Back to work? Here are fuss-free & delicious bento options for your next office lunch

Your fuss-free, delicious bentos
Chinese Bentos: • Yum Cha ExpressTung Lok XiHe Peking DuckDian Xiao Er
Japanese Bentos: • Himawari BentoSUN with MOONYAYOI
Malay/Indian Bentos: • HJH MaimunahIndian Curry House

With Phase 3 in full swing (yay, groups of 8!), many of us are beginning to head back to the office. Going from home-cooked meals you got used to during your WFH days to quick meals between back-to-back meetings, you’ll find all-in-one bento box delivery meals a godsend, especially when they can be delivered islandwide right to your office door. With nourishing proteins and hearty carbs, bento boxes ensure you get a balanced diet and pack in an energy boost that will get you through hectic days.

Here are 9 bento box delivery options from restaurants on Oddle Eats to give you that midday fuel to power through the new day, new week, new year and new phase!

1. Dian Xiao Er

How could we miss out on the mall-favourite Dian Xiao Er? Utilising the concept of inn-dining, this Chinese restaurant combines nourishing herbs with perfectly roasted duck meat. You can now enjoy this heavenly dish on-the-go in the signature Herbal Roast Duck Bento (Angelica). Marinated in a secret blend of herbs and spices for hours, the duck is then brought to roast in optimal temperatures to retain its moisture. This results in a glistening finish, complemented with tender duck meat infused with herbal flavour. If you’re looking for other options, the Pork Belly with Salted Fish Bento packs robust flavour as well.

If you’ve never had a #StayHome meal with Dian Xiao Er, you’re in luck! First-timers can enjoy a Free Hotplate Tofu/Wheatgrass Tofu/Soup of the day (Worth up to $16.37). Quote FIRSTTIME upon checkout for it to be delivered to you. Regular patrons, fret not, opt for the self pick-up option and get up to 30% off your order with them. Good things must share!

2. Himawari Bento

Himawari Bento || Bento Box Delivery powered by Oddle

The acclaimed Japanese a la carte buffet restaurant Himawari started out in 2004 and offers over 150 different dishes that have scored accolades. Its Bara Chiraishi is topped with fresh sashimi and tamago for an indulgent meal right in your office! Or if you’d prefer some deep-fried action, the Chicken Katsu Bento and Pork Katsu Bento make a fantastic crisp treat. (If you’re in the area, Himarwari offers 10% discount off pickups ordered via their Oddle store at both its Orchid Country Club and Alexander outlets)

3. HJH Maimunah

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Some work days simply warrant something sedap as a midday reward. Traditional Malay cuisine from HJH Maimunah is just the thing. Awarded the Michelin Bib Gourmand in 2016 & 2019, its Beef Rendang bento and Asam Pedas Stingray bento hit all the right spots with spice and flavour. Get more value with their Combo Sets that are perfect for two. And take it from us, their Tahu Telor Jakarta is an absolute must-try.

4. Indian Curry House

Indian Curry House || Bento Box Delivery powered by Oddle

Serving up Northern Indian Tandoori Cuisine, Indian Curry House in Sixth Avenue began in 2008 as a standalone store along East Coast. From their best-selling Palak Paneer Set to the Paneer Butter Masala Set, with paneer (Indian cottage cheese) as the main ingredient, these meals are great for languid lunches on a slow day in the office. The classic Butter Chicken Set is another tantalising choice.

To make these meal options more tempting, Indian Curry House is offering a 20% discount off your first order on its Oddle store with the promo code WELCOME, while all orders above $30 can get 15% off with the promo code CURRY15. Worth keeping in mind for family meals and gatherings at home!

5. SUN with MOON

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Exclusively available for delivery orders, SUN with MOON bento sets come in an extensive selection. Their Pork Cutlet Bento would be my personal favourite. Feel the crunch as you sink your teeth into their deep-fried pork cutlet, served with numerous sides. Super, super yum. If you’re feeling fancy, elevate your meal with SUN with MOON’s Premium Sushi Moriawase, which presents fresh sashimi tightly-packed into a lunchbox for your personal enjoyment. Maybe, jio your boss to treat the company to a back-to-work lunch?

6. TungLok XiHe Peking Duck

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As the name suggests, TungLok XiHe Peking Duck’s signature dish would be none other than the Peking Duck, handpicked from London’s finest. When it comes to bento sets, TungLok XiHe doesn’t settle for less. The Chinese Restaurant has myriad bento options for one to choose from, so take your pick from Bento’s D-H for a regular bento with side dishes. 

Its bento set with its signature Poached ‘Yuan Yang’ Rice with Seafood Treasures in Superior Broth set is a luxurious treat that will level up your work lunch.


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Have an epicurean Japanese dining experience in the comfort of your own office pantry with YAYOI. Adopting a Teishoku dining concept, each bento set ordered comes with a side of salad, potato, and pickles. Their Saba Shio Bento is an irresistible timeless classic for maximum satisfaction of the divine grilled fish. For individuals with a bigger appetite, the YAYOI Deluxe Bento is, as the name suggests, a massive meal, with deep-fried breaded goodness and springy unagi. Certainly not for days when you have serious post-lunch meetings lined up!

8. Yum Cha Express

Yum Cha Express || Bento Box Delivery powered by Oddle

Famed for their unique renditions of cartoon-themed dim sum, Yum Cha Express not only boasts an extensive menu of steamed goodies but also an array of delectable bento sets for you to choose from. Be spoilt for choice with their Olive rice with Mapo tofu. Relish a myriad of flavours in one meal. Bento box delivery to the rescue!