Best of Spanish Cuisine Where Culture Meets Knowledge: Kulto

For chef-owner José Alonso and general manager, Jian Bang of Kulto, cooking is more than just a business, it’s a philosophy with the provision of culinary masterpieces and impeccable dining experience at the core. Kulto is the embodiment of authentic Spanish cuisine, serving you the best of paellas and tapas. 

What is Kulto?

Loosely translated, Kulto means cultured and educated, representative of both José and Jian Bang. José explains, “Kulto describes ourselves. We are very curious. If I mention something and Jian Bang doesn’t know, he will try to find why.” He continues, “Both of us are very obsessed and intense about the experience, food details, and the philosophy is the one that really connects us. It reflects both of us, (hence), the name.”

Chef-Owner José Alonso and General Manager Jian Bang

The heat of the kitchen is an environment where lifelong friendships are forged and vivid memories are shared. José and Jian Bang have known each other for six years now and they hold an unbreakable bond. Well, they attribute it to their common goal of striving for perfection. Jian Bang shares, “We are always pushing each other, from the food quality to the ambience. It’s the mindset of, I need to be better than yesterday, and tomorrow I need to be better than today.” 

Emerging stronger from the pandemic 

The pandemic has posed several difficulties and challenges for the duo at Kulto, but it has only made them stronger, Jian Bang shared. 

The pandemic has helped us realise that in whatever difficult situation, you always have a bright opportunity.

Jian Bang, General Manager of Kulto

While the first thought of other eateries would be to pivot immediately to delivery platforms, the duo thought deeper. Jian Bang further explains, “We thought about why people would opt for food deliveries? What food would people go for?” The duo went on to cater a menu specially for deliveries, for instance, offering Spanish Omelette which is not available on their restaurant menu. It has since become a new hit amongst customers, new and old. They are indeed very Kulto.

Kulto’s signatures 

Kulto captures straightforward, honest cooking – simply to serve an authentic Spanish meal with quality and fresh produce taking centre stage. “At Kulto, we respect the flavour. We try not to season too much so you can taste the real flavour of the ingredients,” José shared. 

Take your tastebuds on a trip to Spain with Kulto’s must-have, Squid Ink Paella ($38), fit for two pax. Kulto’s Paella recipe calls for Bomba rice, a premium short-grain rice grown in Spain. Its capacity to absorb retains the intense flavour and aromas of Kulto’s housemade Paella stock which results in an oh-so-wonderful, authentic tasting Paella dish.

It is topped with mussels, clams, baby squid and french beans, a perfect completion to the dish.

While Kulto prides itself in revisiting Spanish tradition through its dishes, its Grilled Prawns, Garlic, Chilli & Homemade Sambal ($26) takes a nod to Singapore. The garlic bread is flavourful and crisp, and the prawns are cooked to perfection – soft, sweet and juicy. This dish is further elevated with a local flair, with Chef’s homemade sambal. “Having lived in Singapore for so many years, sambal is one of my favourite sauces,” José mentioned. Rest assured that this dish is bound to whet your appetite. 

Kulto’s Traditional Spanish Omelette ($18) is a must-have for your delivery cravings. Made with dishes you can easily find in your kitchen, Chef describes it as a comforting dish you can have all day round. The creamy, luscious eggs complement the tender potatoes perfectly, and it was certainly a joy to devour. 

Their commitment to providing an unparalleled experience  

Both José and Jian Bang’s passion and desire for culinary greatness is no hidden secret. Not just solely on food, but customer experience as well – the cornerstones of Kulto’s development and success. 

For us, it’s not about how many customers we have, but it’s about how many of them will come back in the future.

Jian Bang, General Manager of Kulto

Driven by an unyielding dedication to providing a spectacular experience for their customers, it’s all about getting the smallest of details right, from the music to the setting, to their delivery packaging. Jian Bang shares, “We want to make the experience better and better. You want your customers to always think about you.”