10 Peranakan food delivery options for your 'The Little Nyonya' binge sessions

The best Peranakan food delivery options for your ‘The Little Nyonya’ binge sessions

Peranakan fare, strait to your heart
Authentically Peranakan: • Straits ChineseRestaurant KinIndigo Blue KitchenTingkat PeraMakan
Good for groups: • Baba ChewsDaisy’s Dream KitchenThe Blue GingerChilli Padi Nonya Restaurant
Across the Straits: • Penang Place
Halal: • Old Bibik’s Peranakan KitchenBabalicious

Many of us are familiar with the curries and kueh that emerge out of our grandmothers’ kitchens, and Nonya grandmas take culinary delights to another level. Or perhaps you’ve heard of Violet Oon and Tingkat PeraMakan? Peranakan cuisine certainly is a beautiful amalgamation of cultures and cooking techniques. However, you don’t need hours of painstaking preparation and matriarch-worthy kitchen skills. You can enjoy a good Peranakan meal with ease, thanks to nyonya and Peranakan food delivery options!

The versatility of Peranakan cuisine has proven that it goes beyond the traditional homecooked Tok Panjang feast—the following F&B establishments are a testament to that.

As such, here are 10 Peranakan Food Delivery Options in Singapore that showcase the best of nonya cooking.

1. Straits Chinese: Singapore’s longest-standing Peranakan restaurant now delivers islandwide

Established in 1953, Straits Chinese prides itself as Singapore’s oldest nonya restaurant chain. The restaurant’s rich heritage makes its presence known through their tried-and-tested family recipes. The Michelin Guide Family Sets (from $88) feature classic dishes like Babi Pong Tay, Ngoh Hiang and Chap Chye.  Alternatively, go for the invigorating Ikan Assam Pedas ($36) or Curry Fish Head ($33). It can’t get more authentic than this.

2. Restaurant Kin (closed)

Restaurant Kin peranakan food delivery, delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle.

Helmed by Chef Damien D’Silva, Restaurant Kin at Straits Clan strives to take a retrospective look into the origins of Singapore’s culinary history through the preservation and exploration of heritage cuisine.

Their aptly named Heritage Meals feature modern interpretations of dishes like Ikan Chuan Chuan ($28) and Buah Keluak Fried Rice ($28), all of which are accompanied by Kin’s Sambal Sampler and Jasmine Rice. 

End your meal on a sweet note with the Kin Dessert Platter ($24). The assortment of nyonya kueh like Kueh Kosui, Kueh Bengkah and Sugee Cake is bound to bring forth exclamations of delight.

3. Baba Chews: Mod-Sin Peranakan food delivery, islandwide

Specialising in Peranakan fusion cuisine is Baba Chews, a Mod-Sin bar-eatery. Located in the heart of Katong, it now delivers islandwide in Singapore.

Take your pick from a plethora of menu items that’ll please young and old alike. You won’t go wrong with the ‘Chilli Crab’ Tagliatelle ($21.40) and my personal favourite, the Chicken Rendang Lasagne ($19.25).

Bento Set Bundle from Baba Chews peranakan food delivery, delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle.
Bento Set Bundle ($75 for 6 pax)

Their Bento Set Bundle ($75 for 6 pax) consists of six different bento varieties, including the likes of Ayam Buah Keluak Bento ($16) and Beef Rendang Bento ($16). A great option for family meals! Or, just keep Baba Chews in mind for Peranakan food catering for when larger gatherings are allowed post-Covid!

4. Indigo Blue Kitchen: Authentic Peranakan fare that’s fab for takeout

Indigo Blue Kitchen, a restaurant under the Les Amis Group, offers contemporary Peranakan cuisine built upon a heritage project, delivered islandwide in Singapore.

Kueh Pie Tee from Indigo Blue Kitchen peranakan food delivery, delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle.
Kueh Pie Tee ($14)

Whet your appetite with Kueh Pie Tee ($14), the OG of Peranakan finger food. The thin pastry cups are packed separately from the shredded turnip filling and sliced prawns, so the tart shells remain crisp. Garnish with chilli and fragrant coriander—DIY-ing the construction of your own kueh pie tee is always the fun part!

Move on to a selection of thoughtfully-packed mains like the Beef Rendang ($26.50), Chicken Buah Keluak ($28.50), and Kuhlbarra Barramundi ($32). The latter can be cooked to your liking in either Assam Curry or Indigo Blue Kitchen’s house style. 

Why not plan a Peranakan-themed picnic? You can bet that it’ll be portable and presentable.

5. Old Bibik’s Peranakan Kitchen: Halal nonya dishes everyone can enjoy

Old Bibik's Peranakan Kitchen for halal Peranakan food delivery. delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle.
There’s nothing like Old Bibik’s Peranakan Kitchen to remind you of home!

Another establishment offering authentic Peranakan cuisine is halal-certified Old Bibik’s Peranakan Kitchen.

Choose from their selection of homely classics that’ll remind you of Mama’s cooking, such as the Beef Rendang ($26), Sambal Prawns ($26), and Itek Tim ($24).

A satisfying and fuss-free family meal—sorted.

6. Daisy’s Dream Kitchen: Peranakan and local fare, home-cooked with love

Many say that Daisy’s Dream Kitchen is home to some of Singapore’s most unpretentious and authentic nonya food. The Peranakan recipes have been passed down to the third generation in this family-run eatery.

Family Set

Sambal Petai Ikan Billis

Home Made Otah

Daisy's Nonya Bento

Chendol with Attap Chee

Babi Ponteh

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Two Family Set options ($123 for 4-5 pax, $228 for 6-8 pax) are available for a hearty family meal. Enjoy dishes from must-have buah keluak and ngoh hiang, to bakwan kepiting (minced pork and crab meatball soup) and more!

Tag on a la carte orders of Sayur Lodeh ($14.80), Sambal Stuffed Fried Fish ($18) and Bobo Cha Cha ($5.80) in true tok panjang style. Earning Grandma’s approval has never been so easy. She may even want your peranakan food delivery cheatsheet for days when she prefers getting a taste from another Bibik’s kitchen.

7. The Blue Ginger: Michelin-certified Straits fare

Michelin Bib Gourmand recipient The Blue Ginger injects a touch of modernity into their hearty Peranakan dishes.

The Blue Ginger's peranakan food delivery. Delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle.
Enjoy a spread of the best of Peranakan with The Blue Ginger’s classics

Spice up the conversation with your loved ones over Bundle Sets (from $140), which include dishes like Ikan Masak Assam Gulai ($26) and Ayam Panggang Blue Ginger ($18).

 delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle.
Nonya Fish Head Curry ($34)

From the uncommon Kerabu Kacang Botol ($12.50), which is a spicy mixed veg and herbs salad with kacang botol (winged bean), to the crowd-pleasing Nonya Fish Head Curry ($34), there’s something for everyone to bond over.

8. Penang Place: Peranakan fare and street food-favourites from up north

Salted Egg Fried Chicken from Penang place for peranakan food delivery, delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle.
Salted Egg Fried Chicken ($14.90)

No chance of traveling to Penang any time soon? Penang Place‘s extensive selection of Penang specialties and Peranakan food delivery options will tide you over. (Its owner Paul Ooi also has an inspiring story of grit and faith, standing by his staff as they ride out COVID-19 together. Find out more in Humans of F&B.)

Assorted Kueh Kueh from Penang Place peranakan food delivery, delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle.
Assorted Kueh Kueh ($6.90 for 10 pcs)

Although you’ll have to wait for their self-serviced buffet to resume, bide your time by ordering a Fundle Bundle ($80), which boasts staples like Penang Char Kway Teow, Beef Rendang, and Kueh Pie Tee. Trust me, the Salted Egg Fried Chicken ($14.90) is wickedly addictive. Get your Penang-style Peranakan food and snacks delivered with a few clicks!

For parties and mid-afternoon sweet cravings, Penang Place offers nonya kueh delivery! Its Assorted Kueh Kueh ($6.90 for 10 pcs) is reasonable and includes favourites like Kueh Talam, Kueh Salat, Kueh Kosui, Kueh Lapis and more.

9. Babalicious (closed)

Halal Peranakan restaurant Babalicious is a casual family-oriented concept that specialises in set menus and bento boxes for really convenient and true blue Peranakan food fare. This makes it an especially good choice for nyonya options for parties or corporate events.

Choose from a selection of Set Menus (from $38), or dine on the go with their Babalicious Peranakan Bento Boxes (from $10.90). There’s nonya-style braised duck Itek Sio ($13.90), Sate Ayam ($12.90), and even Penang Fried Kway Teow With Seafood ($11.90) if you’re looking for some wok-fried goodness.

10. Chilli Padi Nonya Restaurant: 24 years of authentic Peranakan flavours

Chilli Padi Nonya Restaurant's peranakan food delivery, delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle.
With 24 years of history, Chili Padi Nonya Restaurant’s cuisine is not to be missed.

Chilli Padi Nonya Restaurant is a household name located at Joo Chiat, just a few streets down from the famous Guan Hoe Soon Restaurant.

Set menus are the name of the game. Browse through options ranging from the 3 Pax Baba Menu A ($62.70) and B ($67.20) to the extravagant 8 Pax Tok Panjang Menu A ($185.60) and B ($194.40). Solo diners can opt for the Individual Bibik’s Bento Set (from $12.70).

If you choose to go a la carte, you’ll be in good hands with the beloved Nonya Curry Chicken (from $13) and Ayam Bua Kuluak (from $14.10). The menu extends to other home-style goodness like otah-stuffed Cabbage Roll ($5.50), Nonya Popiah ($4.60), and Udang Masak Nanas Soup ($14.10), a Pineapple Prawn Soup with Spices.

11. Tingkat PeraMakan: Authentic, home-cooked Peranakan food

Want to create memorable encounters with friends and family members over authentic Peranakan cuisine? Tingkat PeraMakan has got you covered with providing a truly authentic experience with delicious, home-cooked Peranakan food. Whether it is for a party, gathering, or just casual dining, they have everything you need that packs a punch of flavour and nostalgia.

From different sets like Ayum Buah Keluak Set ($18.20) and Beef Rendang Set ($18.20), which comes with a choice of 2 sides (Nyonya Chap Chaye, Sayur Masak Lemak, Nyonya Tauhu, Chinchalok Omelette), 1 drink, rice and 1 dessert, to a la carte dishes like Penang Nyonya Pork Ribs ($11.30), get your cravings satisfied now wherever you are.