5 Places with Delicious Chicken Delivery in Singapore

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Halal Fried Chicken • Arnold’s Fried Chicken Jinjja Chicken Jollibee Singapore
Chicken Chop • ChopS! Grill & Sides
Steamed Chicken Soup Restaurant

From 1st June, Malaysia will halt all exports of chicken to mitigate its own domestic shortage. Despite this “chicken ban”, Singapore still has other sources of supply, so chicken lovers can rest assured. Here are 5 places on Oddle Eats you can still get some of the best chicken via delivery in Singapore.

1. Arnold’s Fried Chicken

Arnold’s Fried Chicken’s Variety Feast (for 5 pax) (from $52.20++)

Serving up some of the best fried chicken in Singapore, Arnold’s Fried Chicken needs no introduction. You can get your own quick fix from their options like the 2 Piece Meal (from $8.90++), accompanied by fries and coleslaw. If your family members are chicken lovers, then you should get either the Variety Feast (for 5 pax) (from $52.20++), or the 10 Piece Chicken Chest (from $35.20++). Treat yourself to some juicy, crispy chicken on delivery with their delicious range of options.

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2. ChopS! Grill & Sides

ChopS! Grill & Sides’ Signature Grilled Chop (from $9.90++)

With both delicious chicken and scrumptious sides, ChopS! Grill & Sides will solve your chicken craving in no time. Sink your teeth into their Signature Grilled Chop (from $9.90++), grilled to perfection and topped with mushroom sauce. You can also opt for the Ha Cheong Chicken (Single) (from $9.90++) for a local spin on the already popular fried chicken. Each main comes with 2 side dishes, with favourites like Cheesy Mac or Crispy Fries to choose from.

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3. Jinjja Chicken

Jinjja Chicken’s Jinjja Wings (from $8.90++)

Speaking of chicken, you can’t miss out on Jinjja Chicken, some of the best Korean fried chicken in Singapore. There’s lots of room for variation: you can choose between wings and drumsticks, pairing it with fries or rice, and also selecting your favourite sauce. With Soy Garlic, the sweet-and-spicy Yangnyeom, and mouth-numbing Monster sauce to choose from, there’s something for everyone with different spice tolerance. Consider the Chicken Wings Bap (from $8.50++) for a meal with rice, or the Jinjja Wings (from $8.90)++ so you can enjoy fries at the same time. If you’re eating with others, Jinjja Chicken has their Combo Sets and Party Sets for you to choose from as well. They’re good for groups in the range of 2 to 3, or up to 10 people as well.

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4. Jollibee Singapore

Jollibee Singapore’s 8pc Chickenjoy Bucket Ala Carte (from $24++)

Now a household name, Jollibee Singapore is also in the running for selling the best fried chicken in Singapore. You can treat yourself to a delicious 1pc Chickenjoy Spaghetti Value Meal (from $8++) for an affordable combination of juicy fried chicken and spaghetti. For an even fuller meal, you can go all-out with the 2pc Steak & Joy Value Meal (from $11.25++). Not only does it have 2 pieces of crispy chicken goodness, you’ll also have a taste of their yummy Burger Steak. And of course, each meal comes with their signature savoury gravy we all love.

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5. Soup Restaurant

Soup Restaurant’s Samsui Ginger Chicken (from $25.90++)

Relish the flavours of tradition and heritage with Soup Restaurant‘s quality dishes. They started off with home-cooked recipes to evoke nostalgia; their menu has only continued growing, each item a delicacy made with extreme care. You have to try their Samsui Ginger Chicken (from $25.90++), steamed to be tender and delicious even on its own. Pair it with their fragrant ginger sauce for an exquisite taste that delights you. Otherwise, consider a nourishing soup like Double-Boiled Black Chicken Soup in Whole Coconut (from $18.90++). The pairing of chicken and coconut will replenish you with antioxidants as you sip on this flavourful speciality.

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With Oddle Eats, you can always satisfy your cravings for all sorts of delicious chicken with delivery in Singapore!