Best Hairy Crab Deliveries in Singapore for Hairy Crab Season

Ready to find the best ways to enjoy Hairy Crab Season?
Cook it yourself: • Orchid Live SeafoodHairy Crab Singapore
Enjoy it in new ways: • Ding TeleSocial Place
Cook up a seafood storm: • 9s SeafoodGlobal Live Seafood

The long-awaited hairy crab season is finally here! This well sought-after crustacean is treasured for its golden roe which brings a buttery and creamy taste to the otherwise slightly sweetened note of their tender meat. With the Hairy Crab Season lasting only 2 months long, make sure to be the first-in-line to order from these restaurants offering Hairy Crab delivery.

Cook it yourself, or have them freshly cooked delivered to your doorstep with same-day delivery. Alternatively, if you would like to cook up a storm of seafood, shop our groceries as well! Read on to find Hairy Crab Promotions, new ways of enjoying this well-loved dish and more.

1. Orchid Live Seafood

Orchid Live Seafood's Hairy Crabs are specially flow in from TaiHu, delivered islandwide in Singapore, powered by Oddle.
Orchid Live Seafood’s Hairy Crabs are specially flown in from TaiHu.

Famed for their Original Live Lobster Porridge, Orchid Live Seafood has always promised seafood of the freshest quality. Fortunately for us, they’re bringing a selection of live Hairy Crab packages specially flown in from TaiHu. Be the first in line and pre-order their Premium Package A ($250) or any of their packages, now going at a reduced Hairy Crab Price. If you’re a noob chef like me, they have even come up with a Hairy Crab Gift Box Set ($12) with instructions on how to cook your hairy crab as well as all the tools you’ll need. Master Chef, here I come!

What’s more? Orchid Live Seafood is part of Oddle Eats newest initiative, Oddle Reserve. So you can book yourself a slot to experience all their dishes in their restaurant!

2. Hairy Crab Singapore

Get ready for a hairy crab feast with Hairy Crab Singapore delivered islandwide in Singapore, powered by Oddle.
Get ready for a hairy crab feast with their crabs being air-flown directly from China

With not just their restaurant name being dedicated to hairy crab, but their whole menu as well, you know they don’t take their crabs lightly. Hairy Crab Singapore was founded to spread the love for this premium delicacy with all Singaporeans at affordable prices. Did I hear Hairy Crab Promotion? Now going at a ridiculously discounted hairy crab price, treat your family to their Bundle of 8 ($548, Save $124), which includes four male (300g) and four female crabs (200g). If you’re ordering for a smaller party, their Bundle of 4 ($304) will be a perfect size.

To top it off, you can enjoy 10% OFF with a minimum purchase of $200 when you use the promo code <ODDLEEATS10>. Available only for the month of October, don’t miss out on their Hairy Crab Promotions!

3. Ding Tele

Steamed Pork Bun with Hairy Crab Meat and Golden Roe from Ding Tele delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle.
Steamed Pork Bun with Crab Meat ($11.80 for 4 pcs)

Want to try a new way of indulging in Hairy Crab’s tender meat? This time it’s already prepared and cooked for you. Ding Tele specializes in dims sums and has cleverly integrated this well-loved crustacean to create 3 unique Shanghai Hairy Crab dishes. Their Steamed Pork Bun with Crab Meat ($11.80 for 4 pcs) brings you hairy crab meat that is delicately wrapped to bring you the perfect bite-sized delight. Another must-try is the Dry Noodle with Shanghai Hairy Crab Roe Meat and Roe ($48.80). The golden roe of the Hairy Crab is layered over the dry noodles, giving it a kick of buttery, creamy goodness.

With our newest Oddle Eats Mobile App, enjoy islandwide Hairy Crab delivery with just a few clicks.

4. Social Place

Crab Sauteed w. Crispy Fried Garlic delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle.
Crab Sauteed w. Crispy Fried Garlic ($64.68)

Other than Hairy Crab delivery, Oddle Eats is also home to a variety of other crab dishes prepared in the most innovative ways. One of Hong Kong’s trending restaurants, Social Place is a contemporary Chinese Restaurant that pledges a menu prepared only with the freshest and top-quality ingredients. Change up your taste buds with their Crab Sauteed w. Crispy Fried Garlic ($64.68). Submerged in a bed of Crispy Fried Garlic, this dish promises an aromatic and flavourful experience with every bite.

Pair it with any of their well-loved dim sum dishes such as their Chef’s recommended Deep Fried Lobster Glutinous Puff ($9.70 for 3pcs) and much more.

5. 9s Seafood

Get ready to take your Hairy Crab festivities up a notch with other seafood dishes from our grocers on Oddle Eats! 9s Seafood is one of our newest additions to Oddle Eats but has already delivered fresh groceries to many happy families.

Still feeling crabby? Get their Indonesian Mud Crab (from $27) or Crab Cream Croquette ($6.90 for 10pcs) for more crab delights. Alternatively, accompany your crab dishes with their other best-selling seafood dishes such as Hyogo Oyster-Sashimi-Grade ($35), Korean Flower Clams ($5.50), and more.

6. Global Live Seafood

Live European Blue Lobster delivered islandwide in Singapore, powered by Oddle.
Live European Blue Lobster ($106 for 700-800g)

Another popular grocer that promises fresh groceries delivered to your doorstep is Global Live Seafood. One to look out for is their Live European Blue Lobster ($106 for 700-800g). Known for its sweeter taste, it perfectly complements the buttery, creamy taste of the Hairy Crab. They also offer a wide variety of other seafood dishes from Live Scottish Razor Clams ($36 for 500g) to Live Manila Clams ($19 for 500g).

What’s more, you can get them all through Oddle Eats Mobile App and have them delivered anywhere and everywhere.