Your all-in-one guide to sandwich deliveries in Singapore

Great for each and every occasion!
For 1 to 4: • BlimpieKorioPark Bench DeliSalted & HungSandoTiong Bahru BakeryTwo Men Bagel House
For bigger groups: • The Plattering CoThe Sandwich Shop

What’s better than sliced bread? I’d say it’s a sandwich. Did you know that this handy snack was named after the 4th Earl of Sandwich? History has it that he ate meat tucked between two pieces of bread so as to not get his hands greasy.

Scuttling from place to place and need something to munch on? Finger food for the whole office? History says it all: sandwiches make for an easy, healthy, and delicious meal. From atas renditions to budget-friendly alternatives, fancy squid ink rolls to bagels, we have them on this list. Order in for your next home or office party with sandwich delivery from these spots in Singapore!

1. Blimpie: Your authentically American neighbourhood deli

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Subway, you’ve got a new rival. New Jersey’s neighbourhood deli, Blimpie, is definitely an expert in whipping up sub sandwiches. And who could resist a sub-lime Philly Cheesesteak (from $10.50), especially when it’s from Blimpie? More options include the turkey ham and beef pepperoni-packed Spicy Mexican (from $9.50), and the Meatball Hero (from $10.50) with a zesty marinara sauce. Else, opt for the Hoboken Hero (from $7.50) with beef pepperoni and salami! P.S. Blimpie is muslim-owned! More to go around for all to share.

2. Korio: Brooklyn’s best in a hearty sammie

Korio has been spicing up the local sandwich scene and their iconic sammies are definitely here to stay. There is no going wrong with the melty, oozy Grilled Cheese (from $13). Hungry? The Biggie Croque (from $18) comes with smoked turkey ham for delish goodness on sourdough. For weekend brunches with those you love, go with the Couple Bundle ($24 for 2 sandwiches of choice) or Family Bundle ($48 for 4 sandwiches of choice). Their sammies are only available from Tuesdays to Sundays after 10am. Do place your sandwich delivery orders a day in advance!

3. Park Bench Deli: Inspired by cultures from all across the globe

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At Park Bench Deli, it’s all about classic American sandwiches, plus ones inspired by cuisines from different cultures all around the globe. We’re already off to a strong start with their Pastrami Reuben (from $26.40), loaded with house-smoked beef brisket pastrami, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing. A vegetarian version, the Mushreuben (from $19.80), features mushrooms as a stand-in for pastrami. Tex-Mex enthusiasts, opt for the Hot Fried Chicken (from $16.50). Their version of the Cubano (from $19.80) is irresistible as well!

Temporarily closed for renovation works. Last updated on 14 April 2021.

4. Salted & Hung: Contemporary Australian flavours with a devotion to minimal waste

Salted & Hung’s has more than just the best flavours from the Land Down Under. Their creations are also firmly anchored in Chef Drew Nocente’s devotion to his cause of minimal waste. While they have less of a variety compared to specialty sandwich stores, you don’t want to miss out on what’s on the menu. From the delectable Cubano ($20) with slow-cooked pork shoulder and smoked ham to their Wagyu Pastrami Sandwich ($20), these are def’ worth saving your tummies for. Sharing your sandwich delivery order with a friend? Their Set Lunch for 2 ($60) comes with one of each of their signature sandwiches, plus kombucha and Anzac cookies for a complete meal.

To learn more about the story behind Salted & Hung and its Chef-Owner, Drew Nocente, check out our Humans of F&B feature here

5. Sando: For katsu sandwiches and the best of yōshoku fare

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Love your fill of Japanese food, from crisp, panko-breaded katsu to fluffy tamago omelettes? What if it’s in your sandwich? Enter Sando. Named after the Japanese word for sandwiches, their range of creations come fully loaded with yōshoku delights. Breakfasts are better with the Tamago Sando ($6) and the Spam Sando ($7), available daily from 8.30 am to 10.30 am. Need something more substantial? Power through your day with the Katsu Sando ($11) with a deep-fried pork loin, or have the Yuzu Yakitori Sando ($11) with a chicken thigh marinated with Yuzu pepper. Starting your streak for Meatless Mondays? The Mushroom Trio Sando ($13) comes with sauteed shitake, oyster and button mushrooms, plus guacamole for a concoction that’s guaranteed to tick all the boxes.

6. The Plattering Co: For elevating your cozy home parties with

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Going back to work? (Yep, I hear a resounding sigh through the screen.) Liven up your workdays with artisanal sandwich platters for sharing from The Plattering Co. Craving ones packed with turkey ham & cheese, egg truffle mayonnaise, or pesto with greens? Go for the Rustic Wholemeal Sandwich Sharing Box (from $120, 10-12 pax). For variety, have the Rustic Mix & Match Sandwich Sharing Box (from $118, 8-10 pax) and choose up to two sandwich flavours. The Rustic Ciabatta Sandwich Sharing Box (from $118 for 8 to 10 pax) comes with your choice of confit turkey breast, smoked duck, or beef pastrami. Opt for sandwich delivery and settle your department’s lunch plans with no frills!

7. The Sandwich Shop: Spread the love with these fresh sandwich platters

With loaves of bread baked fresh at each outlet every morning, you can expect nothing less than the best from The Sandwich Shop. Start your day on a high note with a Massive All Day Breakfast Sandwich (from $5), packed with oxford bangers and back bacon. With their selection of sets ($7.50), featuring a side and a half sandwich, your lunch is sorted!

Looking to spread the love? Share the Hot-Seller Sandwich Platter ($48.30 for 16 quarters) with your friends for a selection of their best creations, or go for the the Baguette Platter ($48.30 for 12 pcs) or Wrap Platter ($48.30 for 12 pcs). Yes, they deliver their sandwiches islandwide—great for a sandwich party wherever you might be!

8. Tiong Bahru Bakery: Hip, artisan creations with French techniques

Hipsters and fellow kakis of Tiong Bahru, this one is for you. At the heart of this charming neighbourhood, you’d find snaking queues that lead up to Tiong Bahru Bakery. Apart from their sweet pastries and Viennoiserie, their sandwiches are also well-loved. Paying tribute to its history as one of the first French bakeries in Singapore comes the Le Parisien ($10.10), a French baguette stuffed with pork ham and french butter. Next up on the menu: a Smoked Salmon Squid Ink Roll ($11.20). It is easily mistaken for a charcoal-infused roll, but the briny flavours are a giveaway. Prefer playing it safe? You’re guaranteed to love the Pulled Pork Bun ($12.40) in a pillowy molasses roll or the delectable Roast Beef Croissant ($12.40), which makes for a good alternative to your Delifrance croissants.

There’s no need to wait in line through rain or shine. Say “bon appétit” in the comfort of home today with islandwide sandwich delivery!

9. Two Men Bagel House: Eat like a New Yorker with these NYC-style bagels

Inspired by America’s melting pot, The Big Apple, and the curbside bagel carts that line the city streets, Two Men Bagel House has got a selection as diverse as NYC’s crowd. Its Tanjong Pagar and Holland Village outlets house different menus, so do check both of them out! Try the K-Town Gim ($15), a cross-cultural marriage of braised short plate and sauerkraut seasoned with Korean hot pepper flakes, or gochugaru. Love shawarma? Go for the Lamb of God ($15), which is loaded with a copious portion of tender lamb slices. Fancy a sweet beginning? Rock your mornings with candied bacon, caramelized banana jam, and peanut butter in the Elvis ($13). If not, munch on the Sausage Fest ($14) packed with house maple sausage and drizzled with Carolina mustard. 

Still haven’t found that perfect sandwich shop? Check out Oddle Eats‘ full selection of burgers and sandwiches to fix your midday munchies wherever you are!