A Guide To The Best Sharing Bundles For You To Bring The Celebration Home

While COVID-19 has deterred many diners from patronising food establishments on a daily basis, special occasions still deserve to be celebrated.

Whether it’s a simple get together with your friends and family or an important day to celebrate an anniversary or birthday, the sheer amount of delivery options available on Oddle Eats will have you bring the party home. From sharing charcuterie and meat platters to fresh succulent oysters and pasta, discover the Best Sharing Bundles For You To Bring The Celebration Home.

1. Wan He Lou

Wan He Lou- Lobster porridge
Credit: Wan He Lou (@wanhelou)

Look no further than Wan He Lou if you’re in search of a restaurant which specialises in Chinese cuisine to celebrate your parents or grandparent’s birthday. The award-winning Lobster Porridge (S$39.90) is one well worth the money for its portion.

Wan He Lou - Lobster feast
Credit: Wan He Lou (@wanhelou)

Whether you’re living under the roof with a small family of 3 or a big one with multiple generations, the value delivery specials available on Oddle Eats has got you covered. 

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2. Burger & Lobster

Burger & Lobster
Credit: Amor. (@m_j_amor)

As the name suggests, there’s really no better place to hit up for Burger & Lobster whenever the birthday boy or girl is hankering for some surf & turf. 

Burger & Lobster - B&L combo
Credit: (@tt_foodie)

Have the best of both worlds with the B&L combos (From S$120), featuring your choice of Steamed or Grilled Lobster, paired mains, sides and drinks. Now this is one feast that is truly befitting of your party!

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3. Greenwood Fish Market 

Greenwood Fish Market - cold seafood platter
Credit: Greenwood Fish Market (@greenwoodfishmarketsg)

Greenwood Fish Market is definitely a go-to place if you know the best way to your partner’s heart is through seafood.

The Cold Seafood Platter (S$89.95) is just one of the many platters available for all you seafood connoisseurs to shell-lebrate over.

You can count on the dedicated team to deliver the freshest catch to you within two hours. The queues for dine-in and advance reservations can incur a long wait so trust us when we say island-wide delivery is the way to go!

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4. Meatsmith  

Meatsmith - premium meal for 2

Credit: Meatsmith SG (@meatsmith_sg)

Meatsmith is another brainchild of the ones behind Burnt Ends, a one-Michelin star restaurant which made it to the list of Asia’s top 50 restaurants in 2019.  

If you’re looking to throw a laid-back birthday meal for a special someone, the premium meal for 2 (S$85) deserves your attention. Expect some of the best barbecued meats served to you from this smokehouse such as Pastrami Burnt Ends, Beef Brisket, Nashville Chicken Chop and more.

Sharing is caring so level up your celebration with delicious grills for the party!

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5. Iggy’s 

Iggy's - Yellow croaker bento
Credit: Iggy’s (@iggys.sg)

Iggy’s is the perfect choice for those looking to indulge your loved ones with a dine fine from home experience. The Iggy’s family feast (S$360) allows you to enjoy a gastronomic feast, all while catching up with them over good food and drinks. 

Iggy's - roasted whole GG French poulet
Credit: John Heng (@daphotographer)

Think foie gras, cod, and wagyu. These are just a few premium ingredients you can look forward to when you order from Iggy’s. Don’t skip on their Angus Prime Rib (S$225) or Roasted Whole GG French Poulet (S$110) – they’re well-deserving of a spot on your table!

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6. Marche Mövenpick Restaurants

Marche Mövenpick Restaurants
Credit: Persie Y (@peroro_)

Marche has been around for quite some time and needs no further introduction. Bring the celebration home and have gourmet Italian treats to set the table.

Marche Mövenpick Restaurants - antipasti platter
Credit: Marche Mövenpick Restaurants (@marchesingapore)

Mains aside, don’t forget to order their best-selling antipasti platter (S$18.90), which pairs well with wine, if you’re planning to have a long catch up session with your loved ones. Plus the best-selling Spaghetti Carbonara (S$23.90) is one that promises and rich and good time!

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7. Tiong Bahru Bakery 

Tiong Bahru Bakery - croissants
Credit: Tiong Bahru Bakery (@tiongbahrubakery)

Well-known for its hearty bakes such as the Almond Croissant (S$5.70) and Pain Au Chocolat (S$4.80), Tiong Bahru Bakery has since established itself as a household name to hit up for these buttery and flaky pastries.

Tiong Bahru Bakery - almond croissant
Credit: (@_foodtage_)

Knowing that it’ll be difficult to stop at one, the bakery now offers bundles on Oddle Eats to satisfy your cravings. Choose between a box of 10 Croissants (S$35) or a box of 6 Kouign Amann (S$25) for the ultimate breakfast or midday snack.

Psst, they deliver island-wide at a lowered cost as compared to other platforms so save a little and get add another croissant to the cart~

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Park Royal Collection Pickering - Blissful set menu for 2
Credit: PARKROYAL Collection Marina Bay (@parkroyalcollectionmarinabay)

Sometimes, nothing beats a simple get together with friends or family over a meal. Enjoy an upgraded experience from home with Park Royal Collection Pickering’s take Celebration Sets (From S$108) featuring classic roasted meats, Peranakan delights and more.

Park Royal Collection Pickering - Lobster collagen steamboat set
Credit: PARKROYAL Collection Marina Bay (@parkroyalcollectionmarinabay)

If steamboat is something you prefer, the restaurant offers a luxurious choice of Lobster Collagen Steamboat Set at S$240 instead of the usual S$320. If you’d ask me, I’d snag this deal now for my next special occasion!

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9. Le Bon Funk

Le Bon Funk - set for 2
Credit: Le Bon Funk (@lebonfunk)

Fancy a simple date night over a good sammie, some cured meats, and wine? Le Bon Funk’s specially curated sets available for delivery on Oddle Eats are sure to check all the boxes. While there are many sets for you to choose from, go for the set for 2 (S$115) to have a taste of all the restaurant’s crowd favourites. 

Le Bon Funk - beef tongue sandwich
Credit: Le Bon Funk (@lebonfunk)

The highlight of the set has got to be the Beef Tongue Sandwich. Served between two slices of toasted brioche and doused with a generous amount of gribiche, the thinly sliced meat is juicy and flavourful and one you won’t want to share.

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10. Grammi 

Credit: Justin Teo (@justinfoodprints)

As simple as it sounds, finding a restaurant that serves authentic Italian food at reasonable prices is no easy feat.

With Michelin chef Beppe De Vito to thank for his online restaurant, Grammi, there’s no better way to have Italian comfort food brought right to you at a steal. 

To make it fancy, get your hands on the MIO AMORE (S$78 for 2) and top it off with a bottle of wine at just S$50, paired by the restaurant’s wine sommelier.

Grammi - homemade egg tagliatelle
Credit: Grammi (@grammi.sg)

If you would like to wow your significant other with your cooking skills instead, the restaurant also delivers groceries to for a fuss-free home chef experience. Perhaps, pair the Homemade Egg Tagliatelle (S$7.50) and Tomato and Basil Pasta Sauce (S$7.50) that’s good to go once heated. 

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As we see clearer days in the distance, it never hurt anyone to play it a little safe. Bring the celebration into your homes for your loved ones to enjoy in the comfort of your space.

From us to you, have a wonderful occasion over the best food, delivered for the best people.