Unagiya Ichinoji

Unagiya Ichinoji




At Unagiya Ichinoji, you can also pair the dishes with two special homemade unagi sauces. The Japanese uangi sauce is made with a higher shoyu content, and hence has a saltier and more robust note. Specially tailored for locals, the Singapore unagi sauce has a sweeter note. Its signature dish, the unagi hitsumabushi is eel grilled to perfection with a crisp skin and tender interior. Select from one of the two sauces available to your own liking. The hitsumabushi can be enjoyed in three ways – 1) On its own, 2) With the accompanying condiments such as spring onions and wasabi, or 3) With the accompanying condiments and a clear dashi stock for a homely and soupy rendition of the hitsumabushi.

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