Kneaded: 12 pizza places with islandwide delivery for your party

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When it comes to comfort food, few things trump savouring crispy hot pizza delivered to your home. Whether you’re having a weekend party or stay-home date nights or trying to feed finicky little eaters, there would be few protests when you shout “Let’s get pizza delivery!”.

According to, the Italians may hold the honours of inventing the modern pizza (which means “pie” in Italian) but baked dough with toppings is not exclusive to the nation. The Naples version from Italy is the one we’re most familiar with, but Provence’s pissaladière, Catalonia’s coca and Middle Eastern forms such as the lahmacun are all close siblings.

If you want to sound like a true pizza connoisseur, just nonchalantly comment how beautiful the leopard spots (black spots) are on the cornicione (the raised edge/rim), especially on a Neapolitan pizza, and how the bones (discarded crust) are worth polishing off. Yep, the chao da on a Neapolitan pizza is not because of overcooking. It is the mark of a properly made Neapolitan pizza, where the high heat from the floor and ceiling of the 485-degree wood-fired oven causes air bubbles to puff up and are burnt black. When done right, the hint of bitterness adds depth to the pizza’s overall combination of flavours.

No knead to say more, we bet you’re salivating now. So let’s roll out the 12 pizza spots in Singapore that will deliver right to your doorstep if you ever need a pie for the occasion.

1. Amò: Fine pizzas from Hongkong street’s chic Italian eatery

Pick the simple yet delicious and dairy-free Ciccio ($16.05)

Amò is an Italian restaurant that seeks the best culinary influences from all over Italy. Drawing inspiration from authentic traditions and modern techniques, they have curated a menu that’s perfect for communal feasts. Their selection of homemade classic pizzas includes the dairy-free and tomato-based Marinara ($23.55), and garlic-infused Ciccio ($16.05). From their signature selection, feast on the savoury-sweet Pumpkin Pizza (from $29.95) or the aromatic Truffle Pizza (from $37.45).

2. Bella Pizza: Neopolitan-style pizza delivery for dinner?

Bacon lovers, up your game with the Pizza Porchetta ($27).

Tucked away in a laidback and quiet corner of Robertson Quay is Bella Pizza. Established in 2007, the restaurant menu specialises in Neopolitan-style pizzas that are freshly handmade in-house. Their namesake pizza, Pizza Bella Pizza ($28), is a unique combination of ricotta, salami and spinach on a white sauce base. Truffle lovers, on the other hand, will adore the Pizza Mascarpone ($26), which is slathered with fragrant black truffle oil. Top picks from their tomato-based pizzas: the cheesy Pizza Margherita ($18) and Pizza Napoletana ($23).

3. Cicheti: The finest wood-fired slices

Stay classy with Cicheti’s Margherita ($21).

Cicheti lies within the rustic and charming area of Kampong Glam, offering a distinctive perspective on Italian cuisine. Although they serve up a variety of Italian dishes on their menu, their wood-fired Neapolitan pizzas are immensely popular amongst diners. Satiate your pizza cravings with a classic Margherita ($21) or a cheesy Quattro Formaggi ($26). Or, if you’re meat lover, the salami-topped Sopressata ($24) or prosciutto-covered Bismark ($29) will surely hit the spot too.

4. Extra Virgin Pizza: For the enthusiasts of thin-crust pizzas

Order Extra Virgin Pizza’s Three’s a Crowd ($60) bundle for 2-3 pax on your next gathering.

Bold craft pizzeria Extra Virgin Pizza claims to serve some of the best thin-crust pizzas in Singapore. Fly to cheese heaven with the Cheesus Crust ($24) or have the simply delicious Proscuitto ($29) comprising Italian-cured ham with mozzarella, tomato, parmigiano and baby arugula. Their signature Pistachio & Pumpkin ($25) pizza is definitely worth a try — roasted pumpkin chunks fill a pistachio pesto base with toppings of pecorino, provolone and baby arugula. Or if you’re on Team Pineapple on pizza like I am, say no more and go straight for the Havana Ananas ($28).

5. La Nonna: Authentic Italian slices from a clandestine shophouse in Holland Village

When you order from La Nonna, it’s gotta be their signature La Nonna ($28.90) pizza.

Indulge in hearty Italian country cuisine at La Nonna, which means ‘grandmother’ in Italian. Traditional Tuscan dishes aside, La Nonna offers a good variety of pizzas on their menu as well. Their signature La Nonna ($28.90) pizza features a melange of ingredients such as mozzarella, parmesan, egg, asparagus and black truffle. There’s also the squid ink-based Nera ($28.90) and the umami-rich Salmone E Rucola ($28.90) that will appeal to seafood lovers. Vegans can join in the fun too with the hearty and vegan-friendly Vegetariana ($27.80).

6. LINO: Burrata goodness atop wood-fired pizzas

LINO - Pizza delivery in Singapore
Lino’s Burrata ($27.80) pizza is a tasty choice for vegetarians.

A contemporary Italian-inspired restaurant, LINO specialises in fresh, handmade pizzas, pasta, and small plates. They utilise classic cooking techniques to prepare their dishes, such as cooking their pizzas in a wood-burning oven. Carb lovers are bound to enjoy their Pancetta ($24.60) pizza, which is topped with potatoes. On the other hand, the Burrata ($27.80) and Spinach ($24.60) pizzas are highly-popular vegetarian options. For something unique, try the Escargot ($31) pizza with tomato passata, parmesan and French snails baked in aromatic garlic-herb oil.

7. Peperoni Pizzeria: The best of XXL pizzas

Peperoni Pizzeria - Pizza delivery in Singapore
Have the best of both worlds with Peperoni Pizzeria’s Half & Half (from $55) XXL pizzas.

Hosting a pizza party soon? Peperoni Pizzeria will make your life oh-so-easy with their ability to make incredibly ginormous pizzas up to 21 inches wide. No need to worry that there won’t be enough to go around. Popular options on Peperoni’s menu include the meaty Carne (from $22), Pollo Arrabbiata (from $19) as well as the ever-classic Margherita ($19) and Quattro Formaggi ($22).

8. Pezzo: Halal-certified pizza goodness

Pezzo - Pizza delivery in Singapore
Indulge in the smoky BBQ D’lite ($23)

With a multitude of outlets islandwide, Pezzo is a pizza brand that’s no stranger to Singaporeans. Pezzo’s menu boasts a wide variety of intriguing pizza creations, each having its own unique character and taste. Savour on scrumptious flavours such as BBQ Bonanza ($25.90), Supremo ($25.90) or Hola Hawaiian ($25.90) for a novel way of having pizzas on-the-go. Perfect for meat lovers are also the Fiery Hot Chick ($25.90) and Pepperoni Party ($25.90).

9. PizzaFace: Pizza hideout for the Westies

PizzaFace - Pizza delivery in Singapore
Meat lovers will appreciate the Bacon & Sausage ($22) pizza, loaded with – you guessed it – bacon, Mangalica pork sausage, mushroom and an egg.

Previously, only Singaporeans in the west could savour PizzaFace’s delicious doughs. Now their authentic Italian thin-crust pizzas, pasta, and other side dishes are delivered islandwide and you can savour it in the comforts of home. Their Black Truffle ($25) pizza, in particular, has received rave reviews, while those who want to load up on protein can pick from several options such as Bacon & Sausage ($22), Meat Lovers ($28) and Diavola ($22).

10. PizzaExpress: From the UK to local Singapore shores

Since 1965, PizzaExpress has been serving up gourmet, handmade Italian pizzas. Their best-selling pizzas include the Margherita (from $14) and American (from $18), both of which feature savoury mozzarella cheese and passata. For something even larger, try the Pomodoro Pesto (from $20) and Impossible Teriyaki (from $26) Roman-inspired pizzas which boast a thinner and crispier base.

11. Plank Sourdough Pizza: Quality pizza crusts

Plank Sourdough - Pizza delivery in Singapore
Have a Combo for 4 ($110) from Plank Sourdough Pizza at your next gathering

As the first pizzeria in Singapore to specialise in sourdough crust pizzas, Plank Sourdough Pizza immediately stands out from the pack. They offer hand-stretched and freshly made sourdough pizzas that are topped with quality ingredients. From classics such as their pepperoni Pizza O ($20) to Pizza 6 ($26) which is topped with parma ham, there’re plenty to choose from. If you’re feeling adventurous, explore the Pizza 9 ($25) on their menu, which features an unusual pineapple cream sauce as its base. 

12. Supply & Demand: Hidden gem in Orchard Central

Supply & Demand - Pizza delivery in Singapore
How ’bout pizza for breakfast? Supply & Demand’s The Morning After (from $23.54) incorporates the best of breakfast favourites atop a thin crust.

Award-winning Italian restaurant chain Supply & Demand serves up hearty Italian dishes that are perfect for all occasions. Although they like to keep things simple as the Italians do, they offer an impressive repertoire of Italian-inspired thin-crust pizzas. Hot-favourites include The Morning After (from $23.50), Salami E Funghi (from $23.50) and Smoked Salmon (from $23.50) pizzas. Their Avocado E Pesto (from $26.80) is a gamechanger for those of you who’ve never had avocados on pizza. There’s also the Seven Cheese (from $26.80) for that one friend who has a cheese obsession.