New on Oddle Eats [May 2021]: Baker & Cook, House of White Bee Hoon & more!

New restaurants delivering islandwide as of May 2021
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Bye April, Hello May! As the new month welcomes 3 public holidays including Labour Day, Hari Raya Puasa, and Vesak Day, there’s no better month to organise your stay-home gatherings with food delivery to set the table! With a few nationwide scares recently, staying home would be a wise option. Fret not – Oddle Eats is back with a fresh list of new restaurants delivering islandwide this May 2021!

With different cuisines catered for different occasions and cravings, you don’t worry about what’s on the menu anymore. From artisanal bakes to healthy bento boxes and more, let this month welcome well-deserved rest and some of the best new restaurants, with what’s New on Oddle Eats.

1. Baker & Cook: Artisanal bakes great for corporate catering

First opened in 2012, Baker & Cook is one of Singapore’s artisan bakery & food store. Their bakes include bread, cakes, pastries, tarts, and more. These golden gems are all hand-crafted and made with time-honoured processes, and honest ingredients. What’s more, they offer catering sets for all your gathering or corporate ordering needs.

Opt for their Signature Morning Pastries set ($50), which includes four portions of Mini Croissants, Mini Danishes (assorted flavours), Mini Pain au Chocolate and Mini Cheese Twist. If pastries are not your thing, opt for the Sandwich Box ($80); a hearty combination of filled Turkish bread sandwiches and multigrain sliders with a variety of generous fillings.

2. Bee Cheng Hiang Grillery: Bakkwa and its inspired dishes

When you think of Bee Cheng Hiang, you probably think of their famous “Bakkwa”. Since 1359, they have been elevating the Bakkwa experience to an unprecedented height. Through a collaboration with a consultant chef, chef Zor Tan (winner of Mediacorp’s Food Struck 食不可挡 in April 2018), Bee Cheng Hiang has developed a menu with unique food offerings inspired by the company’s Bakkwa and Flosses.

delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle.
Surprise yourself and your loved ones with a Bakkwa inspired feast.

Be prepared to be WOW-ed by their delectable selection of tapas, salads and main courses with a modern, fusion twist. Don’t forget their classic Bakkwa, which comes in 600g ($39) and a variety of Share Boxes, including the Sliced Pork Share Box ($15) and Gourmet Fusion Share Box ($18). Other classic dishes range from Truffle Mushroom Pasta ($16) to Seafood Aglio Olio ($26). If you are feeling adventurous, opt for dishes with a little Bakkwa twist like their Golden Coin and Pineapple Pizza ($20) or their Croissant Sandwich (from $7.90).

3. House of White Bee Hoon: Serving up Singapore’s iconic dish

House of White Bee Hoon || New Restaurants May 2021 || Islandwide delivery in Singapore powered by Oddle
Nothing like a table full of hearty local zi char dishes.

#StayHome and indulge in homely and authentic Chinese cuisine from House of White Bee Hoon. Savour the original taste of the well-known White Bee Hoon, and a plethora of local delights! Did you know they have 10 different flavours of White Bee Hoon? From the Signature White Bee Hoon (from $7.90) to Mala White Bee Hoon (from $9.90) and Lobster White Bee Hoon ($26.90) and more, spoil the fam’ and friends with delicious choices! In addition, dig into their other dishes like their Crispy Salted Egg Yolk Fish Skin ($14.90) and Cereal Prawns (from $19.90).

4. My Briyani House: Halal-certified briyani goodness

Did you know that My Briyani House is opened by Mr Teh Tarik Group, which also opened Mr Teh Tarik Express and Mr Teh Tarik Eating House? Since then, it has been providing high-quality and authentic Halal-certified Indian cuisine at affordable prices. Serving a wide range of traditional and authentic Indian dishes as well as the iconic Teh Tarik, enjoy food for all with hearty local favourites.

Lamb Shank Briyani

Mutton Briyani

Prawn Briyani

Vegetarian Briyani

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Having revamped their old menu, the signature Lamb Shank Briyani ($15.50) is an absolute must-try. With fork-tender meat, as well as the fluffy briyani rice, you are guaranteed to fall in love with this dish. If lamb is not your preferred choice of protein, there are other options like the classic Mutton Briyani ($9.50) and Prawn Briyani ($13.50).

5. Old Seng Choong: Authentic bakes and treats for any occasion

Old Seng Choong offers traditional bakes and cakes to celebrate every joyous occasion. This establishment was created as a tribute to the owner’s father, a baker and confectioner himself for over 30 years. The restaurant was named after the well-loved Seng Choong Confectionery, which was established in 1965 and run by Daniel’s parents until its closure in 1996.

delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle.
Bite into their signature, smoky, fragrant, Black Sugar cake with Walnuts ($26.80)

Treat yourself to authentic and mouth-watering bakes and pastries, including bread loaves, chiffon cakes, swiss rolls, cookies, and many more. For savoury food lovers, try their Handmade Truffle Butter ($18.80), Chicken Pie ($12.80) and French Onion Soup ($10.80). For those with a sweet tooth, opt for their Tiramisu ($58.80) or Uncle Seng Apple Pie ($39.80).

6. Omakase Burger: Authentic American smashed burger

delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle.
Ultimate Cheeseburger Set (from $27.90)

Using only the best American beef and a minimum of quarter pound of fresh beef to guarantee maximum, beefy flavour with each bite, you will be definitely in for a hearty treat from Omakase Burger. Their burgers are famous for being so juicy that they had to design special wrappers to hold the juices in!

Jump on their Basic Bundle for 4 ($83), which includes their classic gourmet burgers. Besides, if you are throwing a party, opt for their Mix Party Platter for 8 ($211), which consists of 4 types of mini classic burgers, 12 sides, and 8 premium drinks!

7. Paper Rice: Pho-tastic Vietnamese delights delivering islandwide

Paper Rice || New Restaurants May 2021 || Islandwide delivery in Singapore powered by Oddle
Wagyu Beef Pho (from $15.90)

One thing’s for sure is that none of us are going on vacation anytime soon. Don’t worry, Arteastiq Group’s new Vietnamese culinary concept, Paper Rice, will take you through Vietnam’s rich culinary history through a careful study and integration of the cuisine’s signature clean, exotic, and robust flavors. Featuring Mekong specialties such as the Gà nướng đồng quê, which is their Signature Hand Pulled Grilled Spring Chicken ($18.80), indulge in nothing but authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

If you are having a cozy date in your house, opt for the Vietnamese Couple Bundle ($45 for 2 pax). If you are having a family or friends get-together, opt for their Vietnamese Family Bundle ($75 for 3-4 pax). Also, to top it off, try their traditional Vietnamese drip coffee (From $3.50).

8. Sin Hoi Sai Seafood Restaurant: Taste the freshness of the sea wherever you are

Known for their service, speed, and freshness of dishes, Sin Hoi Sai Seafood Restaurant is always packed with customers and enjoys a high reputation. Offering delicious local dishes, they are constantly trying to learn customers’ wishes and meet their needs. With over half of their staff serving for over a decade, the consistency and quality of their dishes is pretty guaranteed.

delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle.
Garlic La La – Clams with garlic & minced chilli ($18.80)

For any and every gathering, they got you covered with their Set Meals, consisting of crowd favourites and signatures for both 4-5 pax (from $118.80) and for 8 pax (from $168.80). If they are not up your alley, you can opt for a la carte dishes. They offer a range of homely dishes from seafood to soup, vegetables, meat, and many more. If you visit this restaurant, you must try their famous Chili Crab (from $48.80) and Black Pepper Crab (from $48.80).

9. Tenderbest: Affordable halal Western food

If you like chicken, you would know the classic Tenderfresh. But, did you know that they opened up a Halal food kiosk concept, Tenderbest as well? With currently 17 outlets across Singapore and islandwide delivery, you can get your cravings satisfied anytime, anywhere. Offering a wide selection of delicious Western food and Tenderfresh signature Fried & Roasted Chicken at unbelievably affordable rates, Tenderbest is sure to satisfy any diner. 

Although their logo is a chicken, don’t be surprised by their other delectable array of dishes from Chicken, Rice sets, Pasta, Burgers, Sides, and many more. Some classic dishes to try includes their Signature Fried Spring Whole Chicken ($16.20), Laksa Prawn Spaghetti ($10.90), Chicken Chop Rice ($9.20), and many more.

10. Wholesome Farm: Healthy new options for office meetings, gatherings, etc.

Looking for new restaurants this May 2021 that deliver for your corporate events? Using only whole and fresh ingredients, Wholesome Farm‘s food brings comfort by nourishing the body, inspiring happiness and the spirit of joy. They believe that eating healthy should not be a trade-off with eating delicious food and the decision to eat healthily should be a win-win for your enjoyment and your health.

Wholesome Farm || New Restaurants May 2021 || Islandwide delivery in Singapore powered by Oddle
Original Roasted Whole Chicken

That’s an Original Roasted Whole Chicken ($32.80) ; pure, unadulterated, exquisite roast chicken with no MSG, additives, preservatives, or unhealthy flavour enhancers. Besides the whole chicken, they also offer balanced nutritional bento boxes, salads, pies, soup, and more. What’s more, get a free Kombucha to complete your meal with min. $50 spend. A fantastic new restaurant this May 2021 for corporate catering, I’d say!

11. Wanton Seng’s: Humble, authentic noodles since 1968

An amalgamation of traditional hawkerism and modern, serving original Seng’s Char Siu Noodles ($9.80) and other dishes in a contemporary attitude: Wanton Seng’s. Aimed at bridging culture and culinary influences from the streets, they jazz up favourite staples with innovative ingredients and methods.

Wanton Seng'sdelivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle [New Restaurants May 2021]
Gather around for a nostalgic feast with your loved ones

Expect nothing less than the best with their wide selection of dishes, including Classic Old Skool Bowls (from $9.80), Signature Modern Bowls (from $9.80) and Mala Bah Chor Noodles ($9.80). If you’re looking for a green option, opt for their vegetarian Mushroom Noodles ($12.80). Or, get in on their various platters, from Char Siu Mix Roast Meat platter ($28) to Braised Chicken Feet ($12), and many more. Try the legacy and authenticity of Seng’s for yourself, from home!

12. Yang Guo Fu Mala Tang: Tingle your Mala tastebuds

Yang Guo Fu delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle [New Restaurants May 2021]
Indulge in Mala madness from home!

If Mala is your thing, Yang Guo Fu has got you covered. Did you know that it is the world’s largest Mala Tang chain with over 6000 outlets in China, Japan, Australia, and more? Hey now, add Singapore to that list! Choose from 3 different bases to suit your tastebuds, including their Spicy Mala Beef Broth (spicy), Tomato Broth (non-spicy), and Mala Mix (contains peanuts). Also, you can customize the spice level of the 2 spicy broths, from mild spicy to extra spicy.

You can stay home and safe wherever you are while satisfying your cravings. If you are feeling adventurous, opt for their Combo Sets (from $25.90 for 1-6 pax) Or go wild and Create Your Own Mala Tang (from $0) with a variety of choices of up to 100 different types of meat, seafood, and more.