Where the Bucket of Magic Happens: Cajun on Wheels

As you walk through the doors of Cajun on Wheels, you’ll be greeted by its fiercely red exterior which mimics its bright coloured buckets of seafood. Cajun on Wheels is the epitome of an explosion of flavours, an American fusion restaurant serving up your favourite Louisiana-style seafood with a unique local touch. It is managed by executive Chef Yip, whose life’s work is solely dedicated to serving good food to all. 

Cajun on Wheels is a Halal-certified eatery, catered for an all-inclusive community to share the joy of seafood. Chef shared, “Previously, our Muslim community has never tried salted egg yolk, so (we decided to bring it to them).”

Working his way up 

Chef’s journey brims with perseverance and grit.

Hailing from Malaysia, Chef moved to Singapore alone when he was just 19 years old. “I totally had no knowledge,” Chef shared. This meant that Chef had to start learning from the bottom up. “I was very willing to learn so I worked very long hours, up to 12 hours a day. But I didn’t feel tired.” Chef looks back on his learning experience positively and understands it was a necessary stepping stone to get to the next level of excellence in the kitchen. 

However, it goes without saying that cooking is Chef’s forte. “It was like magic! When the chef taught me, I thought it was so easy to make,” Chef shared. There, along with unconditional determination and hard work, saw him rise through the ranks to become now, the executive chef at Cajun on Wheels. 

Cajun on Wheels saucy signatures

Poseidon Bucket with Cajun Cheese Sauce ($98)

Here at Cajun on Wheels, it’s all about having a wild, unpretentious dining experience. Hence, go wild and savour their seafood delights right off the table with your bare hands. An experience like no other. 

First up, dig into Cajun on Wheel’s Poseidon Bucket ($98), undeniably the star of the show. This bucket is perfect for two pax, fully packed with fresh and flavourful seafood – Sri Lankan crabs, prawns, white clams, blue mussels, sweet corn, baby potatoes. They are grilled to perfection, tender and juicy to the core. Also available in an Olympian Bucket ($226) which serves four to six pax. 

Poseidon Bucket with Salted Egg Yolk Sauce ($98)

You might think, what makes Cajun of Wheels exceptional? Well, Chef shares, “Our sauce is very special.”

Savour the seafood alongside Cajun on Wheel’s array of sauces, ones that boast a fusion of Asian and American spices. From your local Salted Egg Yolk, Mala, Cajun Cheese, Sambal to Sambal Chilli Egg, there’s a sauce for everyone. Chef highly recommends the Cajun Cheese and Salted Egg Yolk Sauce. The former embodying a Louisiana seafood style, creamy with a hint of spice, while the latter is made using various herbs and spices, leaving you with a lingering taste of umami.

The passion that runs in his veins 

Chef Yip has mastered the art of cooking the finest seafood and he attributes his culinary expertise to his passion and love for cooking. Looking back, he offers one piece of advice to young chefs starting out in the business: 

You must have the passion, if not, you (won’t go far).

Chef Yip, Executive chef at Cajun on Wheels

“It’s important to do your best, and make good food for your customers.” Chef shares. To Chef, the ability to mix various herbs and spices and bring them together in a bucket of seafood is exciting. However, seeing the smile and the satisfaction his dishes brings to customers provides him with a level of personal gratification incomparable to any other pursuit.