7 Chilli Crabs in Singapore That Will Make You Feel Proud to be Singaporean

The king of national dishes
The original: • Roland Restaurant
Restaurant: • Seafood ParadiseJUMBO SeafoodHoly CrabHouse of Seafood
Zi Char: • Sum KeeKeng Eng Kee Seafood

We in Singapore are fiercely passionate about our food, especially when it comes to our national dishes. That said, of all the delicious, mouthwatering options, the Chilli Crab reigns supreme in my opinion.

Why? Because it’s a dish that truly represents Singapore on a plate. Its vibrant, deep-orange appearance is auspiciously in line with our national colour, red. And the fact that it’s a seafood dish expresses our physical geography as an island city-state, with crab as a considerably premium ingredient.

The Chilli Crab has undergone much change since its humble conception in 1956. Hence, here are the 7 best Chilli Crabs in Singapore with islandwide delivery for you and your family to taste how far it has come!

1. Roland Restaurant

The 辣椒蟹 Chilli Crabs ($98 for 2x500g) at Roland Restaurant are considered to be the OG in Singapore.

Known as the creator of Chilli Crab in Singapore, Roland Restaurant is very much an institution in itself. They have been serving their signature 辣椒蟹 Chilli Crabs ($98 for 2x500g) since it was just an improvised recipe in 1956. Back then, they merely stir-fry crabs with bottled chilli and ketchup. However, since then, they’ve perfected their recipe and are popular for other seafood dishes too. Have a go at their 黑酱油虾碌 Black Sauce Prawns ($34 for 6pcs), 密汁苏东仔 Crispy Baby Squids ($15) and 自制虾枣 Home-Made Prawns Rolls ($22 for 10pcs). Now with islandwide delivery, you can indulge in this local favourite from anywhere and everywhere.

2. Keng Eng Kee Seafood

Gather round for Keng Eng Kee’s Signature Chilli Crab ($86 for 900g)

With over 50 years of experience under their belt, you know Keng Eng Kee Seafood will serve up a more-than-worthy plate of Chilli Crab goodness. Try their Signature Chilli Crab ($86 for 900g) for the perfect blend of sweet and sour, topped with a mildly spicy note. Best paired with their cloud-like Steamed Mantou ($1.80 per piece), dip it in their intensely flavoured Chilli Crab sauce and get ready to dive into an unforgettable flavour fantasy.

3. Seafood Paradise

Be sure to round up your Chinese feast at Seafood Paradise with their Popular Singapore Style Chilli Crab 新加坡辣椒焖螃蟹 ($100.94/kg)!

Seafood Paradise is the first-ever restaurant by Paradise Group, one of Singapore’s most prestigious Chinese restaurant chains. Their Popular Singapore Style Chilli Crab 新加坡辣椒焖螃蟹 ($100.94/kg) is undeniably a crowd-favourite here. That said, they’re also well known for a wide variety of delectable non-seafood dishes. There’s the Crispy Tofu in Thai Sauce 泰式炸手工豆腐 (from $16.27), Baked Pork Belly Rib with Honey Pepper Sauce 招牌蜜椒排 ($13.29 for 2pcs) and the Deep-fried Cheese Bacon Roll 芝士腌肉卷 ($14.21).

4. JUMBO Seafood

Hosting guests from overseas? You can’t go wrong with JUMBO Seafood’s Award-Winning Chilli Crab 珍宝获奖辣椒蟹 ($115.50).

JUMBO Seafood certainly needs no introduction. From humble beginnings in 1987, this seafood restaurant has become synonymous with Chilli Crab, especially amongst tourists. Try the JUMBO Award-Winning Chilli Crab 珍宝获奖辣椒蟹 ($115.50 for 1kg) which has earned the praises of tourists of locals alike. Other dishes worth trying include Deshelled Prawns Fried with Golden Salted Egg 咸蛋金沙虾球 ($28.50), Home-made Vegetable Beancurd Braised with Crab Meat ($25.90) and Mocha Pork Ribs 摩卡排骨 ($25.90). Now, you no longer have to fear their ever-present long queues and simply have them delivered to your doorstep!

5. Sum Kee

This indulgent Chilli Sauce Crab 辣椒螃蟹 ($49.80) is from one of Singapore’s best traditional zi char restaurants, Sum Kee!

With islandwide delivery from just $5, Sum Kee prides itself as one of the best traditional zi char restaurants in Singapore. Their Chilli Sauce Crab 辣椒螃蟹 ($49.80) and Black Pepper Crab 黑胡椒螃蟹 ($68) are so popular that you should definitely get both. That said, there are also other unique dishes to try, such as the Braised London Duck 卤味伦敦鸭 (from $32), Ultraman Chicken 咸蛋超人鸡 (from $16) and Pumpkin Tofu 金瓜豆腐 (from $17).

6. Holy Crab

Think you’ve had all kinds of crab dishes? Wait till you check out Holy Crab’s selection.

Holy Crab by Chef Elton was previously a frontrunner in the private dining scene. In 2017, he decided to open a brick and mortar shop, specialising in none other than crabs. Savour a spread of their signature dishes from the three-course Set A (2 Pax) ($56) with 1 signature starter, 1 vegetable and 1 wok hei main, all the way up to the eight-course Set H (6 Pax) ($338). They’ve got classic flavours like the Signature Red Chilli Crab (1.2-1.4kg) and Signature Orgasmic Salted Egg Crab (1.2-1.4kg). But if you’re craving something more adventurous, try the Signature oOoOtak Otah Crab (1.2-1.4kg) or Signature Green Mumba Crab (1.2-1.4kg).

To learn more about the story behind Holy Crab and its owners, Chef Elton and Joy, check out our Humans of F&B feature here

7. House Of Seafood

It’s Chilli Crab Galore with House of Seafood’s unique menu

House of Seafood is bringing Chilli Crab to a whole new level with their current menu. A food icon in the seafood industry, you can be sure that their award-winning Chilli Crab ($75), will leave you salivating for more. The good news is, they have a lot more to offer. Dig into other unique Chilli Crab creations like their Chilli Crab Meat In da Bun ($26.92) or Chilli Crab Meat Pizza ($26.92). Ready to satisfy those Chilli Crab cravings satisfied? Get them delivered to your doorstep anywhere and everywhere today!

Get ready to pamper your tastebuds with their islandwide Chilli Crab delivery today!