6 Early Bird Deals for Exceptional Mooncakes in Singapore

Sink your teeth into these delicious mooncakes
Snowskin Mooncakes • Carlton Hotel (Festive Store) Goodwood Park Hotel (Festive Promotions – Mid Autumn)
Chocolate Mooncakes • London Fat Duck Rive Gauche
Egg Custard Mooncakes Peninsula Boutique
Teochew Mooncakes • Swatow Seafood

As Mid-Autumn Festival 2022 approaches, it’s customary to mark this most anticipated occasion with a sweet treat—mooncakes! This year, Oddle Eats is back again with our largest virtual Mooncake Festival, as we round up some Early Bird promotions and spectacular selections just for you. Let these 6 quality eateries amaze you with the best mooncake offerings in Singapore!

1. Carlton Hotel (Festive Store)

Carlton Hotel’s Mini Sakura Milk Tea Snowskin ($80)

This mid-autumn, celebrate with Carlton Hotel‘s luxurious selection at Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant.

Find an impressive line-up of both baked and snowskin variants for you to savour, including the new Mini Sakura Milk Tea Snowskin ($80 for 8 pieces) mooncake. Being aesthetically and gastronomically pleasing, you’ll love the seamless union of creamy milk tea lotus paste and chocolate crunch bits.

Alternatively, indulge in the Mini ‘Mao Shan Wang’ Durian Snowskin ($88 for 8 pieces). A definite crowd-pleaser, it’s made without preservatives and contains decadent durian pulp. The Mini Green Tea, Yuzu and Plum Snowskin ($80 for 8 pieces) is another great choice for a subtler flavour.

From now till 12 August, get 30% OFF your mooncake orders.

2. Goodwood Park Hotel (Festive Promotions)

Goodwood Park Hotel’s Durian Combo ($116)

For a larger variety of delectable snowskin mooncakes, place your order with Goodwood Park Hotel. Their mooncakes are freshly handcrafted with no preservatives and elevated by the most wonderful flavours.

Try their new Ondeh Ondeh (from $52 for 2 pieces), a unique mooncake flavour in Singapore. With a rich pandan centre enveloped in choux pastry, along with Java gula Melaka, this may be your favourite mooncake in 2022. For something fruity, Strawberry (from $48 for 2 pieces) is loaded with fresh strawberry and soursop purée carrying a refreshing and tangy flavour in every bite.

From now till 18 August, enjoy 25% OFF when you order a minimum of 2 boxes. Do take note to select only mooncakes from the ‘Early Bird Offer’ category.

3. London Fat Duck

London Roast Duck’s Black Pearl Durian Snowskin Mooncake ($128)

Known for plating up juicy roast duck, London Roast Duck is making their mark with delicious mooncakes as well.

Apart from offering the familiar Double Yolk Baked Mooncake with White Lotus ($72.80 for 4 pieces), there’s more in store. Try their Hershey’s Chocolate Mooncake ($68.80 for 4 pieces), a rich treat baked with creamy chocolate. With molten chocolate bursting from each bite, this is one mooncake you must try in Singapore.

From now till 15 August, spend at least $100 to enjoy a $10 discount.

4. Peninsula Boutique

The Peninsula Boutique’s Mini Egg Custard Mooncake ($86)

Hailing from Hong Kong, The Peninsula Boutique offers an outstanding range of the hotel group’s delicacies.

Since 1986, they’ve elevated Mid-Autumn Festival with their renowned egg custard mooncakes. Now, you’ll get to enjoy these speciality mooncakes right here in Singapore! For a novel experience, snag the Mini Egg Custard Mooncakes ($86 for 8 pieces) a must-share!

Tea-lovers, you may like the Mini Tea Flavoured Egg Custard Mooncakes ($92 for 8 pieces). Take your pick from flavours like subtle Earl Grey, Lychee Black Tea, Tie Guan Yin, and Peninsula Blend Tea, a superb gift for your loved ones.

From now till 17 August, get a 20% Early Bird discount when you order with Oddle Eats.

5. Rive Gauche

Rive Gauche’s Signature Guanaja Snowskin Mooncake ($78)

Known for their exceptional cakes and pastries, Rive Gauche ensures their mooncakes are made with the same dedication and quality.

You’ll have to get their Signature Guanaja Snowskin Mooncake ($78 for 8 pieces). Made into delightful bite-sized pieces, it boasts a Guanaja truffle chocolate core, within the classic white lotus paste. The snowskin is also made with 70% Guanaja dark chocolate, so it’s not overly sweet. They also make healthier versions of the Traditional Baked Mooncake with Lotus Paste ($60 for 4 pieces), with reduced sugar. Or, opt for the variant with Double Yolk ($72.80 for 4 pieces) if you prefer it with a savoury element.

Place an order by 14 August for a 25% discount on your mooncake purchases.

6. Swatow Seafood

Swatow Seafood’s Flaky Teochew “Orh Nee” Yam Paste ($70)

With Teochew cuisine being their expertise, Swatow Seafood has also been making the Teochew mooncake accessible in Singapore annually.

Made with a flaky, spiral crust and yam paste, these are just as scrumptious as the Cantonese counterpart we’re accustomed to. Consider the Flaky Teochew “Orh Nee” Yam Paste ($70 for 4 pieces) for smooth yam paste and a crisp exterior. You can also get the Flaky Teochew Black Bean Paste ($67 for 4 pieces) for more variety.

To enjoy their Early Bird discount, make a purchase before 22 August for 25% off all their mooncakes.

While there’s still time now, take your pick from these quality mooncake offerings at their promotional prices. Browse through Oddle Eats’ Mooncake Guide 2022 for more delectable mooncake selections in Singapore!