Best Father’s Day Meals and Cakes with Delivery for Dad

Build your own Father’s Day food delivery feast!
Halal-certified delights: • ASAP & CoButter StudioStraits CafeTomahawk King
Cakes and confectionery: • Baker’s Brew Studio
Western grills and French cuisine: • Bedrock Bar & GrillSaveur
Contemporary Sichuan dishes: • Birds Of A Feather

Aside from being our superheroes, Dads all have their quirks. The life of the party, the trusty, youthful best friend, the adventurer with his share of stories, or the absolute food aficionado. Nonetheless, Father’s Day is a day where we spice things up for this special man in our lives, with a unique feast on the table. If you are searching for Father’s Day food delivery options that will captivate Dad, this is your answer.

The team behind Oddle Eats has curated a list of Best Father’s Day Meals and Cakes for the modern, adventurous foodie in our families. With islandwide delivery available for a variety of cuisines, from Western fare to Nasi Ambeng, plus Halal-certified options, you can be sure that this Father’s Day will be unlike any other.

Looking for Chinese classics instead? Check out our guide to Chinese restaurants with Father’s Day Bundles here. Otherwise, read on for our recommendations!

1. ASAP & Co: A sophisticated feast for the steak-inclined Dads

ASAP & CO's Father's Day Dry Aged Special, delivered islandwide in Singapore, powered by Oddle
Father’s Day Dry-Aged Special ($168)

As they say, the best way to a steak enthusiast’s heart is, well, through a good steak. Out to impress Dad this Father’s Day with food delivery? ASAP & Co’s Father’s Day Specials ($108) might just do the trick. Consists of an Argentinian Black Angus Bone-in Ribeye, a stunningly marbled cut with rich, robust flavours. If not, the Australian Black Angus in the Father’s Day Dry-Aged Special ($168) will cater to his refined palate for meat, after being dry-aged for 28 days. It’s a feast fit for a king when there’s a free Valrhona Tiramisu (U.P. $12) included in both sets!

Great news, ASAP & Co. is Halal-certified too! These special platters are only available for orders placed for 19 to 20 June 2021.

2. Baker’s Brew Studio: A classic delight, reminiscent of Dad’s childhood flavours

Peanut Butter Tiramisu Cake from Baker's Brew Studio, delivered islandwide in Singapore, powered by Oddle
Peanut Butter Tiramisu Cake ($78)

Does Dad or Grandpa stick around for his combo of Skippy Peanut Butter on Jacob’s cream crackers? If so, he’ll have a soft spot for Baker’s Brew Studio’s Peanut Butter Tiramisu Cake ($78). Between soft layers of sponge are luscious layers of crushed roasted hazelnuts and chocolate chips, filled with mascarpone cheese, and then finally enfolded in a lightly fragrant peanut buttercream. Also, this sweetheart is soaked in coffee syrup for that quintessential Tiramisu flavour.

What takes the icing on the cake? This dessert is not only homemade from scratch but comes with a cake topper. Sentimental Dad or Grandpa is sure to taste the love behind this confection! Available for Father’s Day cake delivery orders, for 18 to 20 June 2021.

3. Bedrock Bar & Grill: A remarkable way to beef up your Father’s Day celebrations

Tomahawk Surf & Turf Wine Set from Bedrock Bar & Grill, delivered islandwide in Singapore, powered by Oddle
Jazz it up with the Tomahawk Surf & Turf Wine Set ($348 for 4-6 pax)

Now, here’s a heads up: Dad’s inner caveman might just tear away at Bedrock Bar & Grill’s Signature Tomahawk Steak. Succulent, smokey and tender from primal cooking techniques, this grain-fed cut is served in its grandest form in their Tomahawk Surf & Turf Set ($328 for 4-6 pax). Plus, accompanied by a Grilled Whole Snapper, and sides such as the Truffle Mashed Potato and Bedrock Mac n’ Cheese, it can’t get any more family-friendly. Feeling up for tipplers, like the Voyager Estate Shiraz 2016? Get the Tomahawk Surf & Turf Wine Set ($348 for 4-6 pax) and toast to Dad after a fulfilling family feast.

Only available for orders placed till 20 June 2021!

4. Birds Of A Feather: Contemporary Sichuan cuisine with bold flavours

If Dad loves his mala, why not have a go at Birds Of A Feather’s contemporary renditions of Sichuan cuisine? Their Father’s Day special, the Bird’s Seafood Tango ($98 for 4 pax), is packed with a myriad of tantalizing dishes, such as their Signature Find The Chicken In The Chilis, Burnt Chilli Fresh Dory with Vine Pepper Beurre Blanc, and Mussels & Tiger Prawn Platter with Yu Xiang Sauce. Also included are 2 cups of Brown Sugar Boba Milk—to cool the heat, and to satisfy Dad’s sweet tooth at the same time.

Enjoy free delivery with min. $50 spend on your bill, which you’ll be sure to hit with their Father’s Day bundle! Or checkout with promo code <RoadRunner>, opt for self-pickup, and enjoy 15% off your order.

5. Butter Studio: Butter up your sweet-toothed hero with a party of desserts

Butter Studio's desserts for Father's Day cake delivery, delivered islandwide in Singapore, powered by Oddle
Wow the crowd in the house with this beautiful Father’s Day collection from Butter Studio.

If the love for sweets runs in the family, everyone’s in for a treat on this occasion. Literally, though, Halal-certified Butter Studio brings a wide variety of artisanal cupcakes, pies and cakes for your Father’s Day cake delivery needs, proven to please across generations. With time-tested recipes passed down from the owners’ grandmothers, you can expect traditional handmade pastries with a playful twist. For all the chocoholics, the Deluxe Father’s Day Cake ($58) will seem like heaven on earth. You can even score a couple of brownie points with Dad, with their Biscoff Fudge Brownie ($32), Dairy-Free Cocoa Fudge Brownie ($30) and more. Otherwise, the Best Dad Cupcakes ($24 for 6) will surely make your father’s day!

Be warned: you are about to get spoilt for choice. Available till 25 June 2020, only a limited quantity of bakes are available. Do order yours in advance to avoid disappointment.

6. Saveur: Turn the heat up on Father’s Day with passion-packed French fare

Father's Day Sharing Set from Saveur, delivered islandwide in Singapore, powered by Oddle
Father’s Day Sharing Set ($180)

Gather around, bon vivants! Taking Dad and the family into the scenes of Paris is no longer just a passing dream. At least, not with Saveur, the renowned hotspot for Haute cuisine. It’s a telling sign that Saveur serves up delectable French cuisine when food bloggers around Singapore come back for seconds and even thirds.

Their Father’s Day Sharing Set ($180) is a round-up of fine Gallic delights. Go back to basics with traditional dishes like Porchetta, a herb-roasted pork belly, baked to crisp perfection after being marinated with herbs and lemon, alongside their Potato Au Gratin and more. To crown the whole feast, enter truffle paradise with their well-loved Signature Saveur Pasta, with a hint of crunch from sakura ebi. Only available for orders placed till 20 June!

7. Straits Cafe: A taste of what’s across the Causeway, for Dad and the family

Dulang Father's Day Sets from Straits Cafe, delivered islandwide in Singapore, powered by Oddle
Signature Mediterranean Dulang Set ($90), Emperor Dulang Set ($90) and more

Pondering about your family’s road trips to Malaysia and the wonderful street food? We do too! If Dad’s a Malaysian food lover, then Halal-certified Straits Cafe’s Father Day platters would be sure to make him feel like he’s back in town for this festive occasion.

Explore Middle-Eastern flavours with their Signature Mediterranean Dulang Set ($90). Inclusive of Moroccan Chicken Tajine, Arabic Lamb Shank Kabsa Rice and more. If your Dad prefers an Oriental version of Malaysian delights, it might be love at first bite for him with the Emperor Dulang Set ($90), with dishes like XO Fried Rice with Shrimp, Wok Fried Sze Chuan Style Sliced Beef Sirloin, and Egg Fu Yong. Otherwise, you can never go wrong with the classic Straits Nasi Ambeng Set ($90) and Tropicana Dulang Set ($90).

Only available till 30 June 2021. Every Set comes with a bottle of soft drink and, for sweet bites after, a handmade Durian cake. Indeed, it’s a beautiful way to end this Father’s Day meal!

8. Tomahawk King: Juicy to the bone for the steak-loving Dad

Tomahawk Steak Upsize Set  from Tomahawk King, delivered islandwide in Singapore, powered by Oddle
Tomahawk Steak Upsize Set ($128.90 for 3-4 pax)

Here’s a fun fact: Halal-certified Tomahawk King‘s Japanese Satsuma Wagyu won the Wagyu Olympics in 2017! With Tomahawk King, you’re bound to bring home a premium steakhouse experience this Father’s Day, no matter the platter—Epic Family Feast ($268 for 4-6 pax), Tomahawk Steak Upsize Set ($128.90 for 3-4 pax) or others. Tomahawk King also houses more premium meats like the Premium Ribeye Steak (from $35.90). If Dad’s a meat-obsessed foodie, he won’t be able to look away.

First time ordering from them? Enjoy $10 off any of their Family Feast Platter Sets by entering <FEAST10> at checkout, and enjoy more bang for your buck with your Father’s Day food delivery order.

With that, we hope you found the perfect meal for this Father’s Day. Fret not if you haven’t, for you may check out Oddle Eats for more wonderful bites, or head to our guide to classic Chinese cuisine with Father’s Day Bundles for a splendid celebration at home.