7 Best Cafes and Restaurants at Haji Lane

Haji Lane cafes and restaurants you don’t want to miss.
Delicious Heritage Cuisine HJH Maimunah Delivery Padi @ Bussorah The Coconut Club
Fancy European Fare The Masses The Secret Garden Cicheti
Convenient Bowls Overrice

With its smorgasbord of food options, it’s easy to be spoilt for choice at Haji Lane. After all, this hip neighbourhood is home to a variety of comfort food places and hidden gems. Follow our guide here on Oddle Eats to find out what best to try amongst the countless Haji Lane cafes and restaurants.


1. HJH Maimunah

Established in 1992, HJH Maimunah has been serving delicious fare for decades. Originally a Middle Eastern-based catering service for Hajj pilgrims, it’s since become one of the few Halal eateries listed in the Michelin Guide Singapore’s Bib Gourmand List.

Their Original Ambeng Platter ($33) serves delicious ayam lemak cili padi, beef rendang, and more sumptuous picks, suitable for 2 to 3 diners. Other signature dishes include Lemak Siput Sedut ($10.50): fresh sea snails in spicy coconut gravy, and barbecued stingray ($8.80). Check out their Begedel ($4.40 for 4 pcs), made with Indonesian Brastagi potatoes for a soft and creamy texture!

Where: 11 Jalan Pisang, Singapore 199078

2. Padi @ Bussorah

Mention “nasi ambeng”, and Padi @ Bussorah often comes to mind. This Haji Lane restaurant is fitted with a patio, great for you to unwind outdoors. Here, you can feast to your heart’s content while soaking in the hustle and bustle of the neighbourhood. 

Order their Nasi Ambeng Platter (from $16.90) to enjoy either by yourself, or to share amongst up to 5 people. Tuck into mouthwatering servings of beef rendang, chicken in spicy coconut gravy, sambal squid, and paru—spiced beef lung. You’ll also enjoy vegetables like sambal goreng (stir-fried long beans with tofu and tempeh), begedel, and sayur lodeh. Each platter is served with sambal belacan, elevating your experience to the next level.

Meat lovers can consider the Mandi Rice Platter (from $60), great for 2 to share. If you’re in a group of four, you can all eat your fill with the larger portion. Served with braised lamb shank, grilled chicken, salad, and soup, it’s a real hearty treat. Aside from traditional Malay dishes, Padi also offers western options such as Kampong Glam Fish & Chips ($20.90).

Where: 53 Bussorah Street, Singapore 199469

3. The Masses

Combine French food with Asian influences, and you’ll discover a world of innovative cuisine at The Masses. Located close to Haji Lane, this Franco-Asian restaurant prides itself on serving food that “Monsieur, Mademoiselle, and Ah Ma will love”.

The C&C&C&C Pasta (from $17.90) lives up to this promise, with angel hair pasta and delightful ingredients. The addition of crabmeat, chorizo crumble, caviar, confit lemon, and lobster sauce adds a luxurious touch to the dish. Served chilled, this iconic dish is a gastronomic delight down to the last mouthful. Meanwhile, the French Duck Confit ($21.90) gets a delicious Asian makeover, having “Wok Hey” rice noodles added to the mix.

You can also drop by on weekdays for a 2 or 3 Course Lunch, available from 11.30am – 3.30pm. It comprises your choice of starter, main, and dessert of the day, for a wonderful midday meal.

Where: 85 Beach Road, #01-02, Singapore 189694

4. The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden’s Chicken Cordon Blue ($28)

Ever heard of the phrase, “a feast for the senses”? The Secret Garden is one of these Haji Lane cafes, serving Halal dishes that are both delicious and beautiful. Here, you can dine on French-inspired cuisine amid a backdrop of floral installations, invoking a real garden’s atmosphere.

Try their Chicken Cordon Bleu ($28), served with potato fondant and topped with creamy Dijon sauce. Or, you can also tuck into some delectable al dente pasta. The Smoked Duck Aglio Olio ($24) and Mushroom Trio Truffle Spaghetti ($22) are some popular choices on the menu.

Finally, quench your thirst with a refreshing mocktail or two. The Secret Garden ($9.50), their signature, is a delightful mix of elderflower, vanilla, and cranberry juice. You can also consider Mad Berries ($9.50), delivering a concoction of strawberry, blueberry, blackcurrant, and cranberry to you. 

Where: 19 Baghdad Street, #01-19, Singapore 199658


5. Cicheti

Satiate cravings for Italian fare with Cicheti, a shophouse Italian restaurant located on Kandahar Street. 

Enjoy Cicheti’s appetising Neapolitan pizzas straight from their wood-fired oven with your family at home. You can order either a Classic Pizza Party ($70.50) or its Meatless counterpart ($70) for salad, 2 pizzas, and dessert. For pasta, a classic Spaghetti ($24) with ricotta and housemade tomato sauce will certainly hit the spot. You can also try their Gnocchi ($28) for a pleasant chewiness, paired with forest mushrooms and truffle ricotta.

6. Overrice

Overrice’s Pulled Beef Bowl ($13.70)

If you’ve tried popular food cart The Halal Guys in New York, you’ll love to hear this. You can enjoy a Singaporean rendition here at one of the Haji Lane cafes called Overrice. They offer fresh, all-in-one rice bowls with your choice of protein. Opt for slow-cooked pulled beef, grilled chicken, or falafel balls. Each bowl comes with seasoned basmati rice, freshly baked pita bread, and mixed salad. The highlight of these incredible bowls? A secret white sauce and hot chilli blend, both made fresh in-house and bottled daily. 

Consider your family lunch settled with the Family of 4 ($64) bundle. With 2 chicken bowls, 2 pulled beef bowls and drinks, you’ll have a tasty and convenient lunch. Substantiate your meal with sides like Falafel Bites ($9.10) or Yawn Balls ($9.10), made with yam and prawn filling.  

7. The Coconut Club

The Coconut Club’s Ayam Goreng Berempah Leg Set ($18.80)

Elevating heritage cuisine since 2015, The Coconut Club has found a new home on Beach Road near Haji Lane. 

Their Nasi Lemak is the OG dish that has landed this cosy restaurant on Singapore’s culinary map. Choose from three local favourites: Ayam Goreng Berempah ($18.80), Kembong ($18.80), or Otah ($10.80). Each of these wonderful choices comes with coconut rice, a fried egg, anchovies, peanuts, cucumbers, and sambal. Top it off with side dishes like their Tauhu Bergedil Ketam Rebung ($16), an innovative delicacy. This Beach Road exclusive serves tofu skin stuffed with crab, bamboo shoot, shiitake, potato, egg and kecap manis.

When it comes to food at Haji Lane, some may find it hard to lock onto one place. With its sheer amount of restaurants and variety of cuisines, it’s likened to a microcosm of Singapore’s melting pot culture. Whether you’re ordering in or dining out, let Oddle Eats recommend you great places for your next meal!