6 Online Grocery Shops in Singapore to get Fresh and Quality Groceries Without Leaving the House

From farm to doorstep
Seafood: • 9s SeafoodGlobal Live SeafoodGreenwood Fish Market WholeFish
Japanese: • SHINSEN
Everyday meal essentials: • BoBo Fishball

Uneasy about going grocery shopping as local COVID-19 cases in Singapore are rising or in need of last-minute groceries for this home-based learning period? I get it. That’s where grocery delivery comes in handy.

Oddle Eats offers a good variety of options where you can order fresh groceries online and get them delivered to your doorstep. Not only that, but same-day delivery is also available! Here’re 6 fresh grocery online shops that deliver islandwide in Singapore so you don’t have to do the heavy lifting.

1. 9s Seafood

Known as the milk of the sea, these sashimi-grade Hyogo Oysters ($35/kg) from 9s Seafood are flown in from Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

A third-generation business with more than 60 years of history, 9s Seafood (or Nice Seafood) specialises in fresh and frozen seafood. They source their seafood from all over the world. Think sashimi-grade Hyogo Oysters ($35/kg) from Japan, Flower Clams ($5.50/500g) from Korea, and their latest addition, fresh Mud Crab (from $27) from Indonesia. You can also find a variety of staples and condiments, such as Red Curry Sauce ($1.20) and Japanese Scallop Broth ($5.30) for your cooking needs.

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2. BoBo Fishball

From hot pot essentials to scrumptious comfort food like the BoBo Chicken Cutlet Tori Katsu ($6.40), Bobo Fishball has it all.

BoBo Fishball certainly needs no introduction. The household brand has been providing Singaporeans with delicious everyday meal essentials for the last 30 years or so. Popular items that you might have tried include their BoBo Chicken Cutlet Tori Katsu ($6.40), BoBo Chicken Cheese Meatball ($4.20), BoBo Fish Ball with Fish Roe ($4.20) and BoBo Crab Flavoured Sticks ($2.60). Whatever you need for a hot pot session or any other occasion, they’ve got it!

3. Global Live Seafood

Live and kicking, the Live Boston Lobster (from $37) from Global Live Seafood is as fresh as it gets.

There’s nothing fresher than when it’s still live and kicking. That’s the mantra of Global Live Seafood. Here, you can get the freshest premium seafood delivered right to your doorstep. From Live Boston Lobster (from $37), to Live Dungeness Crab ($85/kg), to Live Turbot Fish ($80/850g), to Live Manila Clams (from $19), have them like how you would in a restaurant with display fish tanks.

4. Greenwood Fish Market

With a wide variety of seafood and vegetables, Greenwood Fish Market is your one-stop solution to preparing a seafood feast. Their New Zealand Blue Cod Fillet ($17.60/180-200g) is a good choice for its mild sweetness and delicateness.

Whipping up a seafood feast? Greenwood Fish Market is the place to go to get fresh, quality seafood. From New Zealand Blue Cod Fillet ($17.60/180-200g) to Fanny Bay ($29.70/6pcs) oysters from British Columbia, to Wild Australian King Prawns ($29/500g), you name it, they have it. They’ve even got ready-to-eat options like Cooked Boston Lobster ($45/500g) as well as gourmet items like their signature Tomato Pasta Sauce mix ($15.95/1L) and Lobster Bisque ($15.95/1L).


SHINSEN is the place to go for high-quality products like their Homemade Seasalt Butter-Aged Sirloin Steak ($27.20/150g) that’s ready to cook.

Japanese grocery products are known to be top quality and SHINSEN is where you can find them. From fresh, to ready to cook, to ready to eat items, they make fine dining convenient and accessible to Singaporeans. Some of their best-sellers include the Wagyu Short Ribs Karubi (Shabu Sliced) ($16.95/150g) and Corn Fed Beef Sirloin (Yakiniku Cut) ($28.80/250g) – highest prime US grade ever. Don’t forget to try out their Homemade Seasalt Butter-Aged Sirloin Steak ($27.20/150g), Mega Beef Bowl Gyudon ($6.95/200g) and Japanese Garlic Braised Pork Belly ($9.90/250g) too. They’ve also got a bakery for baked goods such as the Mini Hokkaido Butter Croissant ($4.50/3pcs).

6. WholeFish

Need a fish for your cook? Wholefish & Seafood has got you covered with its wide variety of offerings. Their Red Grouper 红斑鱼 (from $19.50) is especially popular in Chinese cooking.

If you’re looking for fish in particular, WholeFish offers an excellent variety on top of other items. You can get fishes commonly used in Asian cooking here, such as Red Grouper 红斑鱼 (from $19.50), Golden Pomfret 金鲳 ($10) and Batang (Mackerel) 巴当鱼 (from $6.50). From their shellfish selection, there’s the Flower Crab 花蟹 (from $20.90) as well as Crayfish 虾婆 (from $17.90). They even carry frozen dim sum items from everybody’s favourite Swee Choon.