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Time for a roaring good feast
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Chinese New Year is a time to get together and feast. While some may prefer to go out for a meal, others may fancy enjoying a hearty meal in the comforts of their home. With that, here’re 9 of our lunch and dinner menu recommendations that you can order this Chinese New Year, with islandwide delivery!

1. Lai Huat Signatures

Savour on Lai Huat Signature’s best-selling zi char dishes with their CNY Family Set A (5 pax) 新年家庭五人套餐 A ($308).

Lai Huat Signatures has been dishing out scrumptious zi char delicacies for 70 years. For their Chinese New Year menu this year, they’re offering delivery packages that you and your loved ones can enjoy at home. A basic CNY Family Set A (5 pax) 新年家庭五人套餐 A ($308) comes with their Prosperous Yu Sheng with Abalone 鲍鱼鱼生, signature Lai Huat Sambal Fish 来發经典叁芭鱼 and a other delectable dishes, including dessert. If you’re just looking for an add-on item, the Lai Huat Sambal Fish with Four Treasures ($138), featuring their most popular dishes, is worth considering. Otherwise, their 11-item Pen Cai Treasure Pot 发财盆菜 ($428) makes for an apt centrepiece as well.

2. Lime Restaurant

Start your lunar new year right with a Prosperity Smoked Salmon Yu Sheng (from $48) from Lime Restaurant.

For its amazing offerings all year round, Lime Restaurant certainly needs no introduction. This Chinese New Year, they’ve come up with a whole list of festive delicacies and goodies for their delivery menu. Kick your reunion meal off with their Prosperity Smoked Salmon Yu Sheng (from $48). Then, move on to either their nourishing Prosperity Herbal Chicken ($58) or Fragrant Glutinous Rice with Chinese Sausage (from $38). If you’d like to simplify things, there’s also the all-in-one Treasure Pot Reunion Pen Cai (from $318). Finally, don’t forget to check out their goodies while you’re placing your preorders too!+

3. Madame Fan

Experience authentic, classic Cantonese cuisine executed with a modern finesse when you order Madame Fan’s Trio of Happiness Poon Choy (from $368).

Indulge in masterfully executed Cantonese dishes when you order from Madame Fan this Chinese New Year. Get their Trio of Happiness Poon Choy (from $368) which comes with a choice of Classic Abalone, Szechuan style or Truffle sauce. Every poon choy also includes a plethora of ingredients ranging from abalone and sea cucumber to tiger prawns and fish maw. Not to mention, their Prosperity Abalone Yu Sheng (from $148) is available in two different sizes. You can bet it’s going to be an abundant feast indeed!

4. Min Jiang (Goodwood Park Hotel)

Have a prosperous start to the new year with a Braised Spring Chicken with Iberico Pork Rolls & Abalone in Pot (from $338) from Min Jiang.

Min Jiang at Goodwood Park Hotel is presenting a prosperous Chinese New Year delivery menu in this Year of the Tiger. It includes an array of new savoury indulgences, such as the Braised Spring Chicken with Iberico Pork Rolls & Abalone in Pot (from $338). Serving up to six pax, the dish features an ingredient that is rarely used—traditional goose web. Likewise, the Double-boiled Seafood Soup with Abalone & Handmade Black Moss Meatballs in Claypot ($288) is also a new item. The comforting dish features luxurious ingredients, including not least an Australian 10-head abalone. Save yourself the hassle of preparing anything and simply order in!

5. Pan Pacific Singapore

Treat yourself to an extravagant CNY feast with Pan Pacific Singapore’s Hai Tien Lo Superior Treasure Set 海天楼春节外带组合

Chinese New Year is all about going big, and Pan Pacific Singapore has just the thing for you. Enter the Hai Tien Lo Superior Treasure Set 海天楼春节外带组合. This indulgent bundle contains offerings from Pan Pacific’s auspicious Chinese New Year menu. Think Fortune Yu Sheng with Classic Whole Abalone and Smoked Salmon, Superior Treasure Pot, Shacha Sesame Roasted Chicken, Premium XO Chilli Sauce with Dried Scallops, and Chinese Taro Cake. To top it off, they’re also including a bottle of Xanadu Exmoor Shiraz in the bundle. Hence, sip on some exquisite red wine while chomping down on delicious CNY dishes with your loved ones!

Only from now till 24 January 2022, you can now enjoy their Vitality Yu Sheng with Lobster and Smoked Salmon + Hai Tien Lo Classic Treasure Pot for just SGD487.28 (U.P. SGD541.42)!

6. PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road

Recharge and rejuvenate for the year ahead with six different dishes from PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road’s Home Reunion Set Menu ($468).

For your family reunion meals this Chinese New Year, PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road has come up with an all-encompassing delivery menu for you. The Home Reunion Set Menu ($468) features six dishes. They include the Prosperity Exotic Garden with Spiky Sea Cucumber in Homemade Truffle Mushroom and Osmanthus Sauce, Grand Fortune Pen Cai, Roast Chicken with XO Sauce, Garlic and Almond Flake, Stir-fried Garden Vegetables with Fresh Lily Bud, Fried Brown Rice with Waxed Meat and Pan-fried New Year Cake with Soya Bean Crisps. The menu serves up to four pax, hence it’s perfect for an intimate meal for you and your family!

7. Straits Chinese Nonya Restaurant

Change up your CNY feast with a hearty Peranakan Peng Cai for 6 ($288.80) from Straits Chinese Nonya Restaurant.

A four-time MICHELIN Guide-featured restaurant, Straits Chinese Nonya Restaurant whips up authentic Peranakan dishes which have been passed down for generations. Feast on their specially-curated Peranakan Peng Cai for 6 ($288.80) which contains their top Peranakan dishes like Ban Wan Kepiting, Babi Pangang, Hee Peow, Scallops and many others. It’s suitable for a group of six and even comes in a free claypot. Also, while you’re at it, get the Fa Cai Yu Sheng (from $33.80) to go with your pen cai!

8. The Deli (Goodwood Park Hotel)

Make sure you have a roaring good 2022 with The Deli’s ‘Mao Shan Wang’ Tiger Swiss Roll 虎年财源滚滚 ($124.30).

The Deli at Goodwood Park Hotel is a quaint little deli that specialises in exquisite cakes and pastries. As part of their Chinese New Year delivery menu this year, they’ve come up with quite a lineup. Celebrate the Tiger year with their ‘Mao Shan Wang’ Tiger Swiss Roll 虎年财源滚滚 ($124.30) which features their signature Mao Shan Wang puree. If not, there’s the whimsical Tiger Gâteau 福虎吉祥 ($91.59), which is essentially a decadent, multi-layered vanilla pound cake. All of these, as well as other items such as the ‘Fu Lu Shou’ Buns Tier Set 福禄寿祝贺礼盒 ($82.24 for 18pcs), are perfect as CNY visiting gifts. All you need to do is enter your recipient’s address upon checking out and have them deliver it for you.

9. Yum Cha Express Pte Ltd

Impress your guests with Yum Cha Express Pte Ltd’s 8-Head Braised Abalone Pen Cai 鸿运8头鲍盆菜 (from $232).

Yum Cha Express Pte Ltd may be known for their dim sum delicacies, but they’re pulling out all the stops for their Chinese New Year delivery menu this year. For those of you with big groups, the 8-Head Braised Abalone Pen Cai 鸿运8头鲍盆菜 (from $232) is absolutely perfect. Containing seven different ingredients, it has sizes that can cater for 4, 6 and 8 pax. Alternatively, there’s the 3-Combination Delight 三宝美食 ($386) that has everything you need for your reunion meal. Think Abundance Sliced Abalone YuSheng, Pen Cai and the choice of a Whole Duck or 8 Treasure Lotus Chicken. The set also comes with a packet of Salted Egg Salmon Fish Skin for your snacking needs.

Place your pre-orders from now till 16 January 2022 to enjoy an auspicious 10% discount!

Here’s a bonus!

Kam’s Roast

Herald in the lunar new year with succulent roasted meats from Kam’s Roast. Bringing classic roasts to the table, their chefs have brought back their signature roasts to make your Chinese New Year reunion dinner even more memorable.

Golden Toro Char Siew

Grace your tables with Kam’s Roast Golden Duck (from $45++ for half a duck), beautifully presented with 22-carat French gold flakes to symbolise fortune and wealth. Don’t miss out on their Golden Toro Char Siew – tender pork belly char siew, deliciously charred to perfection and flecked with edible gold flakes.

No Chinese New Year reunion dinner is complete without their Treasure Pot, filled with an abundance of exquisite Chinese delicacies. Think abalone, fish maw, and many more!

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