Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Singapore serving different cuisines for all your occasions

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As our society places a growing emphasis on sustainability, there’s no better time to start showing our support for the environment. Whether you’re an avid advocate for all things vegetarian, looking for best vegetarian restaurants, or just decided to adopt a plant-based diet for environmental, ethical, and health reasons – you’ve come to the right place.

Now now, don’t say no before you know more about meat-free dishes! There’s so much more to vegetarian food than just rice and plain ol’ veggies. Here are the 11 best vegetarian restaurants in Singapore right at your fingertips, all your meat-free cravings available for islandwide delivery!

1. Green Common: Try Omni & Beyond Meats in a variety of dishes

Green Common || Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Singapore || Oddle Islandwide Delivery
Fulfill your Western food cravings with the Beyond Burger Black.

The world’s first plant-based eatery and grocery concept store that only sources meatless, healthy, cruelty-free and fair-trade products? Sign me up. Green Common has everything from Laksa ($15.30), which features Heura Chicken, to Omni Kimchi Fried Rice ($18.83) with OmniMeat Luncheon and JUST Egg. Their signature is the Beyond Burger Black ($17.66), a Beyond Burger patty generously coated in black pepper sauce.

This is certainly one place you’ll enjoy the best vegetarian food. Here’s a challenge: order in for your next family gathering, but don’t tell them it’s vegetarian. Blow their minds after the complete the scrumptious meal!

2. Nature Vegetarian Delights: Honouring their late mother’s wish to adopt a Vegetarian lifestyle

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Here to show customers that vegetarian food is more than just vegetables with rice, Nature Vegetarian Delights serves dishes ranging from local delights to Western, Japanese and European fare. One of their hottest dishes, pun intended, is the Mala Xiang Guo / Mala Tang, a completely customisable meal that comes in Small ($18), Medium ($28) and Large ($36) sizes. If you’re looking for a balanced meal, try their NVD plant-based bentos, like the Thai Fried Pineapple Rice with Pandan Chicken & Tom Yam Soup Bento ($13.80), which is also vegan! Watch their journey on our Humans of F&B series here.

3. nomVnom: Western delights with a twist

nomVnom || Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Singapore || Oddle Islandwide Delivery
Who can go wrong with a double-patty OmniMeat cheeseburger?

nomVnom brings you modern plant-based fast food that is all vegan, all the time. Go for a bestseller like their Doublecheese OmniMeat Toona ($18.60), featuring an OmniMeat Toona Patty, vegan mayo, vegan cheese, tomatoes and coral lettuce. You can still have your favourite dishes, like Shacha Lion’s Mane Udon ($12.10), Toon Rendang Rice ($12.10) or Spinach Linguine ($12.90), while staying sustainable and meat-free!

4. Sauté-San: Japan meets Korea to present culinary perfection

Say hello to Singapore’s first halal-certified Japanese and Korean plant-based dining, Sauté-San! Get your fix of Asian fare with all their fully vegetarian dishes, like the Kimchi Jjigae Ramen ($13.90), better known as Army Stew, or the Handmade Vegan Katsu Curry ($17.90), a golden crispy plant-based patty served atop Japanese short grain rice. Even better, try their take on Singapore-style Orh Luak ($13.90), fried egg omelette with straw mushrooms and house-made chilli sauce.

5. Shu Vegetarian: Hearty vegetarian Zi Char favourites

An unassuming eatery well-loved by locals, Shu Vegetarian offers 100% vegetarian zi-char style dishes for everyone. Their signatures include Chinese classics like Asam Fish ($15), Crispy Cereal Prawn ($11), 3 Yolks with Chinese Spinach ($11) and Hot Plate Sambal Fish ($14). Have your pick of vegetarian food from Shu Vegetarian with our islandwide delivery services!

6. Teng Bespoke Vegetarian Restaurant: The best Vegetarian fine-dining restaurant with home delivery

Teng Bespoke || Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Singapore || Oddle Islandwide Delivery
Crunch into deep-fried tempura, served with classic vegetarian Japanese sides!

Teng Bespoke is not your typical Japanese eatery – be prepared for healthy, authentic, and delicious Japanese vegetarian food. The fine-dining restaurant is well-known for paying meticulous attention to serving up excellent vegetarian dishes. Yay for us, they deliver islandwide now!

Delve into their Golden Mushroom Tempura Don Set ($15.30), complete with a side of chawanmushi, tofu, salad and miso soup. Other must-trys include the Vege Tendon with Miso Soup ($11.05), and of course, the revolutionary vegetarian Three Kind Sashimi ($16.15).

7. The Living Cafe: Food for the soul

The Living Cafe || Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Singapore || Oddle Islandwide Delivery
Vegan zucchini noodles tossed in pesto for the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

Serving up food for the soul in the form of raw and plant-based cuisine, The Living Cafe surely won’t disappoint when it comes to the best vegetarian restaurants. A signature is the Pesto Zoodles ($18.85), which are zucchini noodles tossed with homemade vegan pesto, cherry tomato and vegan parmesan crumb. Other crowd favourites include the Tempeh Buddha Bowl ($21.20), Veggie Delight Pizza ($22.40) and the Coconut Curry Dahl ($17.65). Healthy, vegetarian brunch? You’re definitely in for some TLC, at The Living Cafe.

8. Three Buns: TiNDLE meets artisanal buns

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Three Buns provides only the freshest possible ingredients, with a new addition of plant-based options starring TiNDLE. It’s the newest vegetarian creation featuring chicken made from plants.

You’ll want a taste of the Big Cease ($19), showcasing buttermilk fried TiNDLE, shaved Parmesan Reggiano, lettuce and anchovy mayonnaise between butter toasted rice flour buns. Another hit is From Russia With Love ($20), a TiNDLE Kiev breadcrumbed and stuffed with roasted garlic. Don’t forget their indulgent shakes to go along with your delivery order!

9. Vegamama: Vegan dim sum for the modern-day green foods lover

Vegamama || Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Singapore || Oddle Islandwide Delivery
Enjoy all your dim sum classics – vegan-style.

Three words – vegan dim sum. I’m impressed too, believe me! Have your fill of everything at Vegamama with their Vegan Dim Sum Tasting ($16.90). Each set comes with 2 siew mai, 2 chili oil dumplings, 3 nuggets, 1 char siew bao and 1 lor mai gai! All are also available a la carte for your enjoyment, with easy islandwide delivery for your favourite vegetarian restaurants.

Vegamama adopts a cloud kitchen concept over in Tampines so if you’re around the area, swing by for the best vegan dim sum!

10. VeganBurg: World’s 1st 100% plant-based burger joint

Veganburg || Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Singapore || Oddle Islandwide Delivery
Take a bite out of their Avocado Beetroot Burger for some veggie goodness!

Another pioneer in this list, VeganBurg is the world’s first vegan burger fast food restaurant. The shophouse takes an innovative approach to serving tasty, plant-based meals with a fresh attitude.

You have to try their award-winning Chili Krab Burger ($11.90), featuring a crunchy, gluten-free patty topped with chili crab sauce, romaine lettuce, cabbage and creamy vegan aioli. Delight in their best-seller Avocado Beetroot Burger ($11.90), or the Cracked Mayo Burger ($8.90). If you’re an avid fan like myself, always try their seasonal specials. It’s absolutely adventurous and delicious, and befitting of your occasions.

11. Yes Natural Restaurant: Bentos great for corporate catering

Yes Natural Restaurant || Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Singapore || Oddle Islandwide Delivery
Bento Bonanza for your quick & healthy WFH lunches too!

From its humble beginnings as a retail store in 2006, Yes Natural has now expanded to run its own restaurant. ndulge in their Sweet & Sour Monkeyhead Mushroom Bento ($12.80), a vegan option that comes with sweet and sour pork, mushroom and tofu, sambal lady’s finger and more! Yes, you can still enjoy your favourite ku lo yuk while keeping meat-free. Crunch down on their Deep Fried Vegetarian Shrimp with Oats ($16), or sip on some Vegetarian Shark’s Fin Soup ($8) with Oddle’s islandwide delivery for the best vegetarian restaurants!