Honouring Their Late Mother’s Wish: Nature Vegetarian Delights

Tucked on the top floor of Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre lies Nature Vegetarian Delights, a humble vegetarian restaurant established in 2003.

Having been vegetarians for over 3 decades, Toh Ah Gek and Toh Eng Han are no strangers to the wonders of the vegetarian lifestyle. “If we can live a good life without harming any animals, why not?”, shares Eng Han. From health and wellness to spiritual reasons, the siblings are fully committed.

“It was our late mother’s wish for us to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle… We want to further her wish by making food that will change people’s perspectives of vegetarian food.”

Toh Eng Han, Nature Vegetarian Delights

Many items in the menu are a recall to their late mother, and the many memories they had growing up.

Ah Ma’s Mee Hoon Kueh is a recipe handed down from their mother, who often cooked a huge pot of Mee Hoon Kueh to feed the a big family of 12 siblings. The version at Nature Vegetarian Delights is handmade from scratch and hand-pulled piece by piece, just like how their mother made it for them in the past.

They also recently launched the DIY Popiah Party, only available via delivery and takeaway.

“When we were young, we always had a good time wrapping popiah as a family. We want our customers to be able to recreate this same experience at home when they buy our popiah.”

Toh Ah Gek, Nature Vegetarian Delights

Hoping to change mainstream perspectives of vegetarian food as bland or boring, Nature Vegetarian Delights has an extensive menu of dishes from different cultures. From Mee Siam to Nyonya Laksa and Mala Xiang Guo, you’ll surely find something that piques your interest.