Precious Moments from Baskin Robbins. For ice cream cake delivery Singapore.

Top 5 Ice Cream Cake and Treats Delivery For Birthdays, Parties & Gatherings

Yes, joyous June is here! Cheery spirits are at an all-time high, with June holidays, birthdays, and even Father’s Day just around the corner. Everyone is looking for their ultimate celebration topper, and nothing can beat the Ice Cream Cake. Checking off all boxes for June, ice cream cake delivery is sure to offer all a respite against Singapore’s unrelenting heat and dog days. Plus, this oh-so-sweet addition to the party will surely be welcomed by all guests!

Which one to get for your next gathering then?

Spruce up the gaiety with Oddle Eats‘ curation of the 5 Best Ice Cream Cakes and Treats in Singapore. There is an abundance of swoon-worthy treats to cater to even the nitpickiest dessert lover. Plus, with islandwide delivery available, get ready to melt hearts and battle the heat from miles away. Read on to find out the best options for ice cream cake delivery in Singapore, available islandwide!

1. Baskin Robbins: Vibrant & fun ice cream cakes, perfect for those in a childhood reverie

Precious Moments from Baskin Robbins. For ice cream cake delivery Singapore.
Precious Moment ($77 for 6″)

Would you say you’re young at heart? Baskin Robbins makes the ultimate sweet dream for all fun-loving souls. Just a bite into their bright, playful masterpieces evokes the nostalgic taste of youth! Every exuberant celebration deserves a joy-inducing ice cream cake like their Ohana ($71 for 6″), Happy Pinwheel ($51 for 6″), or Precious Moment ($77 for 6″).

Gift your kids the opportunity to be the star of the show with Baskin Robbins’ kid-friendly ice cream cake designs like the Ballerina ($59 for 6″) and Soccer Boy ($57 for 6″). Otherwise, have these romantic renditions—the Rose ($57 for 6″) and Just Say Yes ($54 for 6″) to keep the sparks alive on that special day with your significant other.

Not even Swensen’s could make hearts flutter and mouths water like Baskin Robbins! Pre-order these cakes 5 days in advance to avoid disappointment.

2. Kuriya Japanese Market: To gratify those without a sweet tooth

Yes, you read right! Otona no amasa refers to a sophisticated, subtle sweetness that appeals to even adults. It is a common trait of Japanese treats. Someone you know, or perhaps Dad, is always on the hunt for less sweet dessert options? Get them in the groove with Kuriya Japanese Market‘s Futaba Ice Cream. Hailing from Japan, the land of the dessert craze, the Futaba Ice Cream collection is a force to be reckoned with.

Some cult faves include Ramune ($17.80 for 8 pcs) and Uji Green Tea Milk ($26.50 for 8 pcs). These delicate, tangy melts are especially for those with betsu-bara, the Japanese term for ‘second stomach, just for dessert’. Feel free to amp up the revelry on Father’s Day with Kuriya’s Mix Bundle ($17.80 for 8 pcs), consisting of the perfect mix of flavours for all in the house. Conquer these velvety pops comfortably at home—they make a great snack no matter the time of the day.

3. Majestic Restaurant: Just about every durian lover’s secret guilty pleasure

Majestic Restaurant's Crispy King of Durian Ice Cream with Maple Syrup, delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle. For ice cream cake delivery Singapore.
Crispy King Of Durian Ice Cream With Maple Syrup ($9.80 for 2 pcs)

Don’t drool yet, durian connoisseurs! You’d definitely feel like you struck a fortune with Majestic Restaurant‘s Crispy King of Durian Ice Cream with Maple Syrup ($9.80 for 2 pcs). Taste sweet victory with this promising pastry and its charming concoction of two contrasting qualities. Warm and crispy on the outside, yet cold, soft and packed with creamy durian filling inside, this divine bite is waiting to magnetize all.

Here’s a fun fact: This treat has been in the limelight for donkey years as one of the best durian desserts in town. Hop on the bandwagon and get these for yourself, or pamper your durian-loving friend with these paradisiacal munches.

4. The Deli at Goodwood Park Hotel: Durian goodness helmed within exquisite patisserie creations

June—a season where we travel to quench our wanderlust. Miss going overseas? Sprinkle a dose of adventure into your routine with The Deli at Goodwood Park Hotel‘s idiosyncratic inventions. Birthed from the confluence of local and international flavours such as Pandan Waffle and the french Mont Blanc dessert, here’s one for all the venturesome explorers!

The medley of novel flavours within their Durian Fiesta collection, which The Deli is best known for, is sure to leave all in awe. Featuring the Oscar-worthy D24 Pandan Waffle Cake ($79.44), D24 Sweet Potato in Chestnut Tartlet ($44.86), D24 Ice Cream Tub ($18.69) and more. Expect no less from their non-durian selections, though. A noteworthy mention includes the Royal Chocolate Crunchy Hazelnut Cake ($63.55), a regal cocoa-rich creation for all to indulge in.

To avoid disappointment, place your orders 3 days in advance. Their Durian Fiesta delights are only available till 1 August 2021, so don’t miss out!

5. Udders Ice Cream: Contemporary & aesthetically pleasing bonne bouche

Sweet-toothed friends around town, time to unite! If you live and breathe ice cream, you’d be delighted to find out that Udders Ice Cream, the perennial spot for all enthusiasts of icy sweet treats, offers more than just gelato in a cone or cup, thanks to Udders Ice Cream Cakes!

For all the Oreo, Chocolate, M&M, Marshmallow junkies out there, we know that nothing quite hits the spot like a good ice cream cake with your favourite flavours. Even more so, these sweethearts—Choco Loco ($59), Cookie Crumble ($39), and M&M’s Kit Kat Kake (from $81.40) are armed with red carpet ready visuals! Even the younger ones would be enthralled by Udders’ kid-friendly Pokeball (from $75.90) and Basketball (from $75.90) ice cream cakes.

These creations make an ideal present and a hearty accompaniment to any party or tea time. Plus, messages can be customized—solely for that long-awaited moment of surprise. Yes, it’s time to order one of the best ice cream cake delivery in Singapore.

Well, there you have it—the crème of the crop of all Ice Cream and Ice Cream Cakes, all to prepare you for an indulgent party. Don’t forget to check out Oddle Eats‘ full selection of desserts and cakes, too!