7 Places that Serve Authentic Turkish Cuisine in Singapore

Delightful Turkish specialties for you to taste
Dine-in Feasts Byblos Grill CAPPADOCIA Turkish Restaurant
Delicious Wraps Kazbar Deli Miznon
Great Sharing Food Kazbar Le Rida Tabbouleh

Commonly known Turkish cuisine is colourful, flavourful, and healthy, with tons of delicious options even for vegetarians! Brace yourself as we invite you to hunt down some of the best Turkish food in Singapore here on Oddle Eats. Save them on your list as they turn into your next favourite spot!


1. Byblos Grill

Byblos Grill’s Lamb Kofta ($26.90)

Situated within Kampong Glam and minutes away from the cultural landmark of Singapore Sultan Mosque, this Lebanese Turkish site at Byblos Grill boasts a cosy interior that seemingly transports you overseas! This family-friendly space hosts both outdoor and indoor dining, with a dedicated space for events and special occasions.

If you are a fan of eggplant, be sure to try Babaganoush ($14.50). This appetising charcoal-grilled goodness is complemented with herbs, pomegranate, lemon juice and olive oil. For a hearty stew of Dawood Basha ($25.50), containing minced lamb and pine nuts, cooked in tomato and coriander sauce. They also offer rolls and wrap like Chicken Shawarma ($17.50) filled with roasted sliced Shawarma chicken, garlic sauce and a handful of fresh lettuce and pickles.

Where: 14 Bussorah Street, Singapore, 199435

2. CAPPADOCIA Turkish Restaurant

Just a little way down from Byblos Grill is CAPPADOCIA Turkish Restaurant, more often known as CAPPA. Having reopened in March 2022, customers have since been flocking back for some amazing Turkish food in Singapore. Home to great food and service, they also serve up a hippie music playlist fit for a relaxing night out.

Offering a wide selection of hot and cold starters, consider hot ones like Falafel ($16.90) for mashed chickpea fritters, and Halloumi ($18.90) for delicious, grilled cheese slices or cold ones like Cacik ($14.90). These are all meatless choices and an abundance of great taste and texture.

While you’re here, get a Lahmacun as well—the Turkish variation of a pizza. Each Lahmacun (from $21.90) sees an eight-inch piece of bread topped with minced vegetables with your choice of either lamb, chicken, or more vegetables. For an unforgettable meal, don’t miss their Mix CAPPA Kebab ($64.90). Featuring four types of charcoal-grilled lamb and chicken skewers, along with chicken wings, this will truly please your palate.

Where: 69 Bussorah Street, Singapore, 199482


3. Kazbar

Kazbar’s delicious Mixed Grill Platter

If you’re having friends over, this is the perfect time for all of you to try Kazbar‘s delicious offerings together.

For 2 or 3 diners, try their gluten-free Skewer Party Platter ($48), with 5 skewers of chicken, lamb, and falafel each. It also comes with complimentary harissa (hot chili), garlic, and tahini (sesame) sauce dips too.

If you are hosting a larger group, you’ll love the Dips Platter and Mixed Grill Platter ($289) that can feed about 8 people comfortably. There are 8 dips with delicious items like hummus, babaganoush (eggplant dip), and garlic spinach. This is complemented with a total of 6 types of delicious grills that include a variety of different cuts of lamb and chicken.

Enjoy authentic Turkish food in Singapore, here with Kazbar.

4. Kazbar Deli

Kazbar Deli’s Fatayel Wrap ($16)

Another establishment by the Kazbar team, Kazbar Deli excels in wraps and burgers. Here, you can expect delicious Turkish grub that’s also convenient to eat. The Fattoush ($15) is a great meatless option for a light meal or an appetiser. This refreshing Lebanese salad contains cucumber, romaine lettuce, tomato, mint, and croutons, dressed with lemon juice, pomegranate molasses, and extra virgin olive oil.

For your all-in-one meal, consider the Beef Shawarma ($16) for premium shaved beef and delicious greens wrapped with tahini sauce. Another option is the Fatayel Wrap ($16), featuring a ground lamb wrap with pine nuts, herbs, greens, and hummus.

5. Le Rida

Apart from offering delicious Turkish food here in Singapore, Le Rida also carries French and North Indian cuisine. To try a variety of options, order in a couple of dishes to share with your family!

The Motabal ($15.70) is made with roasted eggplant, sesame, lemon juice, and olive oil. Complemented with pomegranate seeds, you’ll love pairing this with their Pitta Bread ($8.80), or even by itself. Le Rida is also known for their Reyash Ghanam ($30.31), tender, smokey lamb chops with saffron rice. Seafood lovers, you can try the Mixed Seafood Grill for 2 pax ($56), for flavourful prawns and fish fillets.

6. Miznon

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Since we’re talking about the best Turkish food in Singapore, then we have to include Miznon.

Founded in Israel by Israeli “MasterChef” Eyal Shani, the two cuisines largely overlap due to influences from the former Ottoman Empire. Now, you can enjoy these palatable dishes in convenient pita wraps, in the comfort of your home. Their signature, the Pita Candy Brisket ($24), sees seared overnight beef brisket wrapped with tahini, pickles, chili, onions, and tomatoes. Vegetarian items like the Lavan ($16) are also yummy options, with roasted cauliflower, tahini, salsa, chili, and spring onion.

7. Tabbouleh

Tabbouleh’s Seafood Mix Grill ($74.90)

Concluding the list is Tabbouleh, boasting an assortment of quality Turkish food for you to try in Singapore.

Try their namesake salad, the Tabbouleh ($13.90), to whet your appetite. Let it invigorate you with fresh chopped Lebanese parsley, crushed wheat, tomato, onions, lemon juice, and extra virgin olive oil. Get a Cheese Manaqish ($14.90), a delicious pizza equivalent with cucumber, tomato, and olives.

Sharing platters are also available. For a group of 4, you can get the Mixed Grill for 4 ($99.90) too. Starring skewers of lamb and chicken prepared in multiple ways, you’re bound to have a satisfying meal at home.

Let these great places introduce you to some of the best authentic Turkish food in Singapore. For more food discovery and recommendations, visit Oddle Eats now.