10 Seoul-Satisfying Korean Food Deliveries in Singapore

Korean food delivery? Yes, please!
Grilled Meats: • Ajumma’sWang Dae BakSEORAEHan Pan Korean Restaurant
Hearty Stews: • SBCD Korean Tofu HouseHongdae OppaDAEBAK Korean RestaurantPatbingsoo Korean Dining House
Korean Fried Chicken: • Bonchon SingaporeJinjja Chicken

Everything you desire: • Chir Chir + Masizzim + Nipong Naepong

Whether you’re ordering food for yourself, your four-person stomach or a group gathering, Korean food will never go wrong. From heartwarming stews to flavourful finger food, it’s easy to satisfy a spectrum of taste buds and occasions with Korean food delivery.

Here’s a trusty list of 10 Korean Food Deliveries in Singapore to bookmark for all occasions. Whether you’re craving a traditional course meal complete with side dishes or finger-lickin’ party food. These Korean Eateries are sure to leave you wanting more.

1. Ajumma’s

With a name like Ajumma’s (the Korean equivalent of the Singaporean aunty), one can already imagine the hearty grub that will be served. Known for its nutritious Dosirak meals, such as Beef Bulgolgi Dosirak ($13.90), featuring tender grilled meats marinated in lip-smacking sauces and a spread of nutritious pickled vegetables, the restaurant delivers a home-cooked, prepared-with-love feel to its lunch boxes, making it a go-to choice for a well-rounded nutritious meal.

Ajumma’s also caters to groups with its sharing bundle deals. Their bundles are portioned to feed 4 pax or 10 pax and include a variety of dry and soupy dishes. The Ajumma’s Platter ($85 for 4 pax) includes 2 choices of marinated meats, a stew, 2 appetizers (choose crowd favorites like steamed egg and kimchi pancake), 4 complimentary side dishes per person, rice and drinks.

2. Chir Chir + Masizzim + Nipong Naepong

Masizzim 2 Pax Meal from their bundle selection

All the Korean food fans out there, this isn’t one to miss. Three of the top Korean eateries, Chir Chir + Masizzim + Nipong Naepong, have teamed up to bring you an unforgettable Korean feast. Gather your friends and family for the Chir Chir 4 Pax Bundle ($81.90) or any of their other hearty bundles. If you’re looking for a lighter meal, warm your stomach with the Soy Beef Rib Stew ($23.85) from Masizzim. Alternatively, get your hands on Nipong Naepong’s famous noodle bowls featuring the traditional Cha Ppong ($20.25) as well as new creations like Rose Tteokbokki ($23.85). Korean delivery has never sounded more enticing! What’s more you can have it delivered anywhere and everywhere.

3. SBCD Korean Tofu House

Original Beef Soontofu ($23)

Best known for its sizzling soft tofu stews, SBCD Korean is comfort food heaven. Nothing soothes the soul better than the Original Beef Soontofu ($23). Imagine your Korean delivery order arriving at your doorstep, and what awaits is a pot of hot and spicy tofu stew with strips of tender beef served with a gooey egg. Tofu fans will be delighted to hear that the soft and silken tofu is imported from Paju, South Korea. It is made fresh in-house daily, ensuring its top quality and texture.

Enjoy the hearty stew on its own, along with sides of fermented squid, kimchi, and seaweed, or grab a combo deal comprising 1 stew and 1 meat platter and indulge in the best of both worlds. If you’ve been craving some Galbi Jjim, we recommend the LA Galbi Combo($45) for a new way of enjoying the well-loved beef short rib.

4. Hongdae Oppa

Beef Bean Paste Jigae delivered islandwide in Singapore, powered by Oddle.
Beef Bean Paste Jigae ($14.90)

Be spoilt for choice by the wide variety of traditional Korean dishes you can get at Hongdae Oppa. Look forward to a selection of meats, stews and familiar Korean delights like seafood pancake and japchae. You’ll never think of soup as plain and boring again. Especially not after seeing the flavourful and nutrient-packed Beef Bean Paste Jigae($14.90)!

If you’re planning a watch party to binge-watch Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, don’t hesitate to order their All-In Feast Set ($50.50 for 4-5 pax). Stay home, cuddle up with your friends and family, and have an unforgettable watch-fest.


Sharing Set ($79, for 3 to 4 pax)

Meat lovers rejoice: if you’d like to take your Korean BBQ Delivery up a notch from Seoul Garden’s grills, there is no better place than SEORAE, which is famous for their charcoal-grilled KBBQ and quality meat cuts. Have ready-cooked grilled meat sets delivered to you for your stay-home comfort food parties. If you’re someone who loves KBBQ but would rather skip the grillwork, this is for you!

Their bundle sets are a jaw-dropping steal: the Pork Sharing Set ($79, for 3 to 4 pax) comes with a whopping spread of grilled pork belly, skirt meat, chicken, sharing staples like kimchi pancake, soft tofu stew, steamed fluffy rice to go around and of course, banchan (side dishes).

6. Bonchon Singapore

Six-piece Wings (Small) ($9.50)

Ever watched a K-drama and started salivating as they guzzled fried chicken in front of you? We’ve all been there. Thankfully, with fried chicken delivery from the famous South Korean franchise, Bonchon Singaporefried-chicken-FOMO will be a thing of the past. Deep-fried twice for texture and glazed with sauce that clings to the meat (and not your fingers), Bonchon’s signature FRIED chicken is hyped to be the crispiest and crunchiest in town.

If you’re hankering for chicken wings a la Chir Chir’s, a set of their original recipe Six-piece Wings (Small) ($9.50) guarantees a bang for your buck. But if you’re someone who loves your chicken meaty and thicc, go for the Whole Chicken Parts (Small) ($17 for 2 pax).

7. Jinjja Chicken

Big Bang Combo Set A ($49.90)

Looking for Halal Korean food delivery? With spicy chicken and jjajangmyeon, nothing screams comforting fast food as much as Jinjja Chicken’s signature dishes. Set on bringing the best of Korea’s street food around the world, this halal-certified franchise prides itself on using the freshest ingredients. And minimal processed ingredients and additives, too.

Tear into their popular Big Bang Combo Set A ($49.90, for 4 to 5 pax) that features the best of Korean finger food: 16 signature JINJJA wings, 4 JINJJA drumsticks, 1 Kimbap, 6 seafood mandus (Korean dumplings), 2 sets of fries and 4 sodas. 

8. Patbingsoo Korean Dining House

Marrying the best of sweet and savoury Korean comfort food, Patbingsoo Korean Dining House serves up an impressive selection of street food that transports you back to the busy streets of Myeongdong Night Market—all sent to your doorstep with Korean food delivery!

Patbingsoo Korean Dining House || Korean Food Delivery
Kimchi Mandu Jjigae ($13.90)

Nothing screams Korean comfort food like a steaming pot of army stew. Go for the classic Budae Jjigae ($13.90), or take things up a notch with the Kimchi Mandu Jjigae ($13.90), which comes with delicious deep-fried Kimchi pork dumplings.

Patbingsoo Korean Dining House || Korean Food Delivery
 Tteok Carbonara ($12.90)

If you’re looking for an indulgent treat to accompany your next K-drama binge, you have to order the Tteok Carbonara ($12.90), a hotplate of Korean rice cakes, bacon and corn kernels, sauteed and served in a decadent cheese and cream sauce.

9. Han Pan Korean Restaurant

With premium ingredients imported all the way from Korea and Europe. Look forward to high-quality Korean comfort food at Han Pan Korean Restaurant.

Han Pan Korean Restaurant || Korean Food Delivery

Be spoilt for choice with their wide array of Korean delicacies, from soups and stews to bulgogi meats and pancakes. We recommend their housemate Kimchi ($12.90 for a 600g jar) and Bossam Pork ($15.80), a pork shoulder that is boiled in fragrant spices and thinly sliced.

Han Pan Korean Restaurant || Korean Food Delivery

Han Pan also has all your party needs covered, with curated sets for up to 6 people. Dig into their Signature Set ($90, for 4 to 6 pax), which comes with a pancake, bulgogi meats, stew, rice and drinks. At less than $20 per person, we think this is a pretty good deal in terms of Korean food delivery!

10. DAEBAK Korean Restaurant

Comforting, fuss-free Korean soul food—what’s not to love? Fans of DAEBAK Korean Restaurant would definitely strongly recommend their Tofu Soup ($9.70). It might sound like a simple dish but it packs a punch with Daebak’s very own unique broth. For those that prefer the classic style of Korean food delivery (think the steel boxes filled with stacks of delivery fare), opt for their Kimchi Fried Rice ($11.70). Enjoy stir-fried grains with their very own house-made kimchi, and completed with a perfect sunny-side-up.