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9 Best Sushi Delivery Spots In Singapore To ‘Maki’ You Salivate

Updated for 2022: Oh-soy-delicious sushi delivery to quickly satisfy your cravings
All-time Favourites Genki Sushi Ichiban Boshi Kuriya Japanese Market
Something Unique Omoté RAPPU Handroll Bar Sauté Sushi
Delicious Classics AkashiHimawari Japanese RestaurantSUN with MOON Japanese Dining & Cafe

You can never go wrong with quality Japanese food, especially when it comes to sushi delivery. If there was a lifetime subscription, we’d be the first to sign up! Transport your tastebuds to Japan with 9 wonderful sushi restaurants for island-wide delivery, exclusively on Oddle Eats.

1. Akashi

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A favourite amongst celebrities and diplomats, Akashi uses only the finest ingredients. Offering 18 different types of sashimi and sushi platters in various sizes, there will never be a shortage of options. Sushi Platter B (from $85.80) stars salmon, halibut fin, amberjack, unagi, sweet shrimp, and tuna. It’s an epicurean feast that’ll appeal to even the most discerning of gourmands. They also serve a wide range of donburis like Hon Maguro Shoyuzuke Don (from $66.20). Indulge in freshly sliced Japanese bluefin tuna marinated in Akashi special soya sauce atop a bed of fluffy Japanese rice.

2. Genki Sushi

When you think of Genki Sushi, the first thing that comes to mind is often their “Kousoku Express” sending your meal on a speedy double rail. Apart from this unique concept, they’re known for their fresh and affordable sushi.

They offer multiple sushi platters like the Classic Set A (from $10.90). With 19 pieces topped with a myriad of ingredients like Ebi, Inari and even Smoked Duck, this is perfect for sharing. For salmon fans, go all out with Special Set C (from $24.90). It features 18 glorious pieces of salmon sushi, prepared fresh, grilled, with black pepper, and with mentai mayo. Sashimi delivery is also available island-wide.

3. Himawari Alexandra

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Established in 2004, Himawari Alexandra has made a name for itself with its renowned Japanese a la carte buffet that serves over 80 different dishes. 

Ordering sushi for a special occasion? The Himawari Keki Party Combo (from $53.80) is perfect for house parties, with a ‘cake’ made entirely of sushi. This bundle also comes with mouth-watering sushi selections like ebiko, unagi, and California maki. You’ll be delighted with their Maki Combo (from $53.80) too, serving up 38 pieces of fresh, assorted maki, for your enjoyment.

If you’d like to have their scrumptious buffet, place a booking via Oddle Eats

Where: 991 Alexandra Road, #01-08/09, Singapore, 1199970

4. Ichiban Boshi

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With 13 outlets across Singapore, Ichiban Boshi is well-loved by families and is great for gatherings. They offer a wide selection of sushi, fresh sashimi, and a variety of set meals.

A unique Japanese dish is their Dragon Roll (from $25.78). Sink your teeth into deep-fried jumbo Tiger prawn encased in seaweed, layered with salmon, and topped with black flying fish roe. Aburi Mentai Caterpillar (from $16.36) boasts a generous serving of shrimp and black flying fish roe, drizzled with spicy cod roe mayo. Apart from their signature rolls, you can also take your pick from their smorgasbord of a la carte sushi options. From gunkan and nigiri to makimono, satisfy all your sushi and sashimi cravings.

5. Kuriya Japanese Market

Wakasa Sushi Platter from Kuriya Japanese Market. Delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle.
Kuriya Japanese Market’s Wakasa Sushi Platter (from $65.80)

A trustworthy supplier of quality ingredients, Kuriya Japanese Markets fresh seafood and premium fish is air-flown thrice weekly from Japan. They also import seasonal meats and provide fish-slicing services upon request. This makes them perfect for party platter customizations and your sushi delivery sets.

The Wakasa Sushi Platter (from $65.80) is laden with 40 marvellous pieces of sushi. The platter includes California maki, scallop, BBQ eel maki, salmon roe, and more. Kuriya also offers other sushi sets and platters. Island-wide sashimi delivery featuring the Houryou Sashimi (from $76.80 for 50pcs) is also available.

6. Omoté

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While Omoté made a name for itself with its overflowing bara chirashi don, it also has solid choices for sushi rolls and platters.

Salmon lovers will love the Aburi Salmon Belly Sushi Set (from $31.50), which comprises salmon nigiri prepared in four different ways. Or, choose from Omoté’s line-up of creatively-named 4-piece sushi rolls, such as Korean Dynamite Maki (from $19.60), and Asian Ladybug Maki (from $19.60).

7. RAPPU Handroll Bar

RAPPU Handroll Bar’s The High Roller + RAPPU Sake 50ml (from $97.50)

For fans of luxe sushi rolls, RAPPU Handroll Bar needs no introduction. If you’ve ever watched a sushi chef in action and thought, “I could try that”, you’ll have fun with their Rappu Chirashi Roll Kits.

The Rappu 6 + RAPPU Sake 50ml (from $49.50) offers fresh scallop, amberjack, salmon, and more for you to craft your own delicious sushi roll. Or, treat yourself to the High Roller + RAPPU Sake 50ml (from $97.50), with highlights like uni, wagyu, and caviar.

8. Sauté Sushi

Sauté Sushi’s Aburi Set (from $9.50)

Get a taste of plant-based sushi at Sauté Sushi, specialising in vegetarian and vegan-friendly dishes.  

The 46-piece Vegan Umai Platter (from $49.90) is highly recommended if you’re catering for large gatherings with vegan guests. With various styles of sushi in one serving, including inari and nigiri, you can be sure that everyone is catered for. Find caramelised torched nigiri in the Aburi Set (from $9.50) for one, a plant-based take on salmon and abalone nigiri.

9. SUN with MOON Japanese Dining & Cafe

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Presenting itself as the epitome of Japanese fare, SUN with MOON has long been a favourite of Japanese food lovers in Singapore.

Try the Nixon Roll (from $32.80), featuring a cucumber sushi roll with cream cheese, topped with grilled eel in sweet soy sauce. Also, don’t miss their Crispy Prawn Mango Roll (from $25.80) for a blend of local and classic Japanese flavours.

Don’t miss out on these delightful sushi delivery options! Pick up your phone and order delivery with Oddle Eats.