10 Iftar Food Delivery Promotions this Ramadan

A homely food affair for Iftar evenings!
Bundles for 5 pax and belowArnold’s Fried ChickenHJH Maimunah DeliveryJollibee SingaporeMAM MAMPadi @ Bussorah
Deals for 6 pax and above Butter Studio Cajun on WheelsKenny Rogers SingaporeThe Coco RiceTomahawk King by Stuffedwing Lab

Ramadan starts on 2 April this year, which is a few days after the recent 10-pax dine-in rule in Singapore. No doubt many halal restaurants will be expecting a full house during this period, if you are still cautious and limiting your exposure or just prefer a more homely setting, we have 10 Iftar food delivery promotions for you! Avoid the crowd and enjoy a private gathering at home with these 10 best food for Iftar delivery on Oddle Eats!

1. Arnold’s Fried Chicken

Variety Feast (5 Pax) by Arnold’s Fried Chicken (from $52.20++)

Dig into Arnold’s Fried Chicken to replenish your energy during Iftar evenings! Their Online Exclusives are made for sharing between 5 to 10 persons! Don’t worry about getting your hands dirty in the comfort of your home. Their Variety Feast (5 Pax) (from $52.20++) contains 8 pieces of their juiciest crispy fried chicken, tenders, popcorn chicken, buns and sides to fill your tummies! Another popular Online Exclusive favourite to consider for the best food for Iftar delivery is their Fish & Chicks (from $29.30++). It comes with 4 pieces of crispy fried chicken and 2 pieces of tender fried fish!

Even better, simply pay $5 delivery fee when you hit a minimum spending of $50. Order here ASAP!

2. Butter Studio

Butter Studio’s 12pcs Joyful Raya Cupcake Set (from $28.80++)

Craving for something especially sweet this Ramadan 2022? Butter Studio, a halal-certified bakery is having an Early Bird Promotion for their delicious handcrafted festive goodies for Ramadan and Hari Raya this year! From now till 13 April 2022, receive 10% off Raya cookies excluding platter or gift sets with a minimum spend of $100.

Surprise your guests during Iftar evenings with these yummy treats made with natural premium quality ingredients. Moreover, Ramadan is about the spirit of giving so bond with your neighbours and acquaintances over these unique crunchy Sea Salt Red Velvet Cookies (from $20.90++) filled with chocolate chips and crushed almonds!

Or indulge in their [LIMITED!] Signature Raya Festive Platter (from $40.90++) which features a delightful assorted platter of signature handcrafted cookies with interesting flavours like Salted Egg Cornflake, Nutelle Latte and Pandan Cheese!

Seize this chance to try their [NEW!] Kunafe Cheesecake (from $78.90++) – an irresistible work of art that is a fragrant orange blossom infused cheesecake topped with rose-scented crispy phyllo pastry and beautiful dried rose petals along with pistachio crumbs.

Get one of the best food for Iftar delivery promos on Oddle Eats today! You’ll get free delivery when you spend above $150, or enjoy $4 off on delivery with a minimum purchase of $30.

3. Cajun on Wheels

Olympian Bucket for 5-6 Pax by Cajun on Wheels (from $226++)

Wheels indeed go round and round at Cajun on Wheels as they constantly churn out special deals to enhance their halal-certified premium seafood experience! So what if you’re celebrating Iftar at home with your friends? Who says you can’t wear your sunglasses, lay out beach mats and get together at home with breezy music while tucking into their freshest seafood buckets and platters?

Their Olympian Bucket (from $226++) feeds 5-6 persons and includes Sri Lankan Crab, Boston Lobster, Prawns, White Clams, Blue Mussels – basically, the entire ocean. If you desire an incredible oceanic experience, The Incraydibles (from $45++) will be your best bet!

Click here to order one of the best food for Iftar to share between your dearest!

4. HJH Maimunah Delivery

HJH Maimunah’s Ramadhan Set Menu for 4 Pax (from $68++)

Relish in authentic traditional Malay and Indonesian cuisine at HJH Maimunah Delivery, another top Iftar food delivery place to order Ramadan specials! Their Ramadhan Set Menu for 4 Pax (from $68++) consists Goreng Pisang, Ayam Bakar Sunda, Sambal Sotong Kembang and Paru Belado among many others! Complete the package with Assorted Bubur and Dadih as well as colourful drinks which are emblems of optimism and hope towards the future.

If you’re cooking for your guests, diversify your Iftar evening spread with their Ultimate Frozen Bundle (from $85++). For instance, the frozen bundle is accompanied by RTE Beef Rendang, RTE Sambal Goreng Pengantin and Ayam Masak Merah Paste to enhance the aroma of your food.

Get one of the best Iftar food delivery promo delivered to your doorstep now!

5. Jollibee Singapore

Jollibee Singapore’s More for 4 (from $45++)

Meet great-tasting, high-quality and affordable meals over here at Jollibee Singapore! Manifest a jolly gathering with their More for 4 Bundles of Joy (from $45++). Savour their Chickenjoy alongside their famous Jolly Spaghetti and Cheesy Yumburger when you order their 4 pax bundle.

If not, you can order value meals individually such as their 2pc Steak & Joy Value Meal (from $11.25++) which comes with their signature Chickenjoy and Burger Steak.

Visit Oddle Eats for your Iftar food delivery instantly!

6. Kenny Rogers Singapore

Kenny Rogers Singapore’s Jumbo Platter for 8 pax (from $140++)

Most well-known for their halal-certified rotisserie-roasted chicken, Kenny Rogers Singapore is a must go-to for Iftar food delivery this Ramadan. Their Jumbo Platter (8 Pax) (from $140++) is worth every penny especially since it encompasses a whole Rotisserie Chicken, 8 OMG Chicken, 6 Sides, 2 Pasta, 2 Cheese Fries, 6 Corn Muffins and 6 soft drinks!

Only having 3 guests over to your house for Iftar? Fret not! Their Hearty Bundle (4Pax) (from $70++) or Kenny’s Family Meal (3-4 Pax) (from $57++) still have Rotisserie Chicken as their highlights!

Moreover, you can enjoy 15% off your total order when you spend $50 and above!

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MAM MAM’s Wintermelon with Conpoy (from $7.90++)

Simplicity is at its finest with MAM MAM! They have certainly outdone themselves with recreations of familiar dishes such as their best-selling Wintermelon with Conpoy (from $7.90++). Naturally sweetened with wolfberries, red dates and conpoy, this double-boiled chicken stock serves as a wonderful comfort food during Iftar evenings.

Furthermore, Chef Sebastian’s Signature Spice-Crusted Chicken (1pc) (from $7.50++) and his 100-hour Duck Confit Rice Bowl (from $14.90++) are sure to come out on top with their seemingly simple appearances yet enriching flavours carefully prepared with special blends of spices.

Order right here right now for the most affordable and best food for Iftar on Oddle Eats!

8. Padi @ Bussorah

Padi @ Bussorah’s Ambeng Package (4 Pax) (from $88++)

Keep your eyes peeled for the best food for Iftar at Padi @ Bussorah as they offer genuine local Malay dishes for your delight. Their Ikan Salai Lemak Cili Api Package (4 Pax) (from $88++) is the ultimate feast with Grilled Seabass in Lemak Cili Api with Omelette as its specialty. Furthermore, their Mandi Rice Package (4 Pax) (from $132++) is highly demanded for its braised lamb shank and grilled chicken.

If you’re a Western food lover, then their Western Combo Package (2-3 Pax) (from $88++) is sure to entice with their mix of Lamb Chop, Chicken Chop and Grilled Tiger Prawn.

Make your order before it’s too late! Enjoy 5% off total bill if you choose Self-Pickup.

9. The Coco Rice

The Coco Rice’s Nasi Lemak Set C (Fried fish with sambal kicap chili) (from $13.50++)

Redefining Nasi Lemak in the modern era, we have The Coco Rice providing a new lemak experience with their signature blue pea coconut rice. The blue coconut rice makes their Nasi Lemak sets mouth-watering and gets customers curious about its taste.

If you’re curious as well, order their Nasi Lemak Set A (Sambal lady finger and fried tempeh bean curd) (from $10.50++) or Nasi Lemak Set D (Sambal prawn with sambal petai) (from $14.50++) to find out why they are the talk of the town.

Garner the attention of your guests during Iftar evenings with The Coco Rice’s Nasi Lemak Platter (from $149++). This nasi lemak goodness appropriate for either 5 or 10 pax in a beautiful gift box with blue pea nasi lemak rice, fried chicken wings, sambal fish and pan fried Otah with egg, will certainly pack a punch!

Order your Iftar food delivery right away!

10. Tomahawk King by Stuffedwing Lab

[ONLINE EXCLUSIVE!] Tomahawk King by Stuffedwing Lab’s Omookase 300g Japanese A5 Wagyu Yakiniku for 2-3pax (from $138.68++)

Say hello to premium Tomahawk steaks and boneless stuffed wings at Tomahawk King by Stuffedwing Lab! Make room for Tomahawk King’s Online Exclusives for your Iftar food delivery today. Take your Iftar food to the next level with Tomahawk Steak UPSIZE 1.1-1.2Kg Set for 3-4 Pax (from $138.90++). With a huge, very thick Australian 120 days grain fed bone in Tomahawk steak, this will be your most bountiful meal of Iftar!

Upgrade to Tomahawk LARGE (1.1-1.2kg) Extreme Surf & Turf Set for 5-6 Pax (from $168++) if you are expecting more persons! This Surf & Turf set adds on Farci Crab, Fish and Chips together with Smoky BBQ Boneless Grill Wings.

Deliver immediately! You’ll be pleased to hear that delivery will be free when you spend $200 and above!

Wow your guests with these 10 well-loved Iftar food delivery places on Oddle Eats today! We promise, they’ll gasp in amazement.