into this homegrown giant.

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2. Jollibee

Jollibee - 2pc Chickenjoy with Regular Sides A La Carte (Spicy)
credit: @astro.adin on IG

A list about fried chicken would not be complete without Jollibee. When it comes to fried chicken, Jollibee’s formula is simple: “crispylicious on the outside, juicylicious on the inside“.

With their various to-die-for set meals, like their Chickenjoy with Jolly Spaghetti (S$7.20) or their 2 Pc Chickenjoy with Regular Sides (S$7.20), it’s no wonder this Filippino chain is loved by everyone who’s eaten it.

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3. Bonchon Chicken

Bonchon SG - Wings Small
credit: Bonchon Singapore (@bonchonsg)

Bonchon Chicken serves authentically good Korean fried chicken, with secret sauces all the way from Busan, South Korea. Deep fried twice for texture and glazed with said secret sauce, Bonchon’s signature chicken is hyped to be the crispiest, crunchiest fried chicken in town.

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A set of original recipe Six-piece Wings (Small) starts at S$8.90, but if you’re someone who loves your chicken meaty and thicc, go for the Whole Chicken Parts (Small)(S$16.90) for two pax.

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4. JINJJA Chicken

credit: @lapolagi on IG

We can’t forget the good ol’ JINJJA Chicken, which is halal-certified and prides itself on using fresh ingredients. Liberally doused with their famous soy and garlic sauce, these tantalising wings pack a punch. Gather the pals and share the classic Jinjja Wings (S$8.50) while fangirling over the latest Blackpink music video.

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5. Mom’s Touch

Mom's Touch - 2pcs Mom's Fried Chicken Combo Meal
credit: @iizumizz on IG

Mom’s Touch is proof that mother knows best, with their ever-delicious fried chicken. Sink into your couch, order yourself a plate of 2pcs Mom’s Fried Chicken Combo Meal (S$10.10), and let your stress melt away. If comfort could be a restaurant, it would be them.

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6. Ah Tan Wings

credit: @karhingc on IG

A classic story of Singaporean innovation, Ah Tan Wings’ very own Ah Tan himself fell in love with Har Cheong Gai and decided it was too good to be kept to himself. Having mastered the perfect Har Cheong Kai, he started Ah Tan Wings to spread the love.

Have goodies like the Atas Wing Meal (S$7) if you’re looking for a full meal. Or, if you just want to hit that sweet spot, have the ala-carte 2 Wings 2 Drumlets (S$5.50) delivered to you.

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7. Wildfire Chicken & Burgers

Wildfire Chicken & Burger - Signature Fried Chicken
credit: @eatdrinkplayjoy on IG

Next up is Wildfire Chicken & Burgers! As the name suggests, this no-frills joint brings you the best of both chicken and burgers. With their meats cooked on a Binchotan-charcoal-fired INKA grill, look forward to a smoky flavour that is unbeatable.

Besides their famed grilled meats, they also serve a mean Signature Fried Chicken (1 Pc) (S$4.50) that is a powerhouse on its own. 

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8. Ayam Penyet President

Ayam Penyet President - Smashed Fried Chicken (Ayam Penyet)
credit: Ayam Penyet President (@ayampresident)

Let’s go back to our roots with Ayam Penyet President. Savour the taste of authentic Indonesian delights with bestselling dishes such as Ayam Penyet (S$7.60) and Ayam Cabe Ijo (S$7.60). 

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9. Shake Shake In A Tub

Shake Shake In A Tub - Shake Shake Chicken 8 pcs Combo
credit: @budinovi on IG

Shaking up the fried chicken game is Shake Shake In A Tub! Enjoy fried chicken made-to-order for that fresh, crispy bite you know you love. Choose from their variety of in-house Shake Shake seasonings, such as Sour Cream & Onion, Salted Caramel and many more. With one hand full of fried chicken and the other holding your phone, it’s a millennial dream come true.

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10. Project Penyek

Project Penyek - Nasi Ayam Penyek
credit: Project Penyek (@projectpenyek on FB)

Hidden in a small stall at Redhill, Project Penyek packs big flavour in each bite of their Nasi Ayam Penyek (S$6.90). Complete with their house-made chili and a generous serving of rice, this one’s gonna’ leave you satisfied. Don’t believe us? Try this hidden gem for yourself!

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11. Marrybrown Singapore

Marrybrown Singapore - Lucky Plate
credit: @kaiser.misaki on IG

A favourite all across Southeast Asia, Marrybrown also enjoys quite a bit of fanfare on our little red dot. Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, Marrybrown’s chicken is quite the perfect delight. All you need is just coleslaw and mashed potato and you’ve got the workings of a perfect #cheatday meal.

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Now now, before all the pitchforks come out (although we all know fried chicken should be eaten with your hands) these are only some of our picks. Don’t see your fave here? Let us know!

At the end of the day, as we can all agree, all fried chicken is created equal, but some are more equal than others.

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