Staying home? Here’s how you can send a meal to a friend or gift a treat from afar!

Send the love over, and cheer a friend (or two) up!
“Not another stay-home birthday!”: • micro bakery Baker & Cook
“When can we drink outside after 10.30 pm?”: • ATLAS BarJigger & Pony
“I just need a gift idea – help!”: • POLLENmachi machiOddle Eats Vouchers

The cousin of Circuit Breaker 2020 is here, and it’s on heightened alert. After our beloved national pastime of dining out was put on pause, many Singaporean foodies’ worlds came to a standstill. We know it’s tough, especially after what seemed like forever, to finally gather in groups of 8.

Know a friend who’s celebrating a birthday between now to 13 June 2021? Perhaps, a family that’s cooped up a lil’ too close for comfort, since the default WFH and closure of schools? Here are some ways you can support those who matter and send a friend a gift (or two) to their doorstep. If you’re unsure of what to gift from afar, trust me – you can never go wrong with food. Find all and more, only on Oddle Eats.

1. Oddle Eats Gift Vouchers: The easiest way to win at gifts

There are just times where life gets busy, plans are all over and we still can’t travel. We want to be there and celebrate with our family and friends, support them through tough times but coordinating likes and dislikes are tough. Lucky for you, Oddle Eats Vouchers eases your gifting process, sending a personalized note and for you to send a meal to a friend, wherever you are.

Don’t worry about coordinating the order, or worrying if someone’s at home to collect it. Simply purchase your gift vouchers in denominations of $20, $50, or $100, and we’ll send an email to your inbox. Drop them a message with the unique code and voila! You’ve succeeded at sending your gift over! And yes – this can be used at any Oddle Eats restaurant which means over 800. Find out more over at the shop link today!

2. ATLAS Bar: Cocktail flights for those with cabin fever

I don’t know about you, but I had plans to catch up with friends at a bar before it all came crashing. Now that we’ve shifted it to a Zoom Happy Hour, ATLAS Bar sits high on my list of alcohol delivery spots. A personal favourite of mine would be the Three Cocktail Flight (from $60) because you get fantastic quality for a very affordable price. The flight serves one ATLAS Martini, Negroni, and Grand Palais. Whether you’re gifting it to a friend or simply drinking your sorrows away, this has to be my go-to drink pack.

Make it fancy with the ATLAS Aperitivo (from $95) featuring jamon, truffle manchego cheese, ATLAS madeleines, and more bar bites that pair beautifully with your drink. For the lightweights or non-alcoholic drinkers, opt for the Housemade Kombucha ($5/bottle, $25 for 6 bottles), a fancy bottle to savour and cheers (from afar).

3. Baker & Cook: Birthday cakes for the twice-shy May & June babies

Guilty of searching ‘send a meal to a friend’? Well, you’re not alone. If you have friends celebrating a birthday, achievement, anniversary, or a friend whose love language *screams* gifts – I’ve got the one-stop-shop. Baker & Cook has got freshly-baked goods, classic pastries, cakes, and handy kitchenware. For the hippie friend, opt for the classic Carrot Cake ($36). A healthier alternative would be the Gluten-Free Orange Lavender Tea Cake ($39). For a friend with a big family (or appetite), the Morning or Afternoon Tea (22 Pieces) ($75) will satisfy.

For those fully embracing the baker in them this CB 2.0, how about a useful gift to help kickstart their baking journey? Crowdfund with more friends to get the Baker & Cook Ceramics Gift Set of 4 (14 pieces) ($555) or send a Bread Tin ($30). Fingers crossed you get to sample the batches!

4. Jigger & Pony: For the bougie bar-hoppers in need of a drink

Instead of bar-hopping, let Jigger & Pony reel you into wanderlust, with their award-wining handcrafted cocktails. PONY, a new premium bottled cocktail brand that brings the bar to your home. Ranked #2 on Asia’s Best Bars 2021, I’d say this is the best way to celebrate with a bang.

Now, to impress that special someone, count on the PONY Sakura Martini (500ml) ($78). Dance around the house and savour the mesmerizingly elegant floral notes from the sakura leaf essence. The gin-based drink will surely please the ladies (a winner here, if you ask me!) For more bougie recommendations, the Jungle Bird (200ml) ($35) and PONY Chocolate Boulevardier (500ml) ($78) are ones to tap.

Don’t just send a meal to a fried. Send bottles of pure delight.

5. machi machi: Cure the #StayHome blues with everyone’s favourite bubble tea

machi machi || Send a meal to a friend or gift from afar, with Oddle Eats islandwide delivery!
Have a taste of Jay Chou’s Taiwan bubble tea that many love so machi machi!

Let’s face it, we’re not travelling until the end of 2022 at the very earliest. If the beauty of Taiwan is calling out to you, cure your bubble tea blues with Jay Chou’s franchise, machi machi!

Now now, don’t go running outside to join long bubble tea queues near your place. The last thing we want is a nationwide shutdown of bubble tea! Instead of sending a meal to a friend, deliver the Bundle Special ($33) over to the ones who matter. Crowd favourites range from Oolong Tea with Cream Cheese Foam & Mochi ($8), Black Milk Tea with Panna Cotta ($7.50) and more. Sweeten up your day (or a friend!) with these cups of joy.

6. m i c r o bakery: For your basic bread lovin’ friend in need of a gift box

Hustle up, bougie brunch and bakes’ enthusiasts! The well-loved gem over at Serene Centre and Katong, micro bakery – delivers islandwide!

Now, this is one of my favourite spots to get fresh loaves, treats, and gifts. For an all-in-one care pack option, get creative with the Send a friend a Sunshine Box ($48). Psst – the berry chia seed homemade jam is an absolute dream. Chuck a lil’ Chocolate Zucchini Cake (small loaf) ($15), Banana Walnut Bread (small loaf) ($15), or Kanelbullar (2pcs) ($10) into your cart for an extra perk to the day. The delivery fees are a tad higher here, so I’d recommend heading out to clock in those steps and pick your treats, if you can.

7. POLLEN: Send high tea, wines, tarts galore, and more to a friend

POLLEN || Send a meal to a friend or gift from afar, with Oddle Eats islandwide delivery!
It’s tarts galore over here.

Tasked as the official I/C to settle someone’s birthday gift? Wanna congratulate a classmate who just graduated? Let me guess: you’ve no idea where to start! POLLEN‘s the cure to your woes. They Valrhona chocolate tart (10cm) ($16), Lemon Meringue Tart (10cm) ($16) and every other sweet treat up on their islandwide delivery site with Oddle Eats, is simply to die for.

POLLEN || Send a meal to a friend or gift from afar, with Oddle Eats islandwide delivery!
Know a high Tea lover? Send a meal to a friend, and add a touch of finesse to it with POLLEN.

For a occasion that warrants grand gestures, knock it out of the park with the luxurious High Tea Set ($48). Enjoy the full monty of scones with clotted cream and jam, cucumber and salmon sandwich, macaroons and more. Another honourable mention would be the Beef Wellington ($108), dubbed as one of the best in Singapore. Perfect for celebrating an anniversary with a loved one at home, reminiscing good memories over great food.