5 Restaurants that Serve the Best & Freshest Lobsters in Singapore

Time to treat yourself to this seafood delicacy
Lobster Galore • Wan He Lou JUMBO Seafood @ Riverside Point
Hands-On Feast • Chicks N Lobs The Boiler
Seafood Platter • Greenwood Fish Market @ Bukit Timah

Fresh seafoodone of the few luxuries we can’t get sick of. There are prawns, crab, fish, and of course, lobster, which tastes phenomenal when done properly. Here on Oddle Eats, here are 5 places with the best lobster in Singapore!


1. Wan He Lou

Expect warm lighting and warm welcomes at Wan He Lou, where you can look forward to great food and great service. Tables here are round and spacious, and good for large group gatherings. Here, they’re known for their award-winning Signature Lobster Porridge ($39.90). With a lobster weighing around 450g included, this is great for 2. Get to enjoy the crustacean with a flavourful Bee Hoon Soup ($39.90). Both items bear an immense amount of sweet, lobster broth you can’t get enough of.

While you’re there, try other delectable items like Hokkaido Scallop in Garlic Sauce (from $16), for plump juicy scallops.

Where: 65 Maude Road, #01-01, Singapore, 208347, (Maude Road) or 9 Yuk Tong Ave, Singapore, 596314 (Beauty World)


2. Chicks N Lobs

Launched by popular Teochew establishment Orchid Live Seafood, Chicks N Lobs strives to satisfy customers with a unique concept. Enjoy a feast with your family with the Southern Australian Lobster Crusty Bag (from $158). Regarded as the most premium breed for its silky meat, let one of the best lobsters in Singapore wow you.

Along with this prized delicacy, you’ll also get to enjoy other fresh catches like prawns, mussels, scallops and lala (clams), coupled with vegetables like pearl corn, potatoes and broccoli. Pick from popular coating sauces like Cajun Spices, Black Pepper and Salted Egg for an unforgettable meal.

3. Greenwood Fish Market @ Bukit Timah

Greenwood Fish Market’s Cold Seafood Platter ($109)

If we’re talking about freshness, Greenwood Fish Market always delivers! Gather your friends over for a much-needed reunion, and order away. Get their Cold Seafood Platter ($109), an appetiser for 4, to relish half a steamed lobster. In addition, savour the accompanying swordfish belly carpaccio, shellfish, boiled live prawns, and Applewood cold smoked salmon.

For more variety, get the Boston Lobster ($59.95) and enjoy it chargrilled, or thermidor. Take your pick from their array of burgers and pasta to complete your meal.

4. JUMBO Seafood @ Riverside Point

JUMBO Seafood @ Riverside Point’s Live Boston Lobster Braised with Superior Broth ($80)

The biggest seafood name in Singapore, JUMBO Seafood is known and loved by many. With mouthwatering dishes to cater to everyone, it’s not surprising that they serve some of the best lobsters in Singapore. Try the Live Boston Lobster Braised with Superior Broth ($80) for succulent lobster meat. You can also have them Steamed with Minced Garlic ($80), to enjoy it in its original taste. Don’t miss their other specialities like Supreme Seafood Fried Rice ($26) and their Mocha Pork Ribs ($26).

5. The Boiler

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Consistently serving up a spread, The Boiler is another great place to get your lobster fix in Singapore. Providing flavourful seafood boils to their customers, these feasts boast a fusion of Asian and American spices. Enjoy their fantastic Western Rock lobster or Boston lobster, available only in the Premium set ($288). Inclusive of 5 delectable sides, it contains a speciality seafood boil with lobster, crab, prawns, mussels, clams, smoked sausage, pearl sweet corn, and buns. On top of that, complete your meal with a sweet serving of double chocolate fudge cake.

Pick between their signature “The Works” sauce, Garlic Butter, Peppa’ Butter, or sauce of the month. This rich, indulgent meal is fit for royalty, and it’s time to treat your loved ones to it.

Heads up: If you’re a member, order the Boiler’s Bombdiggity Bag ($254) on your birthday. You’ll be able to deduct $75 for a FREE lobster with the code “BDAY”. Membership signup is free of charge as well.

Let Oddle Eats guide you to the best places to order from and dine at for exceptional meals. May these 5 restaurants take your breath away with their superstar lobster offerings!