Jaw-droppingly good Japanese food and superb seafood delivery reviewed by Food King

Japanese & seafood delivery favourites
Japanese Restaurant: • TonkichiAkashi
Ramen/Noodle: • IPPUDORamen Champion
Seafood Restaurant: • Wan He Lou JUMBO Seafood

Food King hosts order seafood delivery from the Oddle Eats Awards’ Best Seafood Restaurant and claw their way through some of Singapore’s all-time best crab and lobster dishes. Watch the latest episode “Why We No Longer Eat Chilli Crab” (what? why??) to find out which dishes absolutely crabtivated them.

In the same sitting, they also unwrap their picks for Best Japanese Food and Best Ramen / Noodle favourites that deliver islandwide.

What’s your take on Food King’s reviews? With ordering in having earned front-row tickets to our list of newfound habits 2020, many of us have become food delivery connoisseurs. Especially when it’s become so easy to discover and sample good food from all over Singapore, without having to do the actual legwork of travelling there.

From having saved shortcuts to all our favourite foods, to memorising the delivery fees across our top restaurants and knowing the best time to order to avoid delays, we’ve levelled up our food delivery game 20000% this year. So yes, ownself can say ownself: Food Delivery Connoisseur.



Tonkichi kickstarts the second episode with a show-stopping appearance, as the hosts struggled with the extra-safe packaging. The Iberico Rosu Katsu Set ($39.60) blew them away, with Chef Shen taking a trip down memory lane as she shared more about her first date at Tonkichi. Judging based on delivery standards, the breaded katsu pork managed to retain its juicy texture which received compliments from all.

The main star of the dish for the 2 Person Sharing ($58.30) was the Japanese deep-fried oyster, also known as Kaki Fry (Furai  カキフライ). The fresh, juicy briny morsels surprised the lot where they expressed that the oysters were relatively very fresh. Oysters full of creaminess and delightful sea flavours – “What is there not to love?” Tonkichi takes it away and gets a vote from Ryan!


It is uncommon that makis with beef fillings are sold by Japanese restaurants but Akashi certainly left its mark with their Yakiniku Wagyu Maki ($29.80). While the premium Wagyu beef made the dish relatively heavy, the pickles elevated its umami flavour. Thank you, next!

Calling all truffle lovers, this may just be the dish for you. The Omakase Chirashi ($138) took front row seats this episode, winning the spotlight with its repertoire of quality Japanese ingredients accompanied with fresh crisped seaweed.

Don’t be fooled by this simple dish – The Ninniku Yaki Meshi ($9.20) is a Japanese garlic fried and interestingly, one of Ryan’s favourite dish! While it pleased the lot , there was nothing too striking or extremely memorable or in the words of Aiken, ‘nothing to write home about’.



Over the years, IPPUDO has encapsulated the hearts of many as the famous hakata ramen branch became the hot topic of conversation in recent years. Shockingly, Ippudo’s original Akamaru Shinaji Ramen ($17.50) and Miso Akamaru ($18.50) didn’t quite impress. Nothing out of the ordinary and for the lack of a better word – ‘temperamental’. Oh well, maybe it’ll blow your mind another day! 

Ramen Champion

Starting off with Ramen Champion’s Champion Maze Soba ($14.77), the dish left a fishy taste (literally and figuratively) when the hosts reviewed. A tad dry and perhaps one for the intense seafood lovers, there was not much to shout about from the Food King team.

On the contrary, the Spicy God Ramen ($19.46) truly lived up to its name. Every spoonful left the hosts wanting more and boy do we wanna lick our screens! 


Wan He Lou

Delving more into the best seafood restaurants, let’s take a look at Wan He Lou. A mistake on Aiken’s part landed the team with the Lobster Ramen Bonanza ($98) instead of the famous Lobster Porridge.

Skepticism filled the room regarding the broth being lacklustre. Perhaps a bad day? We only wished they tried the porridge!

JUMBO Seafood

On the higher end of seafood goodness, we have the famous JUMBO Seafood. A place where families often gather during special occasions. JUMBO’s Black Pepper Mud Crab ($83) impressed with the juicy and succulent black pepper crab and truth be told – we expected no less. 

There’s a balanced merriment of flavour amplified the best of both sweet and spicy flavours in the dish. Retaining its high quality standards and touted as a “good representation of black pepper crabs in Singapore”, this is a must-try!

Lastly, the grand Live Australian Lobster Braised with Glass Vermicelli and “Sha Cha” Sauce ($188) was simply irresistible.The trio won the hearts of the panel and secured gold this episode with their crustacean delights.

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