The 9 best fine-dining meals to be savoured in the comfort of home

Fancy plates on the way
Jolly Japanese:  • Akira Back  • Fat Cow
Wonderful Western:  • Burnt Ends  • Salted & Hung  • Bedrock Bar & GrillStellar at 1-Altitude
Exceptional European:  • Monti At 1-Pavilion • The White Rabbit  • Iggy’s

Celebrating special occasions outside have gotten trickier with sneaky Corona on its world tour. Fine-dining restaurants are operating at reduced capacity, so snagging that coveted table feels more elusive than striking lottery. If deciding where to go gives a headache, let the fancy meal come to you with a few clicks instead. Dig up elegant plates and wine glasses, throw white linen over the table, and you’re all ready for that schmancy delivery. Lavish lounge-ins at home are easy with these 9 fine-dining deliveries from Japanese to Western.

1. The White Rabbit

The White Rabbit's Festive Gourmet Set ($428)
Fine-dining at home doesn’t have to be shabby, especially if you’re ordering The White Rabbit’s Festive Gourmet Set ($428)

Recreate the European holiday feels with meals from The White Rabbit. The romantic At Home Experience meal for two ($138) is great for bonding over the stove (foolproof instructions included). For the epicureans out there, have a merry Christmas with the Festive Indulgence Set ($148) and Festive Gourmet Set ($428), which includes indulgent items such as Iberico pork collar ham, roasted black truffle chicken and even a tin of 8 Gems caviar.

2. Burnt Ends

2 Legs King Crab in Garlic Brown Butter ($101.65) from Burnt Ends
The 2 Legs King Crab in Garlic Brown Butter ($101.65) from Burnt Ends will leave you riveted with their freshness

Turn the heat up with one-Michelin-starred Burnt Ends. This modern barbecue restaurant is all about savouring the beauty of cooking with wood. The meals for two to 10 persons (from $187.30) cater for every occasion from romantic nights in to family gatherings. These dishes are definitely not your usual campfire hacks. They include taramasalata (cured pollock roe emulsified with house-made sourdough and olive oil and topped with kombu, chives and dill fronds), smoky beef marmalade and grilled Norwegian king crab legs. Prefer small bites? Get the equally satiating Steak Fritez ($37.50), Steak Sando ($48.20) and oven-baked Bone Marrow Bun ($15).

3. Iggy’s

Iggy's Yellow Croaker Bento ($68)
Aromatic flavours: Iggy’s Yellow Croaker Bento ($68) has an apple wood-smoked fish with fennel salad, roasted tomatoes and three snacks

Iggy’s gives you the finesse of a Michelin-starred restaurant right in the comfort of your own home. And you can enjoy it all in your jammies. Bentos such as the Yellow Croaker Bento ($68) or the Roasted Suckling Pig Bento ($82) are great for solo dining, while the Iggy’s Family Feast ($360) will impress friends and family.

4. Monti at 1-Pavilion

All Things Delicious set for two ($99) from Monti at 1-Pavilion
Have an elegant Italian meal at home with bundles like the All Things Delicious set for two ($99) from Monti at 1-Pavilion

Elegant Italian meals at home are an easy affair with bundles and a la carte dishes from Monti at 1-Pavillion. Get the All Things Delicious ($99) set for two or The Italian Artisan Bundle ($199) for four, including truffle mushroom soup, seafood fregula and tiramisu. Or mix and match your own two- and three-course meals with options such as Burratina Cheese ($16), Tagliatelle ($15) and Pan Seared Norwegian Salmon ($24).

5. Stellar at 1-Altitude

Stellar at 1-Altitude's  The Omnivores Delight ($260)
Thriller for three: Stellar at 1-Altitude’s The Omnivores Delight set includes Petuna ocean trout and 100 hour-cooked wagyu brisket ($260)

Soar to gastronomic heights with exquisite dishes from Stellar at 1-Altitude. Seafood lovers will relish the Feeling Pescatarian ($200) set for three while surf and turf fans will enjoy the Omninvores Delight ($260), which includes the Petuna ocean trout, dubbed the wagyu of the sea. If you want to add a personal touch to the meal, order the Fish On The Fire for 2 ($128), which comes with instructions on how to finish the fish with flair.

6. Bedrock Bar & Grill

Bedrock Bar & Grill's Tomahawk Steak & Wine Set ($288)
Get steak indoors with 2-3 friends over Bedrock Bar & Grill’s Tomahawk Steak & Wine Set ($288)

Celebrate the weekends with an indoor steak-out! Bedrock Bar & Grill‘s meaty selections such as the Tomahawk Steak & Wine Set ($288, good for 3-4 pax) guarantee a party in the mouth and happy bellies. Home alone? No problem. Having a Signature Bedrock Black Pepper Steak Rice Bowl ($68) with a shiraz cabernet ($28), or a Rosemary Chicken Rice Bowl ($34) with chardonnay ($28), with jazz playing in the candlelit background, is a perfectly legit soirée you should throw for yourself.

7. Fat Cow

Fat Cow's 21 days Dry-aged Nagasaki Wagyu A5 Premium Donburi ($138)
Dive into beef paradise with Fat Cow’s 21 days Dry-aged Nagasaki Wagyu A5 Premium Donburi ($138)

Craving for beef? Look to Fat Cow for unforgettable donburis topped with the highest grade wagyu. Savour the 21-days Dry-Aged Nagasaki Wagyu A5 Premium Donburi ($138) or sink your teeth into The Fat Cow Wagyu Sandwich (S$88). Or focus on the meat alone with the fine-grained, glossily marbled Saga A5 Wagyu ($158) and the Miyazaki A4 Wagyu Striploin ($128), weighing 150g each.

8. Salted & Hung

Salted & Hung's Wagyu Pastrami Sandwich ($25)
Lunch perks with Salted & Hung’s delicious Wagyu Pastrami Sandwich ($25)

Contemporary Australian restaurant Salted & Hung offers nose-to-tail dishes done in creative ways such as smoking, curing and pickling. We highly recommend the Wagyu Pastrami Sandwich with Mustard & Pickles ($25) and the Chargrilled King Island Grass-fed Beef ($158 for 800g). If there’re more tummies to share the calories, add the Porchetta ($78 for 1kg to feed four) and Lasagna (from $75) for a truly satisfying feast.

9. Akira Back

Akira Back's Perfect Storm (left, $25) & Holy Cow ($32)
Party in the mouth: Akira Back’s Perfect Storm (left, $25) & Holy Cow ($32) sushi rolls are a riot of flavours

Take sushi eating to the next level with extravagant Korean-riffed selections from Akira Back. Try the wittily named Brother from Another Mother ($25), featuring mouthwatering unagi and anago with creamy shaved foie gras torchon. Bestsellers like the Signature Tuna Pizza ($27) and Best of Both Worlds (from $45) set also add a touch of glamour to your pizza nights.